types of silhouettes in clothes

Clothing, without exaggeration, has long become an integral part of the life of each of us. But if in the old days it most often served as nothing more than a cover of the human body, while being as simple as possible, now clothes reflect the essence of a person. It can tell a lot about a person. And with the flow of time, clothes became more and more complicated. Starting from simple loincloths up to the modern concept of a toilet, that is, a collection of clothes, shoes, gloves, various accessories that perfectly complement the image.

With the complication of attire, the concepts of style and silhouette in clothing became an important element. The word «silhouette» itself has French roots and denotes the outline of an object. But if we are talking about the silhouette in clothes, then regardless of the complexity of the decoration, any clothes can be conditionally represented as a simple geometric figure — a rectangle, trapezoid, oval or triangle.

Recently, designers have focused on several types of silhouettes in clothing. The most popular today are a straight, semi-adjacent, fitted and trapezoidal silhouette:

  1. Straight silhouette in clothes differs in a rectangular geometric shape and is presented in several versions: a narrow and expanded rectangle, as well as a square with truncated upper corners. The straight silhouette is the most versatile, it looks great in clothes regardless of the figure. The width of the clothes of this silhouette in the chest and hips is the same.
  2. Semi-adjacent silhouette in clothes It is characterized by a slight fit along the line of the chest, waist, hips and a smooth, sometimes barely noticeable expansion downwards. In general, this silhouette repeats the outlines of the figure, but does not fully reveal it.
  3. Fitted silhouette speaks for itself. Clothing has an extended shoulder line, a narrowed waist and bottom of the product.
  4. Silhouette of a trapezoid in clothes also has its own characteristics. The main characteristic of the trapezoid silhouette is the extension from the shoulder line or armhole. Clothing made in this silhouette can be either loose along the entire length or fixed with an elegant belt at the waist. A significant expansion of clothing will be the best solution for tall or women who are in an interesting position.


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