Dresses, like no other clothing, are able to emphasize femininity, fragility and irresistibility. Capricious fashion every year puts forward new requirements, from which we should build on. Designers try to please everyone, because it is in their interests that our wardrobe is replenished with new models. So let’s look at what types of women’s dresses are relevant today.

What types of dresses are there?

The most feminine element of clothing is presented today in a huge variety of styles of various styles. Dresses can be divided into the following types: casual, evening, cocktail, business style, and wedding. They come in maxi, mini and midi lengths.

A special category is ethnic dresses (national costumes) and carnival outfits (for costumed celebrations).

The little black dress of Coco Chanel today plays an important role in the fashionable life of every woman, so it cannot be attributed to any particular type. Depending on the finish, accessories and jewelry, it can be worn both for a solemn event and for work in the office.

Types of dresses and their names

The sheath dress is considered the most popular style in the world of business attire. Thanks to the strict and straight silhouette, the absence of a collar and sleeves, you can feel elegant and attractive, even on a gray working day.

Vintage dresses are unique in their own way. Designers see in them the guardians of fashion and style, and try to convey all the romance and femininity of past times through them.

Dresses in the Greek style fascinate with luxurious flowing folds and exquisite bodices. Such styles are very popular in wedding fashion.

A-silhouette is present in almost all new collections. Designers love to present a similar style, as such dresses look incredibly sexy and spectacular.

As for the types of light women’s dresses, it is worth noting sundresses, kimono dresses, tunics, shirt dresses and sports models. But also professional stylists additionally distinguish such models:

  1. Cover up is a sexy translucent mini dress that is usually worn over a swimsuit or bikini.
  2. Fit-and-flare dress — starts with a tight-fitting top with thin straps or no straps at all, and ends with a short sharply flared skirt.
  3. Hoodie dress — a dress with a hood that can be worn with leggings or jeans.
  4. Surplice dress is a short V-neck dress with three-quarter sleeves.
  5. Chemise is like a big loose shirt.

Types of evening dresses

Dresses for formal and festive occasions are usually sewn from expensive and refined materials, decorated with expensive trimmings and elements. The main features of such dresses are the lack of sleeves, deep necklines, open shoulders and back.

A cocktail dress is a glamorous 40s-inspired outfit that goes just above or below the knee and is perfect for evening events.

Modern fashion loves to stun, so extravagant tutu dresses no longer surprise anyone. Dance fashion at all times influenced women’s wardrobe, so you can safely put on a shocking outfit — it’s fashionable!

An exciting wrap dress made famous by Diane Von Furstenburg, it is able to emphasize all the advantages of the figure and turn all eyes on itself.

Dresses in Chinese or Oriental style will always add mystery and exoticism.

As you already understood, there are many types of dress silhouettes, so every self-respecting woman should have at least a few styles in her arsenal. With a dress it is very easy to be feminine and tender, remember this!


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