Tulip manicure - 30 photo ideas for short and long nails

Many women choose floral motifs for decorating nail plates, which emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the image. Along with the beginning of spring, tulips come to the fore — the favorite flowers of many females, which are associated with the first spring sun. These flowers can also be used in the design of claws.

Manicure 2019 with tulips

In the coming season, nail artists can offer their clients many interesting ways to create a charming nail design with spring flowers. Manicure 2019, whose fashion trends with tulips are incredibly diverse, can be bright and delicate, catchy and concise, plain or colored.

The hottest trends this year are:

  • options with voluminous flowers and buds;
  • minimalistic design with 1-2 buds on accent fingers;
  • French manicure with tulips applied to a transparent surface;
  • options with flowers and rhinestones;
  • wedding manicure with delicate tulips.

manicure 2019 with tulips

Manicure for short nails with tulips

Owners of short claws do not have enough area of ​​​​the nail plates to depict large drawings on them and place volumetric elements. However, there are so many ways to create stylish and eye-catching designs on them that are suitable for everyday wear, a romantic date or going out.

So, a beautiful manicure with tulips on short nails can be created using the following techniques:

  • plain coating with a flower on one finger;
  • delicate gel polish with a pattern consisting of two halves and located on two adjacent fingers;
  • laconic classic jacket with an addition in the form of a bud on one accent finger;
  • miniature drawings on nails covered with a light monochromatic gel polish;
  • stamping options.

manicure for short nails with tulips

Manicure 2019 for long nails with tulips

Girls with long nails, which can be natural or extended, can create a trendy manicure 2019 with tulips using a huge number of different ways. Due to the sufficient area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail plates, they have ample opportunities for decorating their pens. So, for example, owners of long claws can do a manicure with tulips using the following techniques:

  • the use of all kinds of drawings that can be located not only on accent fingers, but also on all nail plates. In the case of long claws, images can be of any size — from miniature to large;
  • the use of stucco volumetric buds and flowers;
  • french manicure with tulips, in which the floral print is located in the area of ​​​​the free edge. The main surface of the nail plates in this case can remain transparent or be covered with a plain gel polish of a discreet muted shade;
  • unusual lunar nail art, in which the lunula area takes the form of a spring flower bud;
  • options with sparkles, broths and rhinestones;
  • matte top design.

manicure 2019 for long nails with tulips

Tulip Manicure Ideas

A beautiful manicure with tulips on the nails always gives the image of a beautiful lady femininity and sophistication. Such a design contributes to the surprise and conquest of fans, however, its concise and discreet variations can be appropriate even in everyday life. Especially often these exquisite flowers are used to complement delicate images created on the basis of skirts or dresses.

tulip manicure ideas

Red manicure with tulips

The shades of red used to create nail art will add brightness and courage to the image of its owner. In most cases, red tint is applied to the main surface of the nail, however, some masters use it to create images and other decorative elements.

In any chosen option, the design will be very noticeable and extravagant, however, to achieve an impressive result, it is worth using only contrasting tones. For example, a black and red manicure with tulips will look very beautiful and impressive, which will emphasize the courage of a fashionista and her self-confidence.

red manicure with tulips

Pink manicure with tulips

Spring manicure in pink tones with tulips is an ideal choice for young brides and romantic ladies. Such a design can be restrained and muted, or, on the contrary, bright, catchy and somewhat extravagant. As a rule, when creating such nail art, pink color is used as the main one, and corresponding images are applied to it using contrasting shades. In addition, a manicure with pink tulips applied on a transparent base looks charming and incredibly feminine.

pink manicure with tulips

Lilac manicure with tulips

A beautiful purple manicure with tulips will be appropriate at any time of the year. Meanwhile, if in summer and warm spring it is better to give preference to light lilac gel polish, taken as a base, then in the cold period, stylists recommend choosing darker and more saturated tones. You can create a purple manicure with tulips in many different ways, for example:

  • cover all fingers with lilac gel polish, highlighting accents with white color. At the same time, on a snow-white base, a pattern of tulips should be applied using lilac acrylic paint;
  • draw purple or lilac tulips on top of a transparent base. If the area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail plates is sufficient, medium-sized drawings can be placed on each nail, otherwise highlight the accent fingers with the help of pictures;
  • use purple or lilac paint to apply images over a nude or white base.

