Unicorn manicure - a stylish design for modern fashionistas

A manicure with a unicorn appeared in nail art design not very long ago, but has already managed to become a trend, stylists are working on implementing new ideas in this idea. The image can be made in all sorts of variations. When creating it, they use a variety of varnishes, complemented by bright and memorable effects.

Unicorn nails

The original manicure with a unicorn can be divided into several types:

  1. There is an option where only the horn of the unicorn is drawn, in some cases the eyes were drawn, and the whole head can be depicted.
  2. often as an additional element depict a rainbow and other bright objects and landscapes.
  3. The unicorn horn is not a very complex type of pattern compared to other options. Often masters choose one nail and make a screw horn on it.
  4. There is a design of nails with unicorns, which uses rubbing, powder and other brilliant options that present the horn effectively and beautifully.
  5. It is not necessary to create a unicorn horn on each finger, just one is enough.
  6. The unicorn can not only be drawn with acrylic paints, but also applied using stickers.
  7. The drawing can be childish or vice versa, be concise, suitable for adult girls.

unicorn nailsunicorn nail designs

Unicorn manicure for short nails

Owners of neat shortened nails will be able to create a manicure with a unicorn on short nails:

  1. You can take nail stickers created on a film or water basis, they transform the nail plates without additional complexity. They are great for short lengths.
  2. A rainbow gradient is often used, as the unicorn and multi-colored stripes are the perfect combination. In some cases, a gradient pattern is applied with a sponge, suitable shades are selected and an ombre effect is created.
  3. A holographic rubbing is created with the help of a powder, when the eyeshadow applicator is rubbed into the nail, there are different options for applying such a decoration with a rubbing on a sticky layer or on a dry surface.
  4. You can also use a thin brush to draw a unicorn, a rainbow or a cloud.

unicorn manicure for short nailsshort unicorn manicure

Unicorn manicure for long nails

Long nails with a unicorn look truly unsurpassed:

  1. The creation of a unicorn horn on one finger will look spectacular. This design is created in the salon, because you need to apply acrylic paints and sculpting techniques. They will give the image the look of a unicorn horn, and a relief surface can be created using a polishing machine.
  2. To adjust the shape to narrow or sharp, you should use a regular nail file.
  3. On long nails, you can create a whole fairy tale, where a rainbow shines in the sky, clouds float, multi-colored stars are visible.

unicorn manicure for long nailslong nails with unicornbeautiful unicorn manicure

Unicorn Manicure Ideas

In recent seasons, summer unicorn manicure has been extremely popular:

  1. Often young people prefer this performance, but there are options that are suitable for adult women. This nail design will look gentle, airy, extremely original.
  2. Manicure with a unicorn for women is made very simply. A monochromatic coating is applied to the nail, and the drawing is presented on top with a sticker.
  3. The design of the unicorn looks fresher and more extraordinary, complemented by popular techniques, decoration and the pattern itself.
  4. You can turn to nail art with rubbing, rhinestones, foil or kamifubuki.
  5. Many nail artists use not only a unicorn pattern, but also dilute it with clouds, sweets and other fabulous motifs.
  6. When applying a unicorn, pastel light shades of varnishes are often used, which help create an airy mood on the nails.
  7. When creating an evening bow, you can turn to rich or dark shades.

unicorn manicure ideassummer unicorn manicureunicorn nail designs

Unicorn and rainbow manicure

Many fashionistas associate the original summer manicure with a unicorn with a rainbow, and they prefer to see this design on their nails:

  1. The rainbow is played up by placing it on the nails as a background, or a unicorn can be depicted on one finger, and a rainbow on the other.
  2. It looks interesting through the pattern, which is located on several fingers at once.
  3. To create even rainbow stripes, you can turn to using the ombre technique. Such a manicure with a unicorn looks like a smooth transition from one color to another, like a real rainbow in the sky.

unicorn and rainbow manicure

Manicure with rubbing unicorn

Mirroring different colors is the most common type of rubbing, which gives the nails smoothness and shine. Therefore, among many of the fair sex, nail design with a unicorn rub is popular:

  1. One of the most relevant tones is gold and silver. Such shades give shine to the nails, rubbing is the option that helps to realize a catchy manicure with a unicorn.
  2. Rainbow glitter on nails can be created using holography, prism and laser. In this way, almost the entire palette is placed on the nails.
  3. Pearl or mother-of-pearl is a delicate and sensitive design that fits perfectly with the unicorn pattern. For a greater effect, it is recommended to apply the pigment on nude gel polishes.
  4. Neon pigments can be a bright option for summer. Such colors shine in the light of night lamps and are created for lovers of discos.

manicure with a unicorn rub

Gentle manicure with a unicorn

Delicate pink manicure with a unicorn or nail art of any other tones is very relevant for lovers of romantic bows:

