The modern market is so crowded with all kinds of clothing of different styles that it is almost impossible to stick to any one. And since our life is full of events that make us regularly change styles in clothes, today we’ll talk about what types of styles in clothes exist.

Types of clothing styles for women

Since today there are a huge number of styles in women’s clothing, we will focus on the most important ones, which, one way or another, go hand in hand with every woman:

  1. Classic style. This is perhaps the most sought after style that is always in fashion and suitable for any contingent of women. Working in an office, having her own business, studying at the institute or simply wanting to have a perfect image, a woman chooses the classics.
  2. Sporty style. This type of clothing style is more suitable for active girls whose life is full of various meetings, walks, and events. Today, many girls work out in gyms, and for this they need comfortable sportswear. For walking with friends around the city, there is nothing more convenient and practical than a sporty style, and just being at home you want to put on a light T-shirt and knitted pants that do not hinder movement.
  3. romantic style. Without it, no normal woman simply can not do. This style suggests some important event, be it a holiday or a first date. It helps to create a good mood with its lightness and elegance. Flowing airy fabrics in pastel or rich colors, elegant ruffles, lace, bows and flounces create a feminine look.
  4. Retro style. This style is very popular among women who are fans of the past, when high hairstyles with bouffant and curls, puffy checkered or polka dot dresses, bright colors and jazz music were in fashion.
  5. diffuse style. This is the most common style among today’s youth. This style involves a combination of incongruous things in one image. For example, it can be a sports T-shirt, a bright short skirt and a jacket.

These are perhaps the most common types of styles in women’s clothing today. But, in addition to them, in the wardrobe of a modern woman, you can find a variety of motifs of such styles as country, folk, denim, safari, glamorous, and many things from different subcultures.


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