triangle figure

The “triangle” type of female figure, often compared to a carrot, is characterized by broad shoulders and a broad chest, narrow hips and slender long legs. The owners of such a figure can be called real lucky ones — they never get fat in the waist and abdomen. What clothes should be chosen for a “triangle” figure in order to favorably place all the accents? We will talk about this.

Triangle body type — what to wear?

The owners of the “triangle” figure, when choosing clothes, should pay attention to suits that divert attention from the upper body and make powerful accents on the legs. When choosing a new wardrobe, follow these simple rules:

  • clothes for the top should not have bright colors or sophisticated decor;
  • choose models with oval or V-shaped cutouts;
  • trousers should fit the hips to the maximum, models are straight or narrowed;
  • skirts should be chosen straight or gently flared at the bottom;
  • all models of trousers and skirts are preferably selected with a low waist.

Now let’s look at everything clearly.

Clothes for a female figure «triangle»

When shopping, in no case do not forget that the main goal is to emphasize narrow hips and divert attention from wide shoulders. Consider what clothes should be chosen for the type of «triangle» figure:

Dresses. First of all, you should choose models of dresses with a V-neck — this technique can visually narrow the shoulders. You can also try on a dress with an oval neckline, but only if your chest is small.

It is easy to balance the proportions of the figure with a dress with a light bottom and a dark top.

You should not choose models with a short sleeve or puffy shoulders — or a long straight sleeve with a skillfully selected neckline, or its complete absence. On this type of figure, the styles of dresses without ties and straps will look great.

We choose the top. Being the owner of the type of figure «triangle», you should pay attention to tops and shirts in dark colors.

The optimal length of a blouse for such a physique can be considered to the hip — such styles look great with both trousers and a light skirt.

Pants. For this type of figure, any cut is ideal — both wide models of trousers and skinny jeans. However, flared trousers will make the most advantageous accent.

Skirts. The main task of the skirt in the wardrobe is to increase the volume of the hips, so the “pencil” style definitely does not suit you. For this type of figure, skirts of the trapeze type, or a sun skirt, should be selected.


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