What do we know about «diet foods»?

With the advent of autumn, many begin to think about the upcoming corporate holidays, the celebration of the New Year, Christmas and, accordingly, the new outfit. Therefore, the New Year’s diets are as relevant as the spring ones.

The modern industry readily offers us all sorts of «help» — a variety of products labeled «bio», light, fitness nutrition, organic food.

Unfortunately, food manufacturers are taking full advantage of our desire to have a good figure, thanks to proper and healthy diet.

«Healthy food

For example, among those losing weight are very popular loaves — it is believed that they are much healthier than regular bread, and much less high-calorie. In general, this is how it is. Only, it is worth considering that they should be made from wholemeal flour and whole grains.

Look carefully at the packaging, all types of flour must be “whole”, only in this case the bread can really be considered grain.

So called «live yogurt» often they are only on the packaging. «Live yoghurts» are not stored for more than a week, and also cannot contain pieces of fruit — they are incompatible with a sour-milk environment.

Fitness bars — it would seem, an excellent help to people striving for a healthy and active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people forget that these bars contain a large amount of proteins and carbohydrates, and in terms of nutritional value they replace a whole meal.

If you are not trying to gain weight, then after eating such a bar, forget about lunch.

Should I declare a hunger strike?

On the other hand, losing weight by sharply restricting yourself in calories is not entirely true.

low calorie diets good only in cases where there is a large amount of excess weight.

If this is a problem of a purely aesthetic nature, then transferring the body to a starvation low-calorie ration will not bring anything good.

This threatens, among other things, with loss of muscle mass, decreased performance and premature aging.

If a diet is necessary, approach this issue wisely. It’s not worth starving In any case, try to reduce the calorie content of your usual foods.

Avoid fatty and salty foods less friedboil food or steam.

Exists special calculation formula the number of calories you need. It looks like this:

(Weight (kg) x 10) + (6.25 x Height (cm)) — (5 x Age (g)) — 161 = Calories

Of course, do not forget about physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle will not allow you to spend these calories. Try to move more, in this case, the result will definitely appear.


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