Wedding jacket - a stylish addition to the image of the bride

Any girl wants to be the most beautiful at her own wedding. A wedding jacket will help to complete the image and make it as harmonious as possible. It can be made in a wide variety of variations, among which any bride will choose nail art to her taste.

Wedding jacket on nails

For brides who choose a wedding jacket on their nails for themselves, design novelties are presented in a variety of variations:

  1. In most cases, classic wedding manicure is done in white, pastel or nude colors.
  2. Among the options for applying nail art, the most popular will be a traditional jacket. Other design variations are also welcome, as long as the color scheme is used in gentle and calm shades.
  3. However, the color may change if it is a themed wedding, and the choice may fall on such colors as turquoise, lavender, blue, pink, peach and other color schemes.
  4. When creating a manicure, you need to pay attention to the shape of the nails, because this is of no small importance for a harmonious design.

wedding jacket on nailsbridal jacket on nails new items

French wedding manicure for short nails

Owners of neat shortened nails will be able to create a wedding jacket for short nails:

  1. In most cases, light shades are used for short lengths, while the stamping technique can be used.
  2. It is better to refuse volumetric elements on the nails, but you can focus on a separate finger in the form of a flower or other pattern that blends harmoniously with the dress.
  3. On a short length, a wedding ombre looks amazing, which is complemented by sparkles, beads or rhinestones for brightness, this will give the nails sophistication and originality.

French wedding manicure for short nails

Wedding jacket for long nails

You can create an excellent wedding jacket on nails with rhinestones or other decoration elements on long nails:

  1. You can diversify the design with a pearl rub. Thanks to the addition of special particles, light is refracted, and beautiful overflows are observed.
  2. The length makes it possible to complement the design with small acrylic flowers, rhinestones or acrylic sprinkles.
  3. Sequins and rhinestones look great on any plain surface. With the help of sparkles, interesting patterns and geometric shapes are laid out.
  4. One of the most common options has become a 3D manicure that looks very original.
  5. Among the designs for brides, a flower would be suitable, but you can also turn to new trends in the form of abstract fantasy designs. One of the original ideas will be the creation of a pearl shell, it looks very interesting.
  6. This design is complemented by volumetric elements such as folds and embossed wavy lines.
  7. The addition in the form of rhinestones and broths is welcome.
  8. One of the options for the image will be pigeons. This design can be created using gel polish of the right color, glitter powder and acrylic sand.
  9. On long nails, a design with hearts looks great, such an accent can be drawn with a brush or a negative space is created, the drawing can be printed using foil or laid out with rhinestones.

bridal jacket for long nails

Wedding manicure french almond shape

A wedding jacket looks very beautiful on almond-shaped nails:

  1. This option is often performed in white, where the length is adjusted with a rhinestone rim.
  2. French can be created in white and blue with the addition of a mesh pattern.
  3. The beautiful nail design is complemented by rhinestones and broths in different colors.
  4. For a wedding manicure, a laconic monophonic version with a glossy and matte finish is suitable.
  5. Such nail art can have an airy design with lace patterns.
  6. A cute wedding design will turn out with flowers, stamping, stripes or dots.
  7. An acceptable length of nails provides an opportunity to create not only a French or moon manicure, but also make a gradient, a haze effect, creative nails with a metallic coating, you can create marble nail art or a mysterious cat’s eye.

wedding manicure french almond shape

Wedding french on square nails

A square shape is also acceptable to create a French manicure for a wedding:

  1. Nail art can be made in the usual plain version or processed using painting, aquarium luggage and tape demarcations.
  2. Lunar manicure is often presented with a mother-of-pearl base in combination with transparent lunula.
  3. This design can be played up by emphasizing a smile using inlaid stones, pearl threads and monogram painting.
  4. The design with rhinestones is popular — such decoration is often presented in the form of a pyramidal layout coming from the root zone.

bridal french on square nails

Wedding jacket on sharp nails

On pointed nail plates, you can make a catchy and memorable jacket on nails for a wedding:

  1. Ideas for sharp nails can be a gentle manicure in pastel and nude colors, which is embellished with a gold ribbon and an unobtrusive laconic pattern.
  2. Long nails can be complemented by an original and creative design; a geometric pattern, different stripes, circles and other design variations look great on this form.
  3. On sharp nails, the ombre style in light colors and marble manicure are perfectly applied.

bridal jacket on sharp nails

Wedding jacket — ideas

Stylists offer all sorts of design variations in which a French wedding manicure can be performed. The wedding image needs to be carefully considered and worked out. Every detail matters here. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on the French. Bridal French manicure ideas are as follows:

