Types of figure girls

In order to avoid many disappointments and learn how to choose styles of clothing that can advantageously emphasize features and hide physique flaws, all young girls need to familiarize themselves with the possible types of female figures.

Body types and clothes

Despite the fact that each girl is unique in her own way, her figure, in any case, belongs to one of the five existing types. Each of them is determined by the features of the physique, such as the proportions between the shoulders, waist and hips, the distribution of muscles and body fat, and the structure of the skeleton. Let’s dwell on each type of figure in more detail:

  1. So, the first type is “pyramid” or “pear”, “triangle”, type “A”, in general, whoever wants to, calls it that way, but the essence remains the same — these are wide hips and narrow shoulders. When choosing clothes for this type of figure, preference should be given to models that will focus on the upper body. It can be sweaters with a bright attractive pattern, with a V-neck, with a neckline or ruffles.
  2. Next, follows the «inverted pyramid» — the shoulders are much wider than the hips. Picking up clothes for this type of figure is somewhat more difficult, since this physique is not very feminine. But, nevertheless, you can hide the flaws using A-line dresses, detachable along the waistline in a solid color, loose blouses with a deep neckline.
  3. Narrow hips, waist and shoulders belong to the type of female figure, which is called «reed». Careful attention should be paid to the selection of clothes for this type of figure. For example, skirts with pleats, models of the 60s will look beautiful, it is better to complement the image with shoes with heels.
  4. «Hourglass» — wide hips and shoulders against the backdrop of a narrow waist. If your figure belongs to this type, consider yourself lucky, because this is a very feminine silhouette, and besides, a rare opportunity to choose almost any clothes.
  5. Type «H» or «rectangle», and if you ate a lot, it turned into an «apple». It is characterized by the same width of the waist, hips and shoulders. It is better for such ladies to choose dresses with an asymmetric cut.


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