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Squares, triangles, pears and apples are all symbols of female figures. We were divided into types and subspecies, and all with one goal — to help emphasize our strengths and mask our shortcomings. Today, stylists divide girls into types of figures in different ways: fruits, letters, geometric shapes. All these are features of the body structure and weight gain of a woman. At first glance, it is not very pleasant when you are attributed to some kind and write about your shortcomings. In fact, determining the type of figure really helps in choosing the style of clothing, sometimes it even drastically changes the style.

The main types of female figures

The basis of any classification is always the ratio of the sizes of certain parts of the body. Most often this is the ratio between the shoulders and hips. The zones of the main fat deposits and the severity of the waist are also taken into account. Consider the most successful, in our opinion, classification of female figures:

  • type «A».It is also called «triangle» or «pear». A woman with this body type has wide hips with a thin waist and small, narrow shoulders. A distinctive feature of this type is the rapid weight gain. Extra pounds are deposited on the hips. But this type of women is very attracted to the male gaze. The most important rule in a diet for such a figure is to exclude completely fatty and spicy foods;
  • type «X».This type of figure is considered ideal. The proportions of the shoulders and hips are fully respected, the waist is clearly defined. Women with such a figure are lucky. Even if the excess weight begins to make itself felt, the centimeters will be proportionally distributed in the area of ​​the hips and chest. «Hourglass» has only one drawback: often, lovers of eating at night begin to grow «ears» in the hip area;
  • type «T». Another name for this type of figure is the «inverted triangle». The most common figure among female athletes. Broad shoulders and narrow byrd, the waist is very weakly expressed. Extra pounds will have a very detrimental effect on the appearance — they will be distributed on the stomach, arms and waist. Watch your posture very carefully, if your figure is of the «inverted triangle» type, the stoop greatly emphasizes all the shortcomings;
  • type «H». Often this type of figure is called a «rectangle» or «banana». Shoulders, waist and hips are almost the same width. If a woman with such a figure begins to gain weight, her waist quickly gains centimeters and the «rectangle» turns into an «apple».

Wardrobe by body type

It does not matter what type of figure you have, well-chosen clothes will always help to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. The choice of clothes according to the type of figure will forever clearly set the limits of what is permitted and you will not have to rush between many styles. You will always know which of all your favorites is «yours». Choosing a wardrobe according to the type of figure is not so difficult, the main goal is to achieve the correct and harmonious proportions of the body. So, back to our already identified types of female figures and make the right wardrobe for each of them:

  1. Dresses. For women of type «A», high-waisted dresses are perfect. For type «X» sheath dresses are very successful. Wrap dresses look spectacular on such a figure. For owners of an «H» figure, a dress with an asymmetrical edge or an oblique cut will be the best ally. But the “T” type figure should avoid dresses and skirts that are narrowed down.
  2. Pants. Straight or flared trousers will perfectly hide the «heavy» bottom of the «pear».figure type definition Straight cut trousers and jeans are shown to the owners of the «hourglass». Flared at the bottom, with many pockets and all sorts of stripes, the trousers will perfectly add volume to the «inverted triangle».
  3. Blouses. Oval and square necklines, short or no sleeves at all — these are all elements of a blouse for an «H» type figure. V-neckline and vertical stripe will visually reduce the shoulders for the «inverted triangle». Avoid voluminous sleeves and generally excess volume in the shoulder area. For an hourglass, a blouse with a V-neck and a thin belt will look very impressive, and a couple of unbuttoned buttons will add sexuality. Pear-shaped blouses with deep cuts are perfect, and wide stripes will visually increase the shoulders.


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