Types of women's figures and selection of clothes

“There are no ugly figures, there are improperly selected clothes,” fashion experts tirelessly repeat. And, sadly, in most cases, they are right. Knowing what type your figure belongs to, you can easily begin to navigate in styles and cuts, save yourself from random, unnecessary and unnecessary purchases, and you will no longer listen to the persuasion of sales assistants from stores who claim that the way the dress highlighted the stomach , and the trousers are too tight around the hips — this is normal.

Body types of girls and clothing style for them

Clothes for pear or triangle body type. One of the most common body types. It is characterized by a larger volume in the lower body — hips, legs. The top looks fragile, and it’s not just about the volume of the chest. Pears usually have narrow, sloping shoulders and graceful arms.

To find the perfect set of clothes for your body type, remember that you need to balance the top and bottom.

From the top fit:

  • blouses with ruffles, flounces, assemblies and voluminous bows;
  • models with lantern sleeves;
  • jackets with foam shoulders;
  • sweatshirts with a bateau neckline (boat);
  • sleeveless tops;
  • any other things that visually increase the upper body.

It is not recommended to wear tightly fitting thin knitted T-shirts or sweaters. Of course, if at the same time a blazer or cardigan is not thrown over them.


  • plain pencil skirts made of dense fabric;
  • soft knitted tight-fitting skirts;
  • the average volume of the «trapezoid»;
  • wide straight trousers to the floor;
  • cropped cigarette trousers.

Fashion experts recommend choosing the bottom of dark colors — it is also able to visually reduce the volume.

And from the latest trends, a dress with a low waist, a narrow, tight-fitting skirt and a voluminous top will be ideal for a “pear”.

Clothes for the type of figure «apple» or «circle». The whole emphasis in it falls on the waist — it is usually quite wide, with a medium or lush bust and relatively narrow hips. Your task in this situation is to choose such clothes for the type of figure that will visually form the correct proportions of the figure as much as possible. To do this, choose things that emphasize the waistline, leaving volume at the top and bottom. It could be:

  • fitted jacket;
  • dresses «robe» or «shirt» with a belt;
  • babydoll dress with full skirt;
  • models of blouses or dresses with peplum;
  • high waist trousers;
  • A-line skirt with a tucked in base;
  • other models that will help emphasize the waist.

Clothing for the rectangle body type. This is one of the sports types of a female figure, and clothes for him, respectively, should be light, airy, giving softness to the forms. It is characterized by shoulders, waist and hips of approximately the same size. As a rule, women of this complexion have a very good metabolism — they have little and rarely accumulate fat. To give sexuality and femininity to the figure, you must choose:

  • voluminous blouses made of flying chiffon, silk or viscose — they will help add volume to the waist and soften the shoulders;
  • sheath dresses with a belt — they themselves will create beautiful shapes for you;
  • puffy skirts and trapeze skirts;
  • wide pants;
  • chinos or just tucked trousers;
  • maxi dresses in lightweight fabrics.

Clothing for the inverted triangle body type. This is the second athletic body type. Wide shoulders combined with a narrow hip create an imbalance that is easy to correct with A-shaped or straight silhouettes. In this case, any set will suit you, in which the upper body will be given a minimum of attention. NOT suitable for this type of figure:

  • boat neck sweatshirts;
  • outerwear and jackets with shoulder pads;
  • puff sleeves;
  • sleeveless tops and dresses (shoulders are visually very prominent);
  • tight skirts and trousers;
  • fitted knitted dresses.


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