Turquoise jacket - a photo selection of the best ideas for nails of any length

A few years ago, French manicure assumed exclusively snow-white nail tips, however, today the situation has changed radically. Currently, a variety of colors are used in the creation of this nail art, and one of its most popular variations has become a bright turquoise jacket.

Fashionable turquoise jacket

A beautiful turquoise jacket on the nails looks incredibly feminine, elegant and elegant. This design is perfect for going out and special occasions, but can also be appropriate in everyday life. Qualified masters of manicure art today are able to offer their clients the most unusual variations of such nail art, combining turquoise with other colors and decorating the nail plates with a variety of decorative elements.

trendy turquoise jacket

Turquoise jacket on short nails

Owners of short nail plates can try to make a jacket in turquoise, however, they need to take into account several important recommendations from stylists, such as:

  • in this case, you should choose the oval shape of the nail plates. A square or angular smile line will visually make the nails even shorter, completely spoiling the look of the manicure;
  • the width of the smile line should be minimal — optimally about 2-3 millimeters. Too wide a strip on short nails will make the manicure sloppy;
  • when choosing a turquoise jacket for short nails, you should not apply too thick a layer of varnish or gel polish;
  • a classic French manicure is suitable for a girl with short nails only in a situation where the plates are not too wide. In the latter case, it is better to give preference to a vertical or diagonal variation;
  • do not overload nail art with decorative elements. If you want to draw noticeable drawings or add large decorations, this must be done on 1-2 accent fingers;
  • in such a design, more than 3 color shades should not be used;
  • turquoise french design can hardly be called universal. Although it goes well with various wardrobe items and accessories, it must necessarily overlap in color with any components of a fashionable image.

turquoise jacket on short nails

Turquoise jacket for long nails

Happy owners of long nail plates can use a variety of design variations. Turquoise French manicure on such nails looks great — it gives the image a unique femininity and sophistication, emphasizes the natural charm of the fair sex and makes it simply irresistible. In addition, such nail art can be supplemented with a variety of decorative elements, for example:

  • artistic or aquarium painting;
  • rhinestones and broths;
  • all kinds of drawings;
  • contrasting color inserts;
  • velvet sand;
  • strips and other foil elements;
  • kamifubuki;
  • glitter and sequins;
  • «knitted» decor.

turquoise jacket for long nails

Turquoise french nail design

According to many representatives of the fair sex, a turquoise French manicure is best suited for the hot season. This color scheme is a mixture of green and blue, so in some cases it is associated with sea coolness and serene tranquility. Meanwhile, a stylish turquoise French manicure can decorate the nail plates with itself in the cold period, and there is a place for it even in everyday life.

turquoise french nail design

Turquoise jacket with a pattern

Due to the brevity of French nail art, it can be supplemented with a variety of drawings, the size and style of which are extremely variable. Meanwhile, such a design should not be overloaded with an excessively large number of images — in all cases it is better to give preference to 2-3 drawings located on accent fingers, which are usually chosen as ring fingers.

A turquoise jacket on nails with a pattern looks very interesting, charming and bewitching. As a rule, this delicate and sophisticated nail art is complemented by floral and floral motifs that add to the image of femininity. In addition, elements of oriental culture are popular, such as Chinese characters, ethnic and geometric ornaments, abstract images and much more.

turquoise jacket with a pattern

Black and turquoise jacket

The magical color of turquoise adorns any design of nail plates. In the French variation of nail art, in most cases it is combined with nude shades or negative space, which is characterized by a lack of color coverage. Meanwhile, this color scheme looks great in combination with dark shades that contrast strikingly with it.

So, a very interesting type of nail art is a turquoise jacket with black color, which can cover the entire surface of the nail plate or certain areas of it. In addition, any variation of French manicure can be supplemented with black gel polish or acrylic paint — with the help of these tools, you can draw any drawings or patterns that will look very beautiful and interesting on a sky blue background.

black turquoise french

White french with turquoise

The most common variation of the French manicure is its classic version, in which the main surface of the nail plate is covered not with a transparent, but with a colored gel polish. Such a jacket in turquoise tones looks incredibly beautiful, feminine and elegant, so it can even complement the image of a young bride. In addition, a snow-white-turquoise jacket can also have a colored smile line, decorated in a turquoise color scheme, and a boiled-white surface of the nail.

white french with turquoise

Turquoise jacket with rhinestones

A stylish and charming jacket in turquoise color can be decorated with rhinestones, giving it a festive and elegant look. When choosing such jewelry, you should not get too carried away with shiny elements — too many rhinestones will make the image vulgar and demonstrate to others the lack of taste of its owner.

In addition, girls with short claws should be especially careful — only miniature transparent rhinestones will look good on them, while large glitters should be left to young ladies with long and wide nail plates. Nail art like this is best suited for holidays and formal occasions. So, a delicate jacket, pink-turquoise, decorated with small rhinestones, will be an excellent choice for a young bride or a young graduate entering adulthood.

turquoise jacket with rhinestones

Turquoise jacket with flowers

Feminine and romantic natures will appreciate a beautiful turquoise jacket decorated with flowers. You can add floral motifs to nail art in various ways, for example:

  • draw with a brush and acrylic paint;
  • use special stencils;
  • lay out rhinestones, pebbles and broths;
  • lay out in the form of three-dimensional elements using special techniques.

turquoise jacket with flowers

Turquoise jacket with sequins

Gathering for a holiday or a solemn event, many women seek to add shine to their image. In particular, fashionistas often prefer brilliant nail art, which always draws attention to its owner. To complement evening or cocktail dresses with a universal color scheme, French manicure in turquoise color, decorated with sparkles or glitter, is perfect.

In order not to overdo it with the decor, it is best to place such decorations only on accent fingers or highlight the smile line with them, covering the main surface of all claws with a solid texture monochromatic gel polish. So, a turquoise jacket looks very good, in which the free part of each nail is decorated with silver sparkles.

turquoise jacket with sequins

Turquoise jacket with stones

A stylish turquoise jacket decorated with stones suits women with any length of claws, but ladies with short plates can only afford 1-2 small stones on accent fingers. Before the happy owners of long nails, a much wider scope opens up for the realization of fantasies — if they wish, they can decorate each finger with stones, however, all the same, there should not be too many such decorations.

In addition, the turquoise color finish looks great with liquid stones, which are created using a unique modern technology available only to qualified nail artists. This decorative element looks bewitching, so it should be used only on special occasions — in everyday life, liquid stones will attract too much attention to the manicure.

turquoise jacket with stones

Turquoise jacket with stripes

Modern stylists can offer their clients a beautiful turquoise French nail design, decorated with stripes of various shapes, colors and sizes. Vertical stripes of gold or silver foil look best with such nail art — they visually increase the length of the nail plates and make them much more elegant and attractive.

Happy owners of long claws can also afford horizontal stripes — in most cases, one of them is located on the border between the smile line and the main surface of the plate, while the others are parallel to the first. In addition, a marine jacket with turquoise stripes imitating a sea wave looks very interesting.

turquoise jacket with stripes

Turquoise jacket with silver

Among all decor options, silver elements in combination with turquoise look especially advantageous. As a rule, silvery stripes or glitter are used to decorate the smile line, however, this is far from the only way to use them. So, with the help of silver, you can draw all kinds of patterns, ornaments and geometric elements.

Turquoise French manicure with a pattern applied in this way looks very bright, attractive and expressive. In addition, accent fingers can be highlighted with silver sequins — this will make the manicure universal, suitable for everyday wear, as well as for going out or a festive event.

turquoise jacket with silver


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