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A skirt is an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe. Indeed, one cannot but agree that although trousers and jeans are very comfortable to wear, they can never look as feminine as in a skirt. Therefore, every girl should definitely have this piece of clothing in her closet, and preferably more than one, because there are so many different types of skirts, each of which is suitable for different occasions and different styles. For example, a strict skirt is more suitable for the office, but for walks it will still be much more convenient to have a loose one so that you can run around in it. Let’s take a closer look at what types of skirts are, find out their names and decide which ones are more suitable where and for what occasions.

Types of skirts and their names

A-line skirt. The style of this skirt resembles the letter «A» because of which it, in fact, got its name. The skirt fits snugly around the hips and flares at the bottom. This look gained popularity in the 50s of the last century, and then slowly faded away until it returned to the catwalks at the beginning of our century. This type of skirt is available in both mini and midi lengths and is now considered a classic as it suits almost any occasion.

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Cargo. This is a skirt of a simple, most often even cut. It is distinguished by a large number of pockets, zippers, various eyelets and other trifles. Since the cargo skirt corresponds to the military style, it is most often performed in “military colors”: either spotted military colors, or plain in various shades of marsh. Her length is most often midi, although mini can also be found.

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Rural skirt. A kind of long skirts that are very popular this season. They are comfortable and bright colors. A wonderful choice for summer, as this skirt will not be hot, and the thin fabric will protect your legs from the scorching sun. In style, they can go with any outfit, except for a strict business one.

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Culot. This type of women’s skirt, in fact, is a skirt-pants, but not quite in the version that everyone is used to. The culotte skirt is a very wide trousers made of thin, flying fabric. A culotte is perfect for girls who do not really like to wear skirts, as well as for those who have extra pounds, as this style of skirt hides them very well.

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Tiered skirt. Fluffy tiered skirts are great for young girls. They look very flirtatious and attractive. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that this type of skirt is suitable only for thin girls, because if you have extra pounds on your hips, it will immediately emphasize them.

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Pleated skirt. One of the most popular skirts of this season. It can be both long and short — for every taste. A pleated skirt is inherently very simple, but it looks just great and incredibly stylish.

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Flared skirt. This type of skirt in silhouette is most reminiscent of an A-skirt, but still differs from it in its style. Flared skirts are best worn by tall and thin girls, as for those who are short this style can visually significantly shorten the lower body.

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Pencil skirt. Most often, a skirt of this style is worn to work, as it blends perfectly with a strict classic style. But we must not forget about its other advantages: it visually makes your figure more balanced and sexy, and the waist is thin. So it is best to have several skirts of this style in your wardrobe: one for work and one made in brighter colors for walks and festive celebrations.

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Ballerina skirt. A wide, flying skirt, made in the image and likeness of a tutu. Looks amazing.

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Godet. This skirt is fitted but flares out at the bottom with built-in gussets. The classic style of the skirt, which, however, is rarely seen on the street, so you will look not only elegant, but also unusual in it.

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Tulip skirt. In its shape, this skirt resembles an inverted tulip bud. Again, a classic style that makes the figure more feminine. Due to the bright colors, the tulip skirt or, as it is also called the bell skirt, looks very coquettish.

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Balloon skirt. A skirt with a huge number of chaotic folds. It looks very interesting and unusual, and also adds mischief to any image.

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Sun skirt. Such a skirt is made from a single piece of round fabric, hence the name. That is, it is very simple in execution, but it looks very stylish, albeit without frills.

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Skirt-pants. This skirt is similar in essence to trousers, since even its upper part is made in the same way as for trousers. Versatile skirt for any occasion.

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So we looked at some of the most common styles of skirts and learned their names. Now it remains only to replenish the wardrobe with new clothes.


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