Types of collars - what are, a selection of photos of the most fashionable collars in clothes

Creating a fashionable image, stylists often focus on such trifles as sleeve length, neckline, cuff width. Indeed, according to professionals, such details can not only set the style of the bow, but also tell about the character, occupation and personal qualities of a fashionista. Types of collars have become a popular topic of modern fashion.

Women’s types of collars

Particular attention is paid to such a part of clothing as the collar, because just this detail is in close proximity to the face and always catches the eye. In addition, the shape and size of such an element can correct the neckline, visually lengthen or shorten the neck, and balance the width of the shoulders. After reviewing collars — types and names, you will learn how to choose the right clothes for a specific situation and style, you will always look neat and tidy. And first you should know that the gate is initially divided into three main categories:

  1. one-piece. In this case, the cut of the product is not interrupted by a seam. Such clothes are characterized by small and neat neck solutions.
  2. female types of collars

  3. Stitched. The line around the neck is clearly marked here. For such a design, both neat and small gates and swinging large-scale ideas are relevant.
  4. collars types and names

  5. Overhead. This design is more likely to belong to the category of accessories. Overhead parts can act as a decoration or a cold-protective addition.
  6. fashionable detachable collars

Turn-down collars — types

This type of gate is characterized as flat-lying. It does not have vertical cut lines, and therefore always opens the neck, giving the image neatness and lightness. Such a detail can also be an independent accessory. Designers often use elegant lace or stone-encrusted jewelry in evening bows and evening looks. The turn-down element is often presented in contrasting colors with the base of the clothing. This option also acts as a bright accent in the bow. Let’s see the most popular types of turn-down collars:

  1. «Peter Pan«. Here, the main difference is the rounded edges, wide in front and gradually tapering towards the back. This design looks very neat and feminine, always emphasizes the sophistication of the appearance.
  2. turn-down collars types

  3. with lapels. This type of collar is distinguished by sharp edges and additional turn-down sides along the neckline. Especially often the idea with lapels is used in the English style, because it looks strict and elegant, which corresponds to the restraint of the English women.
  4. types of collars

  5. with buttons. Your neatness and practicality will be emphasized by the option that is fastened with buttons to the base of the product. This type is often found in the design of office and business shirts.
  6. collar types

  7. Polo. A turn-down gate with a width of no more than five centimeters is considered standard. The polo is always made of soft material and is relevant for T-shirts.
  8. main types of collars

  9. Jack. Stylish nautical design in modern fashion is not necessarily presented in white and blue colors. This detail is distinguished by a V-shaped neckline and a wide rectangle along the line of the shoulders on the back.
  10. what are the types of collars

Types of apache collars

This type of female collar came to us from French fashion. This wide open detail can be asymmetrical, which is especially common in the design of outerwear. This shape will always emphasize the freshness and lightness of the image, opening the neck and décolleté, where you can add a bright scarf or decorative scarf, adding a coquetry appearance. Apache collars are types that are used in modern fashion in any style. However, strict classics treats such a detail with disdain, emphasizing the discrepancy between restraint and direction.

types of apache collars

Types of frill collars

If your main style meets romance, femininity and grace, then such an element in clothing design will be a real find for you. A collar in the form of frills can be large-scale for the entire neckline or concise along the fastener line, for example, a shirt or blouse. Very often a jabot is found in a retro-style wardrobe. Small ruffles or large soft frills in two or three rows can be made of fabric of the same texture as all products or act as a finish, for example, from tulle, delicate chiffon or silk.

types of frill collars

Types of stand collars

Another solution, as popular as the turn-down design, is the vertical collar. The standing form gave the name to this type. Such a simple outwardly element is characterized by a snug fit to the neck. Initially, the stand belonged to a purely masculine style. But as is often the case, masculine has become a fashionable women’s trend. Let’s see the main types of stand-up collars:

  1. «Mandarin«. This neat and elegant design is compact due to the low size and the absence of a seam. «Mandarin» refers to one-piece products. The main feature here is the absence of fasteners and the round edges of the stand.
  2. types of stand collars

  3. Golf. In modern fashion, it is customary to call clothes entirely golf. However, few people realize that just the type of collar is the main determinant of such a style. Golf always covers the neck completely and can be either single or double.
  4. main types of collars

