Wedding nail design - 34 fashion ideas for this season

On the wedding day, every young bride strives to look especially bright, luxurious and attractive. Every detail of her image should be thought out to the smallest detail, because even a small oversight can ruin everything. In particular, the wedding nail design deserves attention, because many eyes will be riveted to the handles of the newlywed.

Wedding nail design 2018

Trends in the world of manicure art are constantly changing, and in each season, qualified masters are ready to offer their clients the latest novelties and timeless classics. In 2018, stylists advise giving preference to the most natural and natural options that can emphasize the tenderness, romance and fragility of a young bride.

Delicate wedding nail design, which is at the very top of popularity in the 2018 season, involves light and muted shades, pastel colors, snow-white coating. The decor of the nails is very concise — it can be exquisite lace patterns, a small amount of rhinestones, precious or shiny pebbles, mother-of-pearl rub, velvet sand and much more.

In any case, there should not be too many decorative elements used — the manicure of a young bride should not be too bright, catchy and pretentious, since it is not the main focus of the image, but only complements it. Particular attention should be paid to the shape of the nail plates — in 2018 it should be soft and attractive — oval, round or almond-shaped. Too long, sharp or rough claws will bring dissonance to the image of the newlywed, so it is recommended to refuse them on the wedding day.

wedding nail design 2018gentle wedding nail design

Wedding nail design for short nails

Short nails look very cute, neat and pretty. In 2018, a young bride who failed to grow long nail plates should not worry at all — there are a huge number of nail art options that can emphasize her natural beauty and naturalness. The design of a wedding manicure for short nails can be chosen based on your own preferences. Meanwhile, due to the insufficient area of ​​u200bu200bthe plates, it will not be possible to place on them too much volumetric decor or large patterns and images.

Short claws are best covered with light gel polish, which will visually make them longer. The best choice for a young bride is a snow-white, pearl, beige or pale pink coating. All these colors are perfectly combined with luxurious and sophisticated wedding dresses and are in perfect harmony with the romantic image of a girl getting married.

In 2018, stylists advise creating a wedding design for short nails using the following techniques and types of decor:

  • delicate floral print — thin twigs and leaves, a scattering of small flowers and buds — will add freshness to the image;
  • glitter, which, however, should not be too much. Brilliant decor will make the manicure festive and solemn;
  • splashes of champagne, confetti and garlands on nude polish. This wedding nail design is suitable only for young ladies, as it makes their image somewhat frivolous;
  • delicate and concise geometry;
  • classic jacket without decor;
  • glitter stretch on accent fingers;
  • nail art options with negative space.

wedding nail design for short nails

Wedding design of long nails

Too long claws, even without decor, look somewhat defiant, in addition, they can cause discomfort, cling to hair or clothes and slightly hinder movement. To avoid this, stylists advise young brides to get rid of excessive length and give the plates a charming almond shape.

In 2018, for long nails, it is best to choose the most natural wedding manicure, nail design in nude shades, not overloaded with decorative elements. It can be a classic snow-white jacket, a monochromatic coating of pale pink, pearl or beige gel polish with 2-3 accent fingers.

For long claws, even the lightest wedding nail design is suitable — a transparent coating with a small amount of shiny rhinestones in the hole. Nail art in this case should not attract too much attention to itself, and its main task is to complement the image and emphasize the luxury and beauty of the engagement ring. For this reason, it is very important to carefully process the cuticle and give the handles the most well-groomed appearance.

bridal long nail design

Wedding Nail Design Ideas

Fashionable wedding nail design is unusually diverse. Depending on the age of the bride, the wedding dress chosen by her, the style of the celebration, different options are suitable for different girls, however, all of them are designed to emphasize the unique tenderness, femininity and splendor of the bride and groom. Today, masters of manicure art are ready to offer their clients a huge variety of options, among which it will not be difficult to choose the right one.

wedding nail design ideastrendy bridal nail design

Nail design «wedding jacket»

Luxurious, sophisticated and incredibly elegant, French manicure fits the atmosphere of a wedding celebration much better than any other option. In addition, the jacket has no restrictions — it is suitable for women of any age, any shape and length of nails, for any style and image. The traditional French manicure belongs to the timeless classics — the combination of a snow-white smile line and a transparent coating will never lose its position.

