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«90-60-90» has long been a cherished figure for almost every woman. Many girls are on strict diets in order to achieve these parameters, which most only dream of. But still, we must not forget that all people have completely different figures, and if someone is born with approximately the same parameters, then for another woman they can simply be an unattainable dream. Let’s take a closer look at what «90-60-90» looks like, and whether such a figure is worth the effort that many women put in to achieve it.

Ideal figure, or «90-60-90»

In general, there is an opinion that such a standard of a beautiful female figure came from ancient times from Venus de Milo, and if we take a time closer to us, then the standard of beauty is still Marilyn Monroe, who had just such figure parameters. But pay attention to the fact that both of these beauties were small in stature, and, accordingly, the “90-60-90” figure is, in essence, magnificent feminine forms. And now thinness is in fashion, and therefore models with a growth of almost two meters with such parameters simply cannot be donuts! And all this because it is much more convenient for fashion designers to sew clothes on tall and graceful girls, on whom everything will look just perfect. But there are also women who do not have the cherished «90-60-90» and high growth. What should they do?

How to achieve «90-60-90»?

In order to boast an ideal model figure, you need to carefully monitor yourself. First, food. Nothing fried, fatty, sweet or starchy. It is best to eat five times a day, but in small portions. Secondly, sports. It is advisable to visit a fitness club every day or at least do a full exercise at home. Thirdly, massage. A variety of massages and wraps will help disperse the accumulated fat.

But the most important thing that you should always remember is that each person is unique and must love himself for who he is, then he will also arouse the admiration of others. In addition, it is worth noting that all men have different tastes, and if someone likes thin girls, then there are those who prefer more magnificent forms.


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