Volumetric braids - 40 photos and videos of ideas for hair of any length

In modern fashion, it is easy to find a stylish styling solution that will help you quickly transform your appearance and at the same time spend a minimum of time. Stylists offer interesting ideas that you can do yourself at home. And one of these fashion trends are voluminous braids.

How to braid a voluminous braid?

There are several ways to form an expressive hairstyle. The simplest is the French method of weaving, where the strands are laid not in the standard way inside, but through the outside. Thus, all the hair fits tightly around the head, and the spikelet gets as if overhead and looks very attractive. On the question of how to weave voluminous braids, stylists also offer original ways without actually crossing the curls. And in this case, additional accessories are used — ribbons, elastic bands and others. Careful straightening of each turn is important.

Voluminous braids for long hair

Girls with long curls are as lucky as ever. After all, for a long time, you can form the most intricate and complex solutions, using additional decor or doing without decorations. In any case, the styling will turn out to be feminine, and the image as a whole will be romantic and gentle. The voluminous French braid can be worn alone or in combination with other hairstyles, such as curls, asymmetries, sloppiness and different types of coloring. An excellent choice was models with the formation of flowers and hearts from a spikelet.

voluminous braids for long hair

Volumetric braids for medium hair

For girls with medium length curls, stylists offer to dwell on ideas with completely removed hair. The actual solution in this case would be weaving from the bottom up with fixation in a bun or a playful tail. Beautiful voluminous braids for medium hair are also represented by models around the head. Romantic wreaths stylishly frame the oval of the face, thereby emphasizing fashionable makeup. The original choice would be laying not in the standard vertical, but in the horizontal direction. To add variety and emphasize individuality, use accessories and jewelry.

voluminous braids for medium hair

Volumetric braids for short hair

When choosing a fashionable solution for a short length, it is important to determine the exact parameter. Girls with a short “hedgehog” or pixie will not be able to make even the most concise pigtail. A caret from the earlobe and below is considered acceptable. But do not count on complex weaving. Two symmetrical spikelets or a neat zigzag that will pick up all the strands will be successful. If you want to visually lengthen the styling, stylists offer spectacular hairstyles with voluminous braids for short hair with artificial curls — kanekalon. You can choose a bright color or a shade close to natural.

voluminous braids for short hair

Hairstyle voluminous braid

The popularity of this stylish hairstyle is growing every year. After all, fashion ideas not only decorate the image, but also emphasize femininity, sophistication, romance. In addition, spectacular solutions are universal for any style. Dense and neat spikelets will perfectly complement even a discreet business bow. Models with jewelry and accessories can be used in elegant evening combinations. And interesting coloring will add individuality to the everyday look. Let’s see the most popular and spectacular hairstyles with a voluminous braid:

  1. With ribbons. One of the stylish additions is a contrasting or printed ribbon woven into curls. This accessory can replace strands or originally fix the hairstyle along the entire length.

voluminous braid hairstyle

  1. Volumetric careless braids. The effect of unkempt styling has been a fashion trend for more than a season. And the more casual the appearance, the more original the whole bow. However, such ideas are considered an attribute of a purely casual style.

voluminous braid hairstyles

  1. Iroquois. If you are attracted by such qualities as determination, outrageousness and originality, then an attractive “comb” in the center of the head will be a stylish solution for you. But not everyone decides on shaved temples and the extravagance of a Mohawk. And in this case, a wide and bulky French spikelet will be a fashionable alternative.

voluminous french braid

Volume braid with elastic bands

In addition to traditional weaving, stylists also offer original alternatives to styling. One of these was a voluminous braid of ponytails. To make a popular hairstyle, you need rubber bands that can act as a bright addition at the same time. Gather some of your hair at the back of your head and tie it into a ponytail. A little lower, make another one of the side curls and pass it through the center of the previous one, also securing it. Follow the algorithm by placing accessories symmetrically. Volumetric braids with rubber bands will look more magnificent if each turn is straightened.

voluminous braid with elastic bands

Two voluminous braids

Double styling remains a fashionable solution. And in this case, spikelets can be symmetrical, which is considered the standard choice. However, 2 volumetric braids of different thicknesses look more original and attractive. Another stylish choice would be a braid shaped into a flower at the back of the head and another loosely coming down from the previous one. The double version can be complemented with accessories and decorations, which will add effect and attractiveness. In addition, such ideas imply accuracy by fixing the entire length and selecting hair on the sides, even in an asymmetrical haircut.

two voluminous braids

Volumetric braid on the side

In addition to the variety of weaving methods and additions to hairstyles, stylists also offer unusual styling placement. The simplest, but very effective choice was a voluminous braid hairstyle on its side. This option can be done in the French style, starting from the crown or frontal zone. The direction can be either to the back of the head with a shift to the side, or through the forehead, framing the oval of the face and accentuating makeup. Weaving from the back of the head with careful straightening of the coils is considered the fastest way. The model on its side looks especially good on long hair.

