Tyra Banks is a classic example of Cinderella. At the age of seventeen, a girl who graduated from an ordinary Catholic school decided to try her hand by submitting packages of documents to five higher educational institutions at once. But the girl was not destined to become a student, because she was noticed by a scout of a world-famous modeling agency. Having successfully passed the casting at the Elite agency, Tyra hastened to sign a lucrative contract, which determined her future fate. Her career developed so rapidly that within a few months the dark-skinned beauty began to appear on the covers of the most fashionable glossy magazines, and eminent fashion designers vied with each other to invite her to their catwalks. The girl was even lucky enough to play the role of one of the angels of the legendary brand Victoria’s Secret.

It’s hard to believe, but as a teenager, the girl suffered from thinness. Peers very often let go of unpleasant phrases addressed to her, which made Tyra lean on food, dreaming of a couple of extra pounds. But a few years later, having become a famous top model, Tyra Banks began to fight extra pounds, as she was somewhat overweight for her profession. The girl did not like the shape of her nose either, so she decided to correct it with the help of plastic surgeons.

At the age of twenty, at the height of her career, Tyra decided to tie the knot, but the constant absence of the house and the increased attention of journalists led to his collapse. Since then, the top model has not spread about her personal life. Information about her fans is very difficult to find. Rumor has it that she plans to soon marry Jones Atendal, a millionaire who will soon be sixty years old. But her appearance, which became a pass to the world of the fashion industry, the girl is always ready to demonstrate. On the Internet, you will find many photos of Tyra Banks without makeup. The lack of a professional make-up on the face does not bother the girl at all.

Tyra without makeup

In ordinary life, Tyra Banks looks completely different than on the covers of magazines and on the catwalks. In some pictures it is impossible to recognize her. Recently, pictures of Tyra Banks without makeup were published on the network during her morning run. Looking at sweatpants, an ordinary baseball cap and carelessly gathered hair in a ponytail, it is hard to imagine that this is a luxurious dark-skinned beauty Tyra Banks, who conquers millions of male hearts. Huge dark bags under the eyes, no shine in the eyes, unkempt hair, a puffy face with an unhealthy skin color and without a gram of makeup — it was in this image that Tyra Banks appeared in front of the paparazzi, from whom she did not even think to hide. Obviously, it is impossible to call Tyra Banks a beauty without makeup, which was used by numerous commentators on the network. It could be assumed that the day before the girl went to bed late, was tired, or drank more alcohol than she would like. But it’s not. Other photos of the star without makeup also cause a similar reaction. The most amazing thing is that Tyra Banks never gets tired of sharing her beauty secrets with the participants of the show «America’s Next Top Model», where she acts as a host and producer. Of course, the girl’s figure fully complies with model standards, but the face that we see on the pages of magazines and on TV screens can be considered without a shadow of a doubt the merit of makeup artists. It is they who make a “picture” out of an unremarkable (and even more unattractive) face, “finishing” eyebrows, expressive eyes and sensual lips.


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