what dresses suit full girls

If nature has endowed you with magnificent forms, you should not immediately be upset and hide behind hoodies and wide clothes, because natural femininity, smooth lines and magnificent breasts simply need to be correctly emphasized, turning, in your opinion, figure flaws into virtues.

How to choose a dress for full?

There are several rules when choosing clothes for full girls. This applies, first of all, to the cut, style and fabric. The most successful styles of dresses are concise models of a classic cut. The fabric of such a dress should be elastic, but not thin, which will help even out the existing folds and irregularities of the figure. Buying a dress one size smaller in the hope that it will hide extra centimeters is an erroneous opinion, just like the fact that a hoodie dress will help you “hide” your figure and others will not see your forms. If you have a beautiful puffy chest, choose a dress with a V-neck, do not hide such wealth from others. For girls with lush hips, it is better to refuse dresses that taper downwards, such a cut will visually add a couple of extra centimeters to the waist area.

The task of the chosen style of dress for obese girls is to visually stretch the figure and make it slimmer. A longitudinal strip will do well with this, but remember that the lines should be thin, but large geometric patterns should be completely abandoned, as well as ruffles, bows, folds and other decorations.

There are many models of dresses for full ones, from classic straight silhouettes to interesting cocktail ones. Long dresses look feminine and elegant; this is a great option for obese women, helping to hide the imperfections of the lower body. A high heel or wedge in combination with a floor-length dress will visually stretch the figure and you will see for yourself how much your appearance will change.

What dresses go for overweight women?

So, when choosing a dress, consider the features of your figure. If you are short, then give up dresses of medium length or mid-calf. Such a dress will unprofitably divide your figure and shorten your legs. It is better to choose a dress with a length slightly above or slightly below the knee. High-waisted dresses will perfectly hide the existing tummy, and if you have kept the proportion between the volume of the chest and hips, then feel free to emphasize the waist with a belt. Choose colors that are bright and contrasting, pale shades will unfavorably emphasize imperfections.

Remember these simple rules, and it will be easy for you to answer the question of how to choose a dress for full ones from all the variety and feel comfortable and stylish in it.


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