  5. Ascot. Here the main features are enclosed in a high shape with long ends. Such a decision can be tied into an elegant tie or a romantic bow, thereby regulating the restraint or emancipation of the image.
  6. female types of collars

  7. Cadet. This type of rack has a zipper in the middle or on the side. By fastening the zipper, you get a closed collar that fits snugly to the neck. By unzipping the zipper, you can give a turn-down shape.
  8. collars types and names

Types of fur collars

Products made of soft pile are presented as an overhead or sewn element. Accessories made of natural long-haired fur, which always looks attractive and catchy, have become popular. However, designers also offer beautiful artificial solutions that look no less stylish in natural color. Fur collars — types of the winter season. However, creative fashion designers offer fluffy trim in evening style dresses. Wardrobe models with asymmetric and contrasting trim look stylish and impressive. But in the trend and a neat ring around the neck.

types of fur collars

Types of detachable collars

With each new season, overhead accessories are becoming more popular. Modern fashion presents beautiful jewelry made of lace, beads or pearls, rhinestones and stones, ribbons and knitted cotton. Knitted and knitted snoods, which are also known as trumpet collars, have become a fashionable choice in the cold season. Fashionable detachable collars are convenient because they can complement different items of clothing, thereby remaining different every day with minimal money spent on updating the wardrobe.

types of detachable collars

Fashionable types of collars in clothes

Having listed the main types of collars, it is worth noting that stylists offer more and more new and stylish solutions every year. Ideas that have been forgotten for several years and even centuries are also returning to trends. According to the designers, the more unusual the solution, the more creative the image as a whole. Let’s find out what types of collars are:

  1. collar. This type is characterized by a soft round shape that falls to the chest in the form of a voluminous fold. The collar can be overhead or one-piece.
  2. fashionable types of collars in clothes

  3. Medici. A high standing collar, covering the back of the head by half, was relevant in the 16th century, when lush and voluminous outfits were in trend. In modern fashion, the Medici is used only in evening wear and wedding dresses.
  4. dress collar types

  5. Bertha. This option is represented by a wide strip that covers the shoulders completely in the form of a lapel. Often this design is continued with an extended cape at the back.
  6. what are the types of collars

  7. Halter. This elegant, laconic collar has the shape of an elongated loop that is worn over the head and frames the neck and décolleté. At the same time, the shoulders and back remain open.
  8. collar types

Types of coat collars

Finishing outerwear is very important to remain feminine and graceful during the period of closed bows. The turn-down model is considered a win-win when asked what types of collars a coat has. Designers complement elegant clothes with neat and compact Peter Pans or wide turn-down apaches and lapels. Closed racks are current types of collars for a coat with a short cut and a fitted silhouette. Fluffy, concise and voluminous fur solutions are considered the most fashionable for any style, both in plain and contrasting colors.

coat collar types

Jacket collar — types

Sports jackets and parkas are rarely presented with an expressive catchy collar. For such models, a neat polo or stand is relevant. Turndown ideas with lapels — current types of collars for leather jackets. However, if you are looking for a stylish jacket, you should pay attention to the presence of a cadet collar, which can be buttoned up in a stand-up uniform or worn in an unbuttoned turndown solution. For winter products of any cut and length, fur decor, both natural and artificial, is considered a win-win addition.

jacket collar types

Types of collars for women’s blouses

In the collections of women’s blouses and shirts, almost all types of additions to the collar zone are used. The most popular for strict and office styles are the turn-down button-down shirt design, «Peter Pan», a neat simple stand. If you choose a blouse for a romantic look or going out, pay attention to models with a frill or ascot, where you can tie a playful bow. The original ideas were the types of knitted collars, which are mainly presented in a removable version.

types of collars for women's blouses

Types of collars on a dress

For dresses in an evening or wedding style, the types of finishes of an expressive and catchy form are considered relevant — Medici, Berta, Halter. Popular types of collars for a knitted dress are Peter Pan, polo, yoke, guis and golf. Ideas with removable additions became interesting. Lace accessories and beaded and stone designs look great on both dressy and casual styles in solid colors.

dress collar types


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