  1. Trendy shades will be peach, creamy, light gray, sand, cream and lilac.
  2. A gentle manicure with a unicorn can be beaten if you add some zest to it, dilute light colors with a contrasting color in moderation.
  3. The unicorn can be in the form of a geometric pattern, complemented by mirror powder and holographic sand.
  4. You can use a matte finish or sculpting on your nails, you can add tenderness with the help of tiny beads.
  5. Lightness will help to give a French manicure with a white stripe, complemented by a neat pattern.

gentle manicure with a unicornunicorn nails

Manicure with a unicorn pattern

Nails with a unicorn look extremely original, while the pattern can be made in various variations:

  1. Not only the image of a unicorn from myths is used, you can refer to the cartoon character My Little Pony. The cartoon contains ponies of different colors, so in this design you can safely use a variety of optical effects, a cat’s eye or holography, which change color depending on the temperature.
  2. The unicorn is often drawn in purple tones, because this is the most trendy color in the last season. This tone can be diluted with white, pale pink and lilac.
  3. A great option would be bright colors, complemented by blue skies with a rainbow and a unicorn.

unicorn manicure

Matte unicorn manicure

You can create a beautiful manicure with a unicorn, made in a matte version:

  1. The superiority of matte nail art is that it goes well with bright patterns and other decorative elements such as rhinestones, sequins, kamifubuki and foil.
  2. To make a matte manicure with a unicorn shine, you can add it with a rub on one finger, this will add spectacularity.
  3. A surprising solution in 2019 will be the matte “unicorn tears” design.
  4. The beloved jacket with a unicorn is a perfect solution in a matte finish.
  5. A fresh idea in a matte design would be to introduce foil in an unusual way, these are the so-called “unicorn tears”. Multi-colored pieces are laid out on matte nails in the form of wonderful teardrop-shaped decorative elements.

matte unicorn manicure

White manicure with a unicorn

White color has simplicity and conciseness. You can pick up simple and uncomplicated prints or unobtrusive decor for it:

  1. Often white nail art is used with lace, crystals, modeling, flowers, with such directions as creating a moon manicure, negative space, jacket and gradient.
  2. Drawings and art painting fit perfectly on white nails, which helps to make manicure in white color stunning and charming.
  3. White nails with a unicorn rub look unsurpassed, this element gives shine and showiness.
  4. For large compositions, white long nails are suitable, because you should not overload the nail plates with a short length. Unicorns will be a harmonious addition to the trendy white design.

white manicure with unicorn

Unicorn Tear Manicure

The unicorn tear is one of the trends of the last season:

  1. The unicorn teardrop design involves applying a blot on the surface of the nail, it will look bright and fresh. This option is perfect for short nails, because the molten metal will look incomparable on the nail plate.
  2. This technique works great with different coatings, it can be glossy or matte nail art. You can also refer to the design, where there are two types of this coating.
  3. A tear looks elegant due to the appearance of liquid metal or molten gold.
  4. A unicorn tear will look interesting with your favorite shades of varnishes. It can be red, black, beige, burgundy, pink and blue tones.
  5. This design is suitable for creating an evening look with a complex design, for example, this is a unicorn tear manicure with foil. There may be a pattern, rhinestones, gel gossamer.

unicorn tear manicuresummer unicorn manicure

Black manicure with a unicorn

Black nails with a unicorn look incredibly mysterious and elegant:

  1. Black color is great for highlighting a bright pattern.
  2. For young girls, black and pink will be an excellent combination.
  3. The figure of a unicorn will look great on a plain surface. The picture can be supplemented with pink sequins.
  4. Black looks luxurious, complemented by gold or silver, it can be a kind of gradient on a dark background.

black manicure with unicorn

Manicure with unicorn sticker

Such an option as a cute unicorn manicure can be created in an extremely simple way if you use stickers for this. Images can be made in a variety of variations, be clear, concise or contain the smallest drawing of elements, creating complex compositions. The choice will depend on the individual preferences of the fashionista.

unicorn sticker manicure

Unicorn horn manicure

You can make very cute nails with a unicorn if you use only one element for this — a horn:

  1. The most unusual solution in such a manicure will be a voluminous horn, which is applied to the nail with a special tool. This pattern consists of ribbed protrusions, which looks original and fabulous.
  2. Such a magical design can be complemented by neon, kamifubuki, rhinestones, it can be a rainbow gradient with inscriptions and drawings, clouds in sparkles.

unicorn horn manicure

Bright manicure with a unicorn

You can make incredibly beautiful nails with a unicorn in a bright design. A catchy design involves multi-colored varnishes and thin brushes for drawing on the unicorn’s nail plate. The drawing is created according to an individual sketch or from ready-made stamps. For brightness, kamifubuki are used, a rub that shimmers perfectly and shines on the nails.

bright manicure with a unicornbeautiful nails with unicorn


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