Types of ties - which option to choose for a modern girl to create a fashionable look?

The unisex trend has often dominated women’s style lately. Such details add confidence and special grace. Therefore, designers do not stop experimenting with men’s wardrobe products, offering interesting interpretations to women. Special attention of stylists deserved the types of ties for girls.

What is the difference between a women’s tie and a men’s tie?

Models for men and women differ not only in appearance, but also in their purpose. Men’s styles are purely business style, rarely combined with classic jeans. The tie in the women’s wardrobe is more of a decorative nature, therefore it is represented by a variety of cuts, material selection, finishes and color schemes. The most important difference lies in the length. If for men this parameter is clearly defined, then girls can choose extra-long, super-mini, interesting bows and ribbons that resemble a strict accessory only by placing them in the image.

What is the difference between a women's tie and a men's tie?tie in women's wardrobe

Women’s tie length

Stylists pay special attention to the length of the product. For women, models of short length up to the waist are considered popular, but more often only covering the neckline. The width of the accessory can be in the form of a narrow strip of fabric or a wide bib. In the latter case, a beautiful and catchy finish is welcome. The combination of a women’s white shirt with a tie has become a classic. And in this case, any kind is used — from classic to elegant butterfly or bow with elongated ends released. But the main condition is always a contrasting color that attracts attention.

women's tie lengthwomen's white shirt with garlstack

Types of women’s ties

In modern fashion, a very diverse selection of beautiful and stylish accessories is presented. Many of them are purely directional. But there are also universal models that are suitable for both formal bows and informal looks. The difference of products lies not only in the fabric, but also in appearance — shape, design, additions. Let’s see what types of ties are:

  1. Types of lace ties. These items are purely decorative. Both knitted models and strict styles with sewn-in lace trim are presented in openwork.

types of women's ties

  1. Types of wool ties. Such accessories are considered universal. As a rule, wool is presented in a classic design, but often with the addition of silk, knitwear or synthetics, which is also suitable for informal combinations.

what types of ties are there

  1. Types of printed ties. Printed additions will always make the image attractive and original. The most popular colors are geometric, floral and abstract openwork patterns.

types of ties for girls

  1. Types of classic ties. The classic has a clear shape with a geometric triangular end. But such models can be short and long, wide and narrow, bright or in discreet colors.

stylish women's tie

Women’s bow tie

This look belongs to the unisex style and is considered one of the most popular. Here, the difference is a laconic design in the form of a small bow without loose ribbons and laces. Attached is a thin adjustable strap. An alternative would be an elastic band, choker or ribbon. Fashionable types of bow ties are presented in different sizes and can be either single or double. Layered styles often feature contrasting colors, such as solid colors combined with a print.

women's bow tie

Women’s short tie

Models of short length are always in sight. As a rule, such accessories are presented in a wide or standard form. In this case, the end can be either straight or triangular. The advantage of shortened additions is the ability to wear them both under the collar and over it. Short types of ties for girls are suitable not only for strict bows. This detail looks great on fitted and flying dresses, translucent blouses and even denim shirts in an ensemble with ripped trousers.

women's short tie

Women’s bow tie

Often, such an element of the wardrobe is a symmetrical piece of fabric, which is formed into different types of bows. With some skill or with the help of video tutorials on the Internet, you can complement the image with beautiful and original accessories in the form of small butterflies, a large romantic accessory in a double or even triple format, with long loose ends. A black and white women’s tie remains a universal choice. But if you need to add a bright accent to the bow, you should stop at models with prints or a contrasting design.

women's bow tie

Women’s bolo tie

This option is more popular in America than in European countries and Asia. However, a tie in the form of a lace is considered the most original and unusual. Long or short length harness is adjustable with a slider. And just this detail is responsible for the decorative side of the product. A brooch, an interesting button or a wooden barrel, an animal or insect figurine, an expressive flower can act as a puff runner. A particularly impressive look of the bolo will complement the image in country style. But for romantic combinations, such an addition will become a spectacular accent.

women's bolo tie

Women’s scarf tie

This type is one of the easiest to choose and use. Beautiful women’s ties are made of dense and light materials. Silk, chiffon, cotton scarves are considered popular. However, an accessory can be decorative and functional at the same time. For example, a woolen addition will not only decorate the look, but also protect you from colds in cool weather. At the same time, the types of tying ties in the form of a scarf are very diverse. For example, they can simply be thrown around the neck or arranged in an elegant bow.

