In today’s dynamic world, trousers can unmistakably be called a mandatory attribute of any fashionista’s wardrobe. But, despite the popularity of this element of clothing, not everyone knows what types of trousers are. It is this issue that we will focus on today.

Types of women’s trousers

Every season, designers delight fashionistas with new creations, offering more advanced models. However, in most cases, the style is determined by the cut. That is, the main factor is the shape of the tailoring of the product. So, for example, trousers with a straight cut are called classic. This is ideal for all women. Perhaps that is why most of the fair sex prefer them. So, types of trousers:

  1. Flared trousers. A distinctive feature is the expansion of the model from top to bottom. The peculiarity of this product is that it visually lengthens the legs.
  2. types of pants 1

  3. Classic pants. They have a straight cut and arrows ironed in front.
  4. types of trousers

  5. Trousers-pipes. Narrow, tight-fitting legs. This style is suitable for tall and slender girls.
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  7. Trousers-cylinders or bloomers. They are wide products, often made of light flowing fabrics, gathered at the ankle with an elastic band or cuff.
  8. types of pants 3

  9. Banana pants. They were named after the tropical fruit of the same name due to the similarity in shape. This type of trousers has a wide cut with narrowing down.
  10. types of pants 4

  11. Trousers They have a complex shape: wide enough in the hips, and tightly fitting the lower leg. This style was borrowed from the military uniform.
  12. types of pants 5

  13. Jeans. Trousers made of dense cotton fabric — denim.
  14. types of pants 6

  15. Shtroks. Trousers made of velvet fabric.
  16. types of pants 7

  17. Aladdins. Sometimes they are called Ali Baba, or Afghani. Reminiscent of oriental style and have a fairly low seat cut.
  18. types of pants 8

  19. Palazzo. Very similar to a skirt.
  20. types of pants 9

  21. Capri. Tight trousers of a shortened form, the length of which reaches the middle of the lower leg, sometimes fall a little lower.
  22. types of trousers 10

  23. Bermuda. Loose-fitting trousers that are slightly above the knees.
  24. types of trousers 11

Despite the fact that some trousers are very similar to each other, nevertheless, they have names, knowing which you can easily choose the model you need.


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