  1. Classic French manicure in white. It looks very feminine and sophisticated, one of the best options for the image of the bride.
  2. French manicure in different colors. Helps to add fresh notes to the image, highlight the bride. Especially true for a celebration in a certain color.
  3. Wedding jacket, complemented by various romantic patterns, geometric shapes, lace and various patterns. It is best to use jewelry on only one finger.
  4. Lunar wedding manicure that looks very impressive. Often it is performed in a delicate shade and complemented with beautiful rhinestones or stones. It looks refined and elegant.

wedding french ideasbridal manicure french

French wedding manicure with lace

Lace is a very interesting and beautiful design that looks incredibly feminine and elegant. This is a good choice for such nail art as a wedding manicure for a French bride, as lace is in perfect harmony with the technique:

  1. The most popular design option is a white pattern on a pink or beige background. The ornament itself is located either in the center or at the base of the nail plate, you can draw it along the edge.
  2. The dark openwork pattern also looks good. In this case, lace is painted in blue-black, lilac, purple or burgundy. The design is based on contrasting colors. Such a wedding lace jacket will appeal to bold brides who do not want to create a typical delicate look.

French lace secrets:

  1. The base coat must be of high quality. Care must be taken to ensure that the nail plate is smooth and even.
  2. The base color coating should dry well.
  3. Be sure to use the top fixing layer, otherwise the openwork pattern will deteriorate.

French wedding manicure with lace

French wedding manicure with rhinestones

You can make a wedding jacket with rhinestones, you get a brilliant design option:

  1. French with rhinestones can be done manually, without the use of templates or stencils.
  2. A white stripe is very carefully drawn on the free edge of the nail plate. To draw the desired line, you can use a stencil. It all depends on the skills of the master or the bride herself.

French options with rhinestones:

  1. Classical. Delicate and sophisticated image, complemented by shiny pebbles, looks very impressive.
  2. Very shiny bridal jacket. Like girls who like to stand out. For this, rhinestones are combined with glitter. The combination is just incredible.
  3. French with painting and rhinestones. Lace patterns are best suited for wedding manicure. Rhinestones can complete the nail design.

French wedding manicure with rhinestones

Wedding white jacket

A white jacket for a wedding is extremely relevant:

  1. This version of the nail design can be done in different ways: for the first option, a special brush is used, which draws a smile line up to five times.
  2. You can also take special stencils — both for round, and for triangular or square French manicure.
  3. You can complement the white wedding jacket with rhinestones and sparkles. This will make the bride bright and stand out.

wedding white jacket

Wedding jacket with monograms

Monograms on the nails help to create a very beautiful and eye-catching manicure french wedding design. Monograms are beautifully traced patterns in the form of lines or curls. They create a complete picture. French with monograms is very popular for a wedding celebration, because it looks gentle and feminine. Patterns can create abstractions like geometric shapes or flowers — the main thing is to match the wedding theme.

wedding jacket with monograms

Wedding jacket with a pattern

An excellent option to make an original wedding jacket for the bride would be to decorate it with a pattern that can be made in a variety of variations:

  • widespread drawing of openwork lace, which looks incredibly elegant and attractive;
  • if you want to emphasize the romanticism of the image, you can draw hearts on the nails;
  • floral and plant themes are also extremely relevant, while it is recommended to use emphatically delicate colors to decorate the picture.

patterned bridal jacket

wedding blue jacket

You can make a beautiful wedding jacket, made in an unusual blue color. This design will be especially successful if the wedding is themed. In this case, the manicure has something in common with some other elements of the image, for example, with a bouquet or details that adorn the dress. Wedding blue jacket can be made in the following variations:

  • the tip of the nail is drawn in blue, and the main part is made white or pastel;
  • the opposite design is also allowed, when the main part of the nail plate is stained with a blue tone, and the tip is stained with a different color;
  • you can create a blue and white ombre that looks incredibly impressive;
  • blue lacquer can depict twisted monograms on a white background.

bridal blue jacket

French wedding manicure with sparkles

A sophisticated delicate wedding jacket can be decorated with sparkles:

  • you can stretch when glitter is present in abundance at the tip of the nail, while decreasing towards the main part;
  • you can lay out the tip with sparkles, while setting a clear border;
  • you can lay out monograms with sparkles or fill parts of the picture with them.

bridal manicure French with sparkles

French wedding manicure with flowers

A wedding jacket looks extremely elegant with a design decorated with flowers:

  • you can draw any flowers that the bride will like, for example, it can be a rose, lily, chamomile;
  • flowers can be depicted as very small or large, filling the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • colors are recommended to choose delicate pastels to match the sophisticated wedding look.

French wedding manicure with flowers

French wedding pedicure

You can choose the best options for a wedding jacket not only when creating a manicure, but also a pedicure. The design can be absolutely anything suitable for this image:

  • decoration with sparkles or rhinestones may be present on the nails;
  • you can decorate the nail plates with all kinds of patterns, it can be a floral, plant theme, an image of openwork lace;
  • for decoration, you can use the usual laconic wedding jacket, which is performed in white or color.

bridal pedicure french


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