What is ubtan?

So, at least is a mixture of different finely ground herbs, cereals and legumes in powder and oils, clays. The main component of ubtan is Indian medicinal herbs-saponins (shikakai, amla, neem, sage, Rhassoul clay, soap nuts). Each of the herbs-saponins has its own healing properties. For example: shikakai, soapwort allow you to wash off skin sebum and refresh the skin. Chamomile improves the tone of the face, removes redness, allergic rashes, inflammation. Stinging nettle has an anti-inflammatory effect, a natural antiseptic that soothes irritations, reduces itching and fights oily dandruff. Oak bark is also good at soothing irritated skin, strengthening hair and enhancing hair growth. Calendula flowers contribute to the rapid renewal of the skin, heal damage, scratches. One composition of ubtan can include up to 18 different natural ingredients.

Fine-grained crumb acts as an exfoliating component and is made from chickpea, oatmeal, rice flour (powder). Clay, which works as a binder, removes toxins and toxins from the skin, evens out the tone of the face, fights rashes. In some individual cases, fermented milk products (yogurt or kefir) are used for kneading, they have a beneficial effect on the epidermis, soothing and moisturizing it. Base cosmetic oils are added to enhance the effect of herbs.

Ubtan may resemble a scrub in consistency, but it differs from a scrub in that it does not injure the epidermis, acting as gently as possible, but effectively. The main task of ubtan is a soft, but high-quality cleansing of the epidermis. In addition, ubtan moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin. Due to the combination of the effects of massage and the healing components of the product, the use of ubtan increases blood circulation, metabolic processes in the dermis are launched, the skin begins to renew and rejuvenate. Ubtan normalizes the production of skin sebum, eliminates excessive dryness or oily skin, sweating. The tool can be used to cleanse the scalp, it promotes hair growth, reduces oiliness and hair loss, gives hair shine. Ubtan can be used every day and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

A bit of history

Ubtan has come down to us from time immemorial, straight from India. It is considered one of the oldest cosmetic products and has been used for more than five thousand years. The very word «ubtan» is translated from Hindi as «a mixture of various powders that cleanse the skin», there are even mentions of it in Ayurveda (from Indian «science of life»).

In India, ubtan has been widely used as a sacred ritual for cleansing the skin of the face and body of brides, for religious rituals such as Diwali and the Haldi ceremony during Indian weddings. It was believed that the newlyweds, by cleansing the skin with the help of ubtan, renew their body, saying goodbye to the past and entering a new life. was also considered. that washing with ubtan protected from evil spirits and the evil eye. Ubtan was made with the obligatory addition of turmeric and was similar in consistency to pasta.

There was also the so-called ritual «ubtan» (part of the concept of «Solah-Shringar»). The ritual included the process of cleansing the skin with ubtan on the occasion of Indian holidays.

In ancient times, as now, ubtan was diluted with water, milk or yogurt, oils, lemon juice and crushed flowers were added to it. The recipe varied based on needs and could change with the season. The resulting paste was applied to the whole body for 25-30 minutes, and then washed off.

Application of ubtan

Ubtan is quite easy to use and does not require knowledge of any intricacies. It is similar in application to other cosmetic products.

1. First you need to clean your face of cosmetics: ubtan is not suitable for make-up removal, it simply will not cope with this function.

2. Next, take 1 teaspoon of ubtan and dilute in a small container with water or hydrosol to the consistency of thick sour cream. Choose a ceramic or wooden container for breeding. For kneading, you will need a cosmetic spatula or a wooden stick.

3. Apply the resulting mixture on the face and massage the skin in circular motions. Work well on the T-zone and chin: ubtan perfectly copes with black dots. Spend 2-3 minutes massaging.

4. Rinse off the ubtan with warm water. Apply a cream suitable for your skin type.

Ubtan: «for» and «against»

Like any cosmetic product, ubtan has its pros and cons.

    1. Of the advantages, we want to highlight its 100% naturalness compared to other cosmetic products. Real ubtan does not contain any surfactants, preservatives or other functional additives. Thanks to this feature, it is hypoallergenic.


    1. This is a really high-quality skin cleanser, its regular use helps the epidermis to renew itself faster, the complexion improves, and the skin becomes smooth.


    1. Due to the presence of clay and herbs in the composition. ubtan does not dry out the skin and does not destroy the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis.


    1. Due to regular massaging of the face with the help of ubtan, blood circulation improves, metabolic processes improve, and skin regeneration processes are triggered.


Among the shortcomings of ubtan, one can note its method of preparation, which involves mixing the ingredients. It cannot be mixed «forward» because it can lose its qualities. Many of us have long been accustomed to using ready-made cosmetic products that simplify and speed up daily facial care as much as possible. And ubtan requires not only additional time, but also additional accessories for kneading and application. When traveling, using ubtan will also not always be convenient.

Due to the fact that many manufacturers have put the production of ubtan on stream, its quality is often worse than expected. For example, it may contain too coarse exfoliating particles. Such a product is not of high quality and is not suitable for daily use. Real ubtan must necessarily include saponin herbs, natural flour and clay: it is in this combination that the product will work properly.

Since ubtan increases blood circulation, it should not be used for rosacea, as well as for fungal and infectious skin lesions. Contraindications are also the presence of boils and ulcers.

Ubtan at home

Ubtan is very easy and simple to make at home, because all the necessary ingredients can be purchased at a pharmacy or cosmetic store.

For making, you will need a coffee grinder, a fine sieve, a mixture of medicinal herbs that can be purchased at a pharmacy, chickpea, oat or rice flour, and clay (also cosmetic). In some cases, cosmetic oils and even fermented milk products are also useful. You can find ready-made herbal mixtures in cosmetic stores, but it will still be cheaper to approach this yourself. Also, by making the mixture individually, you can adjust the composition to your needs.

We have selected for you some of the best ubtan composition combinations:

For oily/combination skin:

— Chickpea flour — 4 g

— Laminaria flour — 2 g

— No pain — 1 year

— Kaolin green clay — 2 g

— Salicylic acid — 0.3 g

— Black cumin oil or kefir for dilution.

For dry skin:

— Chickpea flour — 3 g

— Rose flour — 2 g

— Licorice flour — 1 g

— Oat flour — 1 g

— Red bentonite clay — 2 g

— Coconut oil or shea butter.

For normal skin:

— Chickpea flour — 4 g

— Rose flour — 2 g

— Soap flour — 2 g

— Yellow bentonite clay 2 g

— Rose hydrolat or yoghurt concentrate.

Ubtan itself is quite an economical remedy, even 50 g of which will last you several months of use. It should be stored in a dark plastic or glass container with a tightly closed lid. If ubtan becomes saturated with moisture or changes its original smell, it may lose its healing properties. Like any natural cosmetic product, ubtan is not stored for a long time — no more than 2 years.

If you want to get to know this product better, but do not want to bother with its manufacture, we recommend Ubtan from TM Hillary.


This product includes 18(!) diverse organic ingredients. Hillary Asai Ubtan Can be used for both face and body. The product is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation, redness, dryness and tightness. Ubtan perfectly cleanses the skin, toning and moisturizing it. It is economically consumed, does not require the use of hydrosols (it can be mixed with water). Possesses original pleasant aroma. Just a few applications and you will feel how your skin has become soft and velvety.


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