What is a tankette

Today, every fashionista knows what a wedge heel is — a sole that simultaneously performs the function of a heel that lifts the heel above the toe, and the function, in fact, of the sole itself. Actual in any season, women’s wedge shoes were invented in the thirties of the last century. Initially, wearing it was the prerogative of young girls, but today women of any age can wear elegant and very comfortable models of wedge shoes.

Variety of models

Models of wedge shoes can be very diverse. If closed ankle boots or low wedge boots are suitable for cold weather, then in the spring and summer period you can opt for open shoes, clogs or wedge sandals of any height you like. By the way, high wedge shoes are considered the most comfortable, as the feet have an emphasis on the entire lower surface. It is worth noting that the wedge sole does not have to be made in the form of a foot. In fashion designer collections, you will see that shoes in which a high heel wedge narrows at the bottom are not uncommon. If you’re looking for a sporty shoe, a low wedge is the perfect solution for not sacrificing comfort and convenience for the sake of femininity.

In the seventies and eighties, when the wedge was firmly established in women’s wardrobes, it was made from a variety of materials, among which rubber and wood were the most common. Today, cork and durable plastic are mainly used for these purposes. As a summer option, a natural rough rope looks incredibly stylish, which is covered with a wedge sole, sparkling rhinestones-ornaments. The best autumn-winter option is a wedge heel covered in suede or leather. A wedge is the perfect compromise for girls who love style and comfort!


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