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Turquoise pedicure is a real fashion trend that can bring a touch of freshness to the image. It is associated with sunny summer, but it is also extremely relevant in cool weather. The undoubted advantage of this type of nail art is the ability to combine it with many outfits.

Turquoise pedicure 2018 — fashion trends

Many stylists use turquoise pedicure 2018 to create spectacular images. Among its characteristic features are the following:

  • the design can be made in a laconic style or contain a combination of several elements, for example, the use of other colors, patterns or any decorative details;
  • turquoise pedicure looks unsurpassed only on the toes or combined with a manicure. In this case, they have a similar stylistic design, which is expressed in the use of the same details;
  • such an option as imitation of marble looks extremely organic, which may contain white or black stripes;
  • another option for a stylish nail design is an imitation of the natural color of the stone, the pattern includes characteristic stains of a brown or yellowish tone;
  • the nail plate can be conditionally divided into two parts, each of which has its own special design, which is expressed in the use of different shades, patterns;
  • turquoise can be organically combined with any one or more colors, while the way they fit together and combine with each other will be decisive;
  • turquoise can serve as a base or be used as an additional component when certain details are drawn with its help.

turquoise pedicure 2018 fashion trendsturquoise pedicure 2018

Turquoise manicure and pedicure

Turquoise pedicure and manicure 2018 is reasonably recognized as an extremely stylish combination. It can be performed in different variations, among which are the following:

  • nail art can be made in a single color, while its color can be paler or very saturated;
  • manicure and pedicure in turquoise color can contain all kinds of prints: shiny or colored stripes, geometric shapes, floral and plant motifs, marine themes;
  • there may be decoration with transparent or multi-colored rhinestones, sparkles.

turquoise pedicure and manicure 2018turquoise manicure and pedicure

Turquoise Pedicure Ideas

A stylish and spectacular design with which a turquoise pedicure is performed can contain all sorts of design ideas. Among the most popular and sought after of them are the following:

  • you can create a catchy memorable bow by decorating with rhinestones;
  • new original notes will acquire the usual jacket, made in this shade;
  • turquoise color looks extremely organic in combination with silver stripes or patterns, golden or silver sparkles;
  • nails can be decorated with all kinds of patterns;
  • moon nail art does not lose its position on the fashionable Olympus, which will sparkle with new colors thanks to this rich tone;
  • an incredibly stylish design solution will be a turquoise ombre pedicure, which can change the tones of a similar or contrasting color scheme;
  • some color combinations look especially harmonious, for example, it can be white, yellow, black.

turquoise pedicure ideasturquoise pedicure

Turquoise pedicure with rhinestones

A pedicure with turquoise varnish, decorated with rhinestones, looks catchy and attractive. Registration can be done in different ways, among which are the following:

  • rhinestones can be located on the surface of the nail in a single copy or in several pieces, their abundant arrangement is also found when they cover almost the entire nail plate;
  • with the help of rhinestones, a certain area on the thumb can be separated, for example, the tip when creating a jacket or the moon in the corresponding design;
  • rhinestones can be transparent, have a shade of turquoise or some other tone.

turquoise pedicure with rhinestones

Turquoise French pedicure

An extremely interesting and new variation of the familiar classic jacket is a turquoise French pedicure. Thanks to the rich shade, it acquires piquant notes and originality. It can be done in the following ways:

  • turquoise tone can be applied to the tip of the nail plate or to the main part;
  • on the thumb, the main zone and the tip can be separated from each other with a strip lined with rhinestones;
  • turquoise can be combined with a transparent or white tint or with some bright color that will look harmonious, for example, with yellow.

turquoise french pedicure

Turquoise pedicure with silver

Any bow can decorate a beautiful turquoise pedicure with silver. It can be supplemented with all sorts of details, among which are the following:

  • applying silver stripes;
  • execution in silver color of the tip when creating a jacket or moon zone when applying moon nail art;
  • all sorts of patterns and curls can be traced with silver;
  • turquoise can alternate with silver, while certain nail plates are covered with one or another color.

