Turn your home into a spa resort

Every woman deserves a break. So why not arrange a vacation in the cozy walls of your own home. Your home will very quickly turn into a resort where no one will bother you.

Every woman deserves a break. So why not arrange a vacation in the cozy walls of your own home. Your home will very quickly turn into a spa resort where no one will bother you. In our hectic time, it is rare to find time for yourself, and if you have a free day, make the most of it.

It all starts in the morning

Start the morning in an unusual way. You are in no hurry and can soak in bed a little longer than usual. Your bed is so warm and soft and you have missed it so much all these days. Have breakfast in bedeven if you have to cook yourself.

Make a cup of coffee, cook your favorite meal, take a newspaper and carry it all back in licool Sit down, read the latest news and have a leisurely breakfast. The best breakfast is a slow breakfast. Today, don’t think about what you eat — eat only what you want.

Take a dusty book from the shelf

Finally, you can do whatever you want. You never had enough time to read this book. Do it today. Take a book from the shelf, sit comfortably and start reading. Today give the tv a day off.


Do you remember when you were a child, you liked to take your mother’s cosmetics and experiment? And why not do it now? Find all cosmetics scattered around the apartment and collect it on the table. The presence of many things will surprise you!

Experiment! Try something new. And if the make-up failed, just wash it off. You will learn a lot of interesting things about yourself! The next time you go somewhere, you can use the results of your cosmetic experiments.

Manicure and pedicure at your home

Why pay for strangers knead and wash your feet and what else good did they harm? Take your feet into your own hands! Prepare baths for hands and feet. Add a few drops of aromatic oil. As soon as you finish steaming your legs, do everything exactly like the pros. It is not difficult at all! Your the skin will become softand the nails will shine from the new nail polish.

To reduce your efforts and improve the result, we advise you to use a set for pedicure and manicure Ped Egg. It easily copes with calluses and calluses, will help to achieve smooth skin of the feet at home. It also prevents the appearance of fungal diseases of the skin of the feet, which are caused by fungi that usually accumulate in pumice stone. You will be able to support the skin of the legs is in perfect condition with the help of special overlays made of sandpaper — for even better-looking skin!

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