types of dress code

A dress code is a form of clothing that is designed to attend certain events. This term originated in the UK and quickly spread throughout the world. The most popular types of dress code are: Whitetie, Ultra-formal, BlackTie, Black Tie Formal, Black Tie nvited, Black Tie Optional, Creative Black Tie, Cocktail Attire, Semi-formal, A5 (AfterFive), Casual.

Dress code at work

The type of dress code at work depends on the activities of the company. People of creative professions can wear rather extravagant robes, those who are the face of the company should wear clothes in a classic style. In the work dress code, the office style of clothing is most often used. As for the dress code for a corporate party, a knee-length cocktail dress will look perfect, which, with the right selection of accessories, will look very advantageous. An evening trouser suit will also be appropriate.

Dress code outside of work

Dress code for the theatre. It is best to come to the theater in evening dress. It can be a floor-length or midi dress. The outfit should be made of expensive fabrics in noble colors. For such cases, bright makeup, high-heeled shoes are typical. The most suitable option for a dress code in a restaurant is a classic black dress that can be accessorized.

Dress code at a party. There are no special rules for choosing clothes for visiting guests. In a close circle, everyone perceives each other with understanding, so you can dress the way you want. If it’s a matter of celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary or other events, then you should dress beautifully, but not defiantly.

Dress code compliance is not easy. With a responsible approach to it, you get the perfect image that fits the desired event.


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