vichy cage

The Vichy cage was invented in 1850 in the French town from which it took its name. Over the years, the pattern has not changed a bit — except that new colors and shades have been added. And so — this is still the same two-color medium-sized cell, created from perpendicular stripes (threads) of the same width.

Using the vichy cage

Vichy check fabric was originally used exclusively for home textiles: bed linen, pajamas and home suits, towels, tablecloths and the like. Everything changed in 1959 when Brigitte Bardot got married. She asked the fashion designer of the Real boutique to sew something delicate and simple for her for this celebration. And she appeared at the wedding in a cute summer dress below the knee, with a lush hem and … in a touching white and pink cage. Less than a week later, almost all French women appeared at work in dresses made of such fabric. After that, the Vichy cage began to gain momentum, either creating a carefree image of rural romance, or dictating the severity and conservatism of views in clothing.

Vichy cage in clothes

In recent seasons, many designers have preferred this pattern. Goose foot faded into the background, tired of Turkish cucumbers. Today you can find any thing from Vichy checkered fabric: from a scarf to shoes.

Vichy check dress

Light, practical everyday models «robe» or «shirt» will be a real salvation in the hot season. For lovers of elegant style, designers offer knitted options that are piquantly fitting and emphasizing the figure. However, maxi dresses look the most impressive — Luisa Beccaria even presented luxurious evening dresses in a small cage at one of her shows. Shoes and jacket are selected depending on the style of the dress.

Vichy check shirt

Recommendations on how to combine Vichy check in shirts and trousers are about the same. It could be:

  • a combination of colored cells with black or white fabric;
  • a combination of black and white cells with bright colors;
  • mix print — a combination of a cage with other prints or with each other — but in different sizes and colors.

As for the styles of shirts, for everyday work you should choose a classic strict, for feminine looks — sweet, with lantern sleeves and a round collar, and for a weekend outdoors — a vichy plaid shirt in a masculine style (loose and with patch pockets).

Vichy checked trousers and skirts

The most popular is the classic form of trousers: narrowed, shortened. In style and mood, they resemble models in a tie print — informal and bright. Checked wide trousers will send thoughts into pajama style, while monochrome «cigarettes», complemented by pressed creases, a white shirt and bright pumps, can also be suitable for work.

Of the styles of skirts, the most familiar is the “bell” in midi length.

Suits and jumpsuits in Vichy check

An image that consists entirely of a cage can only be endured by a real fashionista. Buying a suit as a set is beneficial — you can always separate it and wear it with a matching top or bottom. Vichy check jumpsuits, however, look very frivolous — depending on the style, they can be suitable for going to the cinema, walking by the sea or visiting a club.

Vichy check accessories

Like a crow’s foot, a Vichy cage can perfectly dilute a bored look. It can be a bag or backpack, bracelet, necklace, scarf or shoes. However, it should be remembered that it is no longer worth supplementing it with any other things in a pattern or print — the French Vichy cell is very self-sufficient.


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