women tie scarf

Women’s jabot tie

This option has the form of a wide or oblong product folded into airy frills. Such an addition can also serve as a shirt-front. Silk, lace or thin cotton are considered actual materials. A stylish women’s tie will easily transform a simple plain shirt or blouse, while not going beyond elegance and rigor. But frills remain especially popular in romantic fashion and outing bows. A fashionable addition in this case will be a large brooch in the center in the collar area.

women's tie jabot

Women’s beaded tie

Hand-made products remain a fashionable choice. Beads and glass beads can be interestingly interpreted in the form of a beautiful decoration for the neckline. Bright and contrasting colors are considered especially popular — a women’s red tie, a design with an ornamental pattern, and others. The decoration itself can have both a classic look and an informal one. Beaded bolo lace, interesting openwork accessories and designs from connected floral or lace motifs are in trend.

women's beaded tie

Women’s handkerchief tie

This type of addition is considered an alternative to a scarf. But due to the triangular shape, you can decorate the product with a simple scarf with elongated ends in front, in a flower or a multi-layered bow. A women’s scarf-tie around the neck is also suitable for non-strict business bows. In this case, you can roll up the models with a tube and tie them into a regular knot. Bright and printed colors remain a popular choice. Silk, chiffon and thin cotton are considered actual fabrics.

women's tie handkerchief

How to tie a women’s tie?

In modern fashion, there are many ways to tie accessories around the neck. From year to year, stylists do not stop experimenting in this direction, offering more and more new and original ideas. However, there are also a number of classic knots that are universal for any image. Let’s see how to tie a women’s tie:

  1. View «Balthus». This node is considered the most popular. It is easy to perform because it does not have intricate turns. And even if you can’t cope with the tying technique, you can purchase a ready-made elastic model with a wide Balthus knot.

how to tie a woman's tie

  1. View «Christensen». This version is similar to the previous one, but differs by two turns around the elongated main end. This creates a kind of spiral. The protruding layers look strict and romantic at the same time.

how to tie a woman's tie

  1. View «Eldridge». This method involves tying a knot with the wrong side of the narrow edge. Thus, a very interesting pattern in the form of a spikelet is created, which will emphasize femininity.

types of tie ties

Female image with a tie

In recent seasons, a fashion accessory has been considered a universal element of the wardrobe when creating an image. The highlight of this addition is rigor and at the same time elegance. But due to the variety of stylish types and models, such a detail can also emphasize feminine qualities — romance, playfulness, tenderness and sophistication. Stylists recommend choosing products in bright or contrasting colors with clothes. Then the neckline will attract even more attention. But let’s find out how to wear a women’s tie:

  1. business style. It is easy to pick up a beautiful addition to strict classic combinations. The most successful in this case will be a classic model or a butterfly.
  2. Romantic image. Feminine dresses and flying skirts are perfectly complemented by an openwork jabot, a classic with an original knot, a bow, a light scarf and beautiful lace products.
  3. bow dandy. The most successful for a casual look with jeans and a strict jacket is an unusual bolo. However, classic models will stylishly complement a comfortable dandy look, especially if you complete it with English-style shoes — oxfords, loafers.
  4. Evening combinations. This addition is also relevant for elegant ensembles. But long dresses are inappropriate here. Beading and lace look original with an elegant jumpsuit, a short cocktail dress and a trouser suit.

Women’s shirt with tie

An important feature in the whole image is the correct choice of background for the accessory. Plain plain shirts work best. In strict bows, models of white or black are welcome. But romantic and casual combinations can be complemented with bright shirts. A women’s blouse with a tie looks more feminine and spectacular. And if the product does not have a collar or a boat neckline, then a frill or a beautiful scarf will be relevant. You can wear a laconic butterfly, a bow or a classic version on an elegant little stand.

women's shirt with tie

Women’s suit with a tie

When choosing a trouser suit, pay attention to the cut of the jacket. This element of the wardrobe should be as masculine as possible, but not completely. A fitted silhouette is acceptable. A women’s trouser suit with a tie always looks harmonious. And of all types of accessories, the classic or butterfly is considered the most suitable. But if your dress code is not limited by strict limits, you can wear a romantic bow or tie a printed scarf in an original way. Regardless of the color of the suit, the shirt or blouse underneath should be in a contrasting color.

women's suit with tie


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