turquoise pedicure with silver

Turquoise Glitter Pedicure

A summer turquoise pedicure, complemented by sparkles, looks very stylish and fresh. It is characterized by the following details:

  • sequins can be made in gold, silver or any color;
  • sequins can be smaller or larger;
  • sparkles can completely cover any nail plate or be located in a certain part of it.

turquoise glitter pedicure

Turquoise pedicure with a pattern

You can create an extremely stylish turquoise pedicure if you decorate it with patterns. Images can be made on a variety of topics, examples include the following:

  • floral and floral motifs do not lose their relevance at any time of the year, they can cover one or more fingers, be small or large in size, be made in muted pastel or bright saturated colors;
  • for several seasons in a row, a turquoise stylish pedicure is very relevant, which uses geometry, the pattern may consist of rectangles, rhombuses, squares, circles, triangles, straight or curved lines, dots;
  • animal prints look like the colors of one or another animal; imitation of a leopard or zebra is in constant demand;
  • with this shade, the nautical theme is perfectly combined, which is a continuation of the summer and into the autumn season. These are images of anchors, shells, starfish and other attributes against a turquoise background.

turquoise patterned pedicure

Turquoise Ombre Pedicure

Turquoise gradient pedicure is rightly recognized as one of the most spectacular design solutions. It can be done in the following ways:

  • can have a horizontal, vertical, diagonal arrangement;
  • may consist of similar tones, which are paler or richer shades of turquoise;
  • another option would be a combination of contrasting colors that flow smoothly from one to another.

turquoise ombre pedicure

Turquoise pedicure with stripes

A turquoise pedicure with a design containing stripes can harmoniously complement any bow. These decorative elements can be decorated in the following ways:

  • stripes can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal;
  • the strips can be parallel to each other or intersect with each other;
  • the most diverse color scheme can be used, it can be yellow, red, black, white, purple shades.

turquoise pedicure with stripes

Turquoise pedicure with holes

Lunar turquoise pedicure looks very extraordinary and stylish if a turquoise tone is used when creating it. There are the following variations of its execution:

  • the hole can be transparent, and the main part is painted in a shade of turquoise or vice versa;
  • all kinds of color combinations are allowed, for example, it can be a turquoise pedicure with pink, yellow, black, white, orange and other colors;
  • the hole can be lined with stones or decorated with sparkles.

turquoise pedicure with holes

Pedicure turquoise with white

A pedicure in turquoise tones, made in combination with white, looks extremely gentle and romantic. When creating it, the following design techniques are used:

  • the color to be used as the base can be turquoise or white;
  • snow-white can be drawn a variety of flowers, for example, roses or daisies;
  • white color looks very organic in the form of all kinds of openwork patterns imitating lace and curls;
  • turquoise French pedicure or moon nail art looks very harmonious in this range.

turquoise and white pedicureturquoise pedicure

Pedicure black with turquoise

Lovers of sophisticated and attention-grabbing bows can pick up a bright turquoise pedicure containing a combination with black. It can be made in the following variations:

  • black can highlight any details, for example, draw a tip with it when a jacket is created, or a zone of the moon when applying moon nail art;
  • thin black stripes can also serve as a line separating one part of the nail from another;
  • openwork lace patterns and curls, traced in black, look very clear and expressive;
  • black can be drawn a variety of geometric shapes.

pedicure black with turquoise

Pedicure yellow with turquoise

Many stylists use turquoise nail polish pedicure ideas, which contain yellow. This design technique looks very fresh and is associated with a sunny summer, the sea and the beach. Such nail art can be created not only in the hot season, but also in autumn, bringing a bright touch to the image. In a yellow tone, clear or blurry abstract lines, floral motifs, geometry and other images can be applied to turquoise, which are selected in accordance with the individual wishes of the owner of such a nail design.

pedicure yellow with turquoiseturquoise nail polish pedicure ideas


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