voluminous braid on the side

Volumetric braids with kanekalon

The fashion trend of the last season has become spectacular styling with kanekalon. This tool is a long artificial strands that are woven into the styling. On the modern market, accessories of the most natural shades are presented, which are perfect for increasing the length of the hair, and in bright colors, which will help add a catchy accent to the image. Volumetric colored braids can be done on the head, releasing an even tail from the back of the head, or forming a hairstyle along the entire length. Kanekalon has become a fashionable alternative to the already boring ribbons.

voluminous braids with kanekalon

Volume braid around the head

If your lifestyle and everyday style requires neatness and tidiness, then a braided wreath around your head will be the best solution. This option completely removes the length and uses all the strands, opening the face, neck and ears. Fashionable hairstyle looks great with bright accessories. The most popular choice is voluminous braids with ribbons. But stylists add real and artificial flowers, hairpins with stones and rhinestones and other decorations. A feminine wreath is perfect for girls bound by a strict dress code, while effectively diluting the conciseness of the bow.

voluminous braid around the head

Volumetric fishtail braid

The original version of the «mermaid» or «fishtail» remains in fashion. This styling differs from the standard pigtail in two rather than three strands. As a rule, initially the hair is fixed in a high ponytail, divided into two parts, and thin curls are alternately thrown from the sides to the center. An interesting decision can be made in combination with the French style. In this case, fixation is not required, the weaving of volumetric braids starts from the forehead, the strands are thrown over the outer edge. If you have long and thick curls, then straightening each turn will be a great addition.

voluminous fishtail braid

Hairstyle waterfall with a voluminous braid

The most romantic and feminine option is considered to be in an ensemble with loose curls. Such ideas not only look very gentle and impressive at the same time, but also allow you to demonstrate the natural length. Volumetric weaving in this case has a horizontal direction. And in this case, the spikelet can be placed both on the back of the head and above the forehead in the form of a rim. The main condition in the formation of such styling is the passage of the upper strands down without further involvement. At the same time, loose hair can be twisted into soft waves or pulled out with an iron.

waterfall hairstyle with voluminous braid

Volumetric openwork braids

The ideas of openwork weaving look very beautiful and feminine. Such styling is distinguished by many clearly defined thin strands. At the same time, the whole hairstyle looks with the effect of negligence, but it can also be neat, smooth and collected. A voluminous braid inside out is done in the standard way, by wrapping the curls over the outer edge. But here, careful straightening of the sides of each turn is considered mandatory. The original idea would be to twist small parts of the hair, which forms a bow and adds romance to the overall appearance.

voluminous openwork braids

Volumetric braids on the corrugation

You can also achieve the effect of large volume on the hair with the help of preliminary procedures that visually increase the texture of the hair. The most common are bouffant and the use of special tools. But if you want to add originality and originality, as well as elegance to even the most modest bow, stylists suggest stopping at goffering. This method is done using an iron with a special nozzle. Corrugation can be both large and small. A fashionable solution is a voluminous braid on the crown or a mohawk that looks fluffy and textured.

voluminous braids on the corrugation

High ponytail with voluminous braid

A great way to emphasize the stylish way of weaving is to pre-fix the hair in a tight high tail. In this case, the main part of the head looks smooth and fully assembled, which opens up the face and gives a fresh look. Curls from elastic can be pre-shirred or dyed in two or three contrasting shades. Beautiful voluminous braids should be straightened to give a fluffy and openwork look. In addition, not only the French spikelet and fishtail are in trend, but also the option with thin rubber bands.

high ponytail with a scythe

Volumetric braid for a wedding

Fashionable French spikelets remain a popular choice to complete a bride’s look. The romance and femininity of such hairstyles perfectly complements a romantic and elegant bow, where every detail requires special attention. Wedding hairstyles are often complemented with stylish accessories. In addition to the traditional veil and ribbons, stylists offer ideas with a decorative hat, veil, diadem and other additions. But in any case, it is important to be able to correctly combine the decoration with the overall appearance. Let’s see the most popular solutions where volumetric braids are applied on the contrary:

  1. With flowers. The tenderness and romance of the wedding image will perfectly complement the beautiful buds. And it can be both artificial and natural flowers woven into an expressive and attractive hairstyle.

voluminous braid for wedding

  1. Under the veil. In order for the accessory on the head to look harmonious with styling, it is better to lay the hair on its side, and fix the veil on the back of the head. If you want to cover your head completely, stop at a wicker wreath of large strands.

weaving voluminous braids

  1. With curls. A beautiful waterfall with a large spikelet is considered a universal solution for any length. Loose hair is best laid in soft waves, but you can also stretch it with an iron.

voluminous braids on the contrary


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