Nail design 2018 «wedding jacket» can be not only classic, but also variable. So, this year, many brides will opt for colored varieties of French nail art, a diagonal or reverse smile line. Double and triple jacket are also popular with girls and women of different ages. In addition, French wedding nail design can be combined with other techniques and different types of decor, for example:

  • rhinestones and broths;
  • shiny and colored pebbles;
  • sequins and glitter;
  • all kinds of drawings;
  • openwork and lace patterns;
  • negative space;
  • moon manicure;
  • strips and foil.

wedding french nail designnail design 2018 wedding french

Wedding nail design — monograms

A charming wedding nail design painted in the form of various monograms looks very stylish, festive and cute. It is a combination of different colors, lacy patterns, swirls, lines and abstractions. Refined monograms can cover all claws or be used only to highlight accent fingers. As a rule, when creating wedding nail art, monograms are applied with snow-white acrylic paint, although there are other options. In addition, curls and patterns are often sprinkled with powder, which gives them an unusual velvety structure.

bridal monogram nail design

Wedding nail design — drawings

Thematic drawings have been used in the world of manicure art for a very long time. With their help, each young lady can demonstrate her mood to others and emphasize the sophistication of the image. A beautiful wedding nail design in most cases is decorated with drawings using acrylic paint and a thin brush. As a rule, young brides prefer the following images that can fit into the atmosphere of the celebration:

  • various flowers — roses, peonies, lilies, daisies;
  • fantasy flowers;
  • drawings in the form of lace;
  • exquisite fantasy painting;
  • bows of different shapes and sizes;
  • hearts;
  • crowns and diadems.

wedding nail design drawings

Wedding nail design with holes

A stylish wedding nail design with highlighted holes almost instantly won the hearts of the fair sex. It should be designed in a calm and muted color scheme, without dark and “flashy” shades. Meanwhile, some girls who want to make a bright accent in their image, make a moon manicure in scarlet or hot pink. In this case, it should echo in tone with one of the accessories, for example, a belt, a bridal bouquet or a hair ornament.

Those girls who want to move away from the traditional moon nail art a bit should choose a wedding nail design with the following additions:

  • negative areas;
  • triangular or fantasy shape of holes;
  • combination with french;
  • rhinestones and beads, shiny stones.

bridal nail design with holes

Design of wedding nails in red tones

Red symbolizes love, passion, strength and incredible energy. However, there should not be too much of it in the image of the newlywed — otherwise, the look will look too aggressive. Many girls prefer a traditional snow-white dress, but with the help of details they add a bright “highlight” to their image in the form of a red note, which can be a manicure.

Wedding nails with a red design can have a white or beige base, but in most cases, the bright red polish itself is the base coat. If desired, it can be supplemented with drawings, for example, medium-sized roses or elegant lace. This type of nail art goes well with decor with rhinestones or bouillons. In addition, the heart-shaped negative space left in the center of the bright red plate will look very interesting.

red wedding nail design

Wedding nail design 3D

For those girls who like to stand out from the crowd, an unusual wedding nail design with a 3d effect is suitable. This nail art looks very voluminous, bright and exciting. You can achieve the desired effect in various ways — as a rule, three-dimensional acrylic modeling is used to create a 3d manicure, however, there are more unusual options. So, for example, American stylists often decorate the hands of their client with pieces of real lace, which echoes the material of the wedding dress.

fancy bridal nail design

Wedding nail design with rhinestones

A bright wedding nail design can be created using shiny rhinestones, which can be either colored or transparent. Rhinestones surprisingly fit into the atmosphere of the wedding celebration, so if the bride wishes, there can be a lot of them. Do not be afraid to experiment — lay out rhinestones in the form of various patterns, use pebbles of different shapes and sizes, combine them with other types of decor. Wedding nail design with rhinestones always looks luxurious.

wedding nail design with rhinestones

Wedding nail design with stones

Stones can make a beautiful bridal nail design even more vibrant, catchy and attractive. Meanwhile, they must be handled with caution. Since stones, especially large ones, are voluminous elements, they can cling to a dress and hairstyle elements, cause discomfort and even prevent the groom from putting a ring on his beloved’s finger. To avoid this, you should choose small pebbles and not use too much of this decor.

wedding nail design with stones

Wedding nail design with acrylic powder

Even the simplest wedding nail design will look festive if you complement it with delicate acrylic powder. Depending on the individual preferences of the fashionista, this type of decor can decorate the following types of nail art:

  • French manicure;
  • matte nail art;
  • velvet manicure;
  • wedding winter nail design with a «knitted» surface;
  • summer options with a pattern in the form of flowers, hearts or shells;
  • nail art with rhinestones and broths;
  • aquarium design.

wedding nail design with acrylic powder

Wedding nail design with rubbing

Exquisite rubbing, which can be decorated with all claws or only accent fingers, will give the hands of its owner an impeccable radiance. Unlike other techniques, it eliminates all possible flaws and makes the manicure truly luxurious. For young brides, the following types of rubbing are best suited:

  • pearl — this decor can decorate with itself not only oval, but also sharp nails, the wedding design of which will appear in all its splendor;
  • holographic;
  • mirror;
  • gold and silver.

wedding nail design with rubbing


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