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Women’s shoes are one of the main elements of almost any image. But, despite the fact that every fashion wardrobe has a lot of pairs of shoes, not every girl knows how many types of women’s shoes there are today. Undoubtedly, shoes are the best decoration for women’s legs that can betray your taste and style! Today’s fashionistas can name a huge number of interesting names for modern shoes, so it will be useful to know what types of shoes are and how to classify them.

Classification of shoes by type

Shoes are divided into the following types: industrial, household, sports, military, orthopedic, preventive and special. In turn, household shoes are divided into the following groups: everyday, model, home, beach, road, national and seasonal.

But we, as lovers of fashion and shopping, are used to dividing shoes according to the period of wear, that is, for the winter, summer and autumn-spring seasons. It’s easier!

Modern types of shoes according to the degree of closeness:

  1. Boots are the most popular type of high-top winter footwear. Current models: over the knee boots, cowboy, jockey, ugg boots and dutik boots.
  2. Ankle boots, boots and ankle boots delight us every year with ingenious designs and elegant shapes.
  3. Shoes are the most feminine and sophisticated type of leather shoes, and not only leather ones. Models are varied and original, stilettos, stable heels or wedges — it’s up to you.
  4. Ballet shoes are flat shoes, very comfortable and comfortable. Similar models: moccasins, slippers, loafers and oxfords.
  5. Popular types of summer shoes:
  6. Sandals — open shoes with heels, held on the foot with straps and bracelets.
  7. Espadrilles — an easy option for the summer period made of textiles with a rope sole, can be either with or without a heel.
  8. Sandals are flat shoes with straps on top.
  9. Gladiators — differ from the previous version in that the straps can completely intertwine the bootleg.
  10. Slippers are shoes with an open toe and no heel.

Types of sports shoes

  1. Sneakers are versatile lightweight shoes designed for training, and not only. You don’t have to be into sports to wear these wonderful shoes. They are subject to any age category, you just need to choose the appropriate design, color and shape.
  2. Sneakers are youth shoes, many call them slippers with a flexible rubber sole with lacing. In terms of convenience, they are second to none!
  3. Snickers — very often used in everyday life. They have a rubber sole, leather or cloth upper.

Thanks to different types of shoes, you can create harmonious and stylish images. Buy quality shoes, don’t skimp on comfort!


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