lilac manicure with tulips

Yellow manicure with tulips

Exquisite yellow tulips are incredibly popular with the fair sex. Although these flowers symbolize separation, many girls love to receive them with or without reason, without thinking about the meaning of such a bouquet. For this reason, a manicure with a pattern of yellow tulips is also in great demand among modern fashionistas. This color scheme is ideal for creating realistic floral motifs, however, in some cases, it can also be used to create stylized unusual images.

yellow manicure with tulips

Blue manicure with tulips

An incredibly stylish tulip manicure design can be created in blue colors, and shades from it can be used both to cover the base and to draw the flowers and buds themselves. Blue nail art is perfect for the summer heat, it perfectly refreshes the image and emphasizes the individual style of its owner and her excellent taste. Meanwhile, you can also turn to floral motifs and create a similar design on your claws in the winter season if you want to add a little warmth to your look.

blue manicure with tulips

Black manicure with tulips

Although many young ladies are convinced that the black color on the nails makes the image gloomy, in reality, this is not at all the case. The dark coating looks very stylish, especially if you dilute it with bright patterns and contrasting splashes. So, for example, to go out, you can use a manicure with painted tulips on a black background, in which shiny acrylic paint with a shimmer effect is used to create images.

In addition, black is very often used to draw a contour, which makes the drawings much more accurate, and the nail art itself complete. Such a contour can be applied to almost any surface with which it contrasts, but black color will look best on top of beige, light pink or white gel polish.

black manicure with tulips

White manicure with tulips

Snow-white gel polish is absolutely universal, because a variety of images look great on it. If desired, it can be supplemented with floral motifs that will make nail art feminine, delicate and incredibly elegant. One of the simplest and most concise options is a white manicure with a tulip on the ring finger, which can be appropriate in any situation — for a walk, a romantic date, at the office or even at a wedding.

white manicure with tulips

French manicure with tulips

In addition, charming tulip buds can complement classic French nail art, in which the main surface of each nail is covered with transparent gel polish, and the smile line is highlighted in white. Bright flowers in this case will become a stylish accent that will not only attract the attention of others to its owner, but also emphasize her incredible femininity and natural charm.

A colored manicure jacket with tulips is rare, however, modern fashion allows for a variety of combinations, so if you wish, you can create a bright multi-colored nail art, complemented by pretty spring buds. So, for example, a French design with a pale yellow backing and a purple smile line can be safely complemented with bright colors to match the free edge of the nail.

french manicure with tulips

Lunar manicure with tulips

As a rule, moon nail art is complemented with floral motifs and other patterns only if it looks as concise and restrained as possible. The ideal option is a nude design with transparent holes, in which large buds are drawn on the accent fingers. Meanwhile, the moon manicure with a small tulip looks very interesting, which is depicted in such a way that its bud is located in the lunula area, which takes the desired shape.

moon manicure with tulips

Manicure with tulips and mimosa

Different flowers are perfectly combined with each other, both in bouquets and in nail design. On the eve of the eighth of March, many of the fair sex choose a delicate manicure with tulips and mimosa, which is another symbol of this spring holiday. You can arrange flowers in such nail art in different ways, however, in any case, there should not be too many of them.

It is better for owners of short nails to decorate accent fingers with 1-2 miniature flowers, while girls with long nail plates have much more opportunities. For example, on long claws you can make a transparent jacket, the smile line in which will be decorated with delicate mimosa, and on the ring fingers you can depict large bright tulip buds.

manicure with tulips and mimosa

Manicure with tulips and rhinestones

Like any other nail art, a manicure with tulips can be complemented with shiny rhinestones, which will make it festive and elegant. So, a young bride for her own wedding ceremony can choose a classic jacket with a transparent base and a snow-white smile line, complemented by rhinestones and large images of tulips on the accent fingers. For a party in a club dedicated to the celebration of March 8, a bright manicure with a tulip painted with shiny acrylic paint and decorated with large transparent rhinestones is perfect.

manicure with tulips and rhinestones


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