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Heeled shoes, originally invented by men and for men, today are the inviolable property of women. It is thanks to the heel — this important element of shoes, fashionistas can look more feminine and even slimmer. Each of us in the wardrobe has shoes, ankle boots, boots, and other models of similar shoes. Obviously, these heels differ not only in height, but also in shape. What are the types of heels used to create women’s shoe models? To summarize, there are only ten names of types of heels on modern shoes, but each can have several subspecies.

So, modern experts distinguish the following types of heels:

  • Viennese;
  • bricks;
  • wedge-shaped;
  • conical;
  • cowboy;
  • glasses;
  • columns;
  • wedge;
  • hairpins;
  • typesetting.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Types of women’s heels

The lowest of all is Viennese heel. The versatility of this model is that shoes can be both casual and for going out. In addition, this is the most “correct” option in terms of the health of our legs.

If the Viennese heel is increased in height to two to four centimeters, then it will turn into brick heel. These shoes are practical.

If a low square-shaped heel has a bevel at the back, then it is called cowboy.

Wedge heels are a prism upside down. The specified form of heels visually slims the legs and is perfect for any type of female figure.

BUT tapered heels most often have a height exceeding eight centimeters.

Shoes with such heels are stable and incredibly comfortable, which cannot be said about shoe models with glass heels. If its height is less than six or seven centimeters, then it is still possible to walk, and if it is more, it is even dangerous!

high and medium column heels everyone go! Perhaps this is the most comfortable shoes for winter.

High wedges no less comfortable, but they are categorically not suitable for ladies who drive.

Actually, like hairpins is the passion of many women. But how graceful we are on them!

And the last type of heels — typesettingthat is, consisting of layers called flicks.


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