Don’t forget the gloves!

Even if it’s not freezing outside, that doesn’t mean you don’t need gloves. They not only provide warmth, but also protect against chapping, peeling and cracking. In this case, the problem is easier and better to prevent than to eliminate its consequences. Compliance with this basic rule of care will provide your hands with not only beauty, but also health. Opt for wool gloves.

Life hack: It is best to put on gloves, as well as take them off, indoors to avoid exposure to sudden changes in temperature.

Daily Care

Nourishing hand cream is your reliable friend and comrade! In winter, it is necessary to constantly use a nourishing cream, and not a moisturizer, since the composition of the moisturizer contains components that crystallize at low temperatures. Crystallization negatively affects the condition of the epidermis, forming small cracks and damage invisible to the eye. Also, the use of such creams will not protect your hands from dehydration. The high humidity level in the room prevents the cream from saturating the skin, making it even more dry.

To protect your hands from dehydration and the appearance of microcracks, apply a nourishing cream as often as possible. By the way, this useful habit will keep the youth and beauty of your hands for many years.


Due to the high concentration of natural ingredients, Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand and Nail Cream nourishes, soothes and regenerates the epidermis. The tool intensively fights visible signs of aging and protects the skin of the hands from the effects of water, cold, wind and other negative factors. The formula includes honey for restoration, essential oils for nutrition and strengthening, vegetable glycerin for moisturizing the skin of the hands and antioxidant vitamin E. The cream is instantly absorbed due to its light, non-greasy texture.


When choosing a cream, pay attention to the composition: lipids and saturated fatty oils help restore lipid balance, and allantoin helps restore damaged skin. Vitamins are also very important in the composition: «A» (promote the synthesis of new cells), «E» (perfectly moisturize the skin, eliminate vitamin deficiency of the skin and improve skin structure), etc. Honey and beeswax perfectly nourish and saturate the skin, providing reliable protection. If you think that a good nourishing cream must contain a lot of glycerin, then this is not so. Glycerin prevents the penetration of oxygen into the skin, accelerating its aging.


Cream care for delicate, sensitive skin of hands and nails promotes rapid recovery of skin damage, soothes, deeply moisturizes. The cream contains allantoin, which soothes the skin, stimulates its recovery processes, has a wound healing effect, and exfoliates dead skin cells. Sweet almond oil soothes the skin, relieves inflammation, effectively nourishes, restores elasticity and smoothes the epidermis. Vitamin E in the cream restores, rejuvenates and strengthens the lipid barrier of the skin, while caffeine and menthol in its composition have a tonic and stimulating effect, enhancing microcirculation processes in the skin, which guarantees a quick effect from the use of the drug.

The cream is recommended for dehydration, very dry skin of the hands and nails. The cream is instantly absorbed and begins active action. Without dyes.


Vaseline is an excellent protective agent. But it should be used only before going out, applying a thin layer. Due to the dense film formed by Vaseline, the skin is protected from cold air or strong winds.

Hand hygiene

If, having come from the cold, the first thing you do is run to warm your hands under hot water, then you will greatly spoil the skin of your hands. The fact is that sudden temperature changes will lead to a slowdown in blood circulation, vasoconstriction, malnutrition of the skin, cuticles and nails. Wash your hands with moderately warm water that is comfortable for the skin on your hands. You need to wipe your hands dry: the drops of water remaining on the skin during evaporation destroy the internal moisture, leaving the skin completely dry and dehydrated.

As for washing hands in public places, we advise you to use paper towels instead of automatic dryers.

When choosing a hand soap, opt for a moisturizer. Antibacterial soap contains triclosan, which dries hands very much. In the winter season, it is better to switch to a moisturizing soap, it has a creamy texture and contains various oils and extracts aimed at nourishing and restoring the skin, as well as vitamin E.


The main component of this cream-soap is a component of natural origin, similar to human skin lipids, gently and gently cleanses the skin. The composition of the product includes: extract of aloe, borage, violet, lofanthu, which have a moisturizing effect. Thanks to this unique composition and combination with the active complex of bischofite polymineral, the product stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, slows down the aging process, while maintaining the natural beauty of your skin. The effect after application is a feeling of gently cleansed, well-groomed and pleasantly moisturized skin. Lily of the valley gives an unsurpassed aroma.

Additional care procedures

Proper exfoliation is an important step in skin care. Scrubbing not only frees the skin from dead cells, but also improves blood circulation. It also promotes better absorption of the cream by the skin.


This gentle yet effective hand scrub takes care of delicate skin. Thanks to the pearl powder, which is part of the product, the product cleanses of dirt and dead cells, transforming the hands. The product should be used 2-3 times a day. Apply a small amount to clean, moistened hands, massage for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. Apply a nourishing or moisturizing hand cream.


Be sure to apply hand masks once or twice a week. A good option for such a mask are special gloves that contain an emollient composition.


The innovative Petitfee Essence Hand Pack contains a high concentration of a special dry essence that gradually dissolves under the influence of body temperature, penetrating into the deepest layers of the skin. The mask effectively softens and nourishes the skin of the hands, takes care of the cuticle around the nails, making the hands soft and tender.

Special impregnation of masks with essence, containing shea butter, aloe juice, purslane extract, promotes instant restoration of hand skin from the first application, and also softens burrs and improves the condition of nails. Snail secretion filtrate and collagen regenerate and restore cells, give the skin elasticity.


Paraffin therapy — a care procedure that can be done in a beauty salon, will give your hands fabulous softness. The essence of the procedure is to immerse the pens in melted paraffin, and then in terry gloves. The procedure should be done in a course of 5 procedures, then the effect will be more noticeable and lasting.

Other recommendations

The skin of the hands differs from the skin of the face — the first one has significantly less moisture and sebaceous glands, so it is much more difficult for it to deal with external influences on its own. During the heating season, the batteries operate at full capacity, thereby making the air in the apartment dry. From this, the skin becomes dehydrated, peeling appears, a feeling of tightness, the first signs of aging may appear. It is not necessary to run special humidifiers, just put a container of water next to a heat source. And adding a few drops of your favorite oil to the water will fill your room with pleasant aromas.

Your cuticles also need nourishment and hydration. Without proper care, it will dry out, resulting in burrs. Get some cuticle oil and keep it in your purse at all times.


The oil is designed to solve 2 important problems in daily cuticle and nail care: softening, moisturizing and nourishing dry skin of the nail plate, as well as preventing the development of bacterial and fungal infections. Apply 2-3 times a week or daily (for dry cuticles) to clean nails and cuticles. Perform a light massage. Let it absorb completely. The oil can be used to care for natural and artificial nails.

And don’t forget to drink water throughout the day! After all, a sufficient amount of water is a guarantee not only of the beauty of the hands, but also of the health of the whole organism!


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