Cuts on different types of clothes are a design technique that helps fashion designers to focus on a certain part of the body that its owner considers beautiful and wants to emphasize. Various types of cuts, made in the right places, fascinate, excite, attract attention. This direction cannot be called a trend, but designers use this technique quite often. Various types of cuts on a skirt, trousers, dresses allow you to emphasize femininity, charm.

Dresses with slits

Long legs are the pride of a woman. Why not show them off by wearing a dress with a high front slit? Your legs will be visible when walking, and inconspicuous sexuality attracts attention much more than a skimpy miniskirt. Such models of dresses are the perfect solution for a solemn evening look.

Dresses with slits on the sides, exposing the hips, look no less impressive. High slits are quite bold and daring, so don’t be surprised if you feel a bit uncomfortable at first. And take into account the fact that only girls with impeccable figures, confident in themselves, can wear such models of dresses without fear. To make the image balanced, sexuality should be diluted with a maxi-length dress, long sleeves, a limited number of accessories and a traditional cut.

If you have an even beautiful back, shoulders and arms, pay attention to a dress with a slit on the back. Models with a deaf strict front and a deep neckline look extravagant and incredibly stylish. Some celebrities allow themselves to wear dresses in which the cut is so deep that it exposes the lower back.

When choosing a new skirt or dress, follow the basic rule: one piece of clothing should not contain more than two cuts. Of course, this does not apply to youth things, the main purpose of which is a challenge and shocking.


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