wedge and platform difference

Among the variety of models of women’s shoes, you can easily choose the right pair for everyday life, and for office work, and for a trip, and for a special event. But in some cases, making a choice is not so easy, especially when it comes to platform shoes and wedges. These two seemingly similar styles have a number of significant differences that not every fashionista knows about. Well, let’s conduct an educational program on this issue and find out how the platform differs from the tankette.

Fashion wedge

What is a tankette? A wedge is a special type of outsole that combines the function of a heel and a sole. In most models, the wedge is narrower at the toe and widens towards the heel. Thanks to this, the shoes have an elegant appearance. Many modern types of shoes are made with wedges. Today you will not surprise anyone with wedge sneakers or other sports shoes.

The wedge is appropriate in creating a variety of images. It harmoniously looks in the office in combination with a business suit, on a date — with a romantic skirt and blouse, on a walk — with jeans, a top and a hat.

Stylish platform

The main difference between a platform and a wedge is that the platform is a flat sole, without lifting. Another important nuance is that the sole, as a rule, is wide, does not narrow to the toe, so shoes of this style can have a wide or square toe.

Platform shoes have a rougher look, they look heavier and are not suitable for all girls. For example, she makes legs that are too thin even thinner. And girls with full legs are not recommended to combine a platform and a short skirt.

Making the right choice — wedge or platform, is not so difficult if you understand the difference and differences between them. The wedge heel can be called more versatile and classic shoes, and the platform is suitable in cases where you want to stand out, express yourself and your own eccentricity.


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