The sexual revolution that swept the world in the sixties of the last century led to the fact that the traditional roles of men and women in society have changed somewhat. Clear lines between them were erased. And so the unisex style appeared in clothes, shoes, perfumes, accessories, hairstyles. What is unisex clothing? The legendary Coco Chanel considered that women have the same right to wear trousers and shirts as men, and Rudi Gernreich in his collection showed swimwear that was suitable for both girls and boys. The development of such subcultures as hippies and punk also contributed to blurring the boundaries between clothing for both sexes. And the most significant achievement of the new style was unisex jeans, which forever won a place on the shelves of wardrobes for both men and women.

Modern trend

The whole world learned about what unisex means in the early 90s, when top model Kate Moss appeared on the catwalk, demonstrating a collection for teenagers created by Calvin Klein. Shapeless loose sweaters, wide jeans, light-colored trouser suits, which fit both boys and girls equally well, immediately became popular and fashionable. The unisex style conquered the youth, which became the starting point for his ascent to the fashionable Olympus. Today, fashion designers prefer their collections to showcase androgynous models. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine who it is — a guy or a girl.

What is the secret of such overwhelming popularity and incredible demand? Of course, in versatility! Unisex clothing is comfortable, simple, convenient, affordable. Millions of ordinary people, as well as world celebrities, prefer this particular style, not considering it to be unified and faceless. In the end, it is not clothing that emphasizes individuality, but personal qualities and actions.

Characteristic features of the style

Unisex style has five subspecies: street, classic, military, protest and globalist. But all of them are united by characteristic wardrobe items. These are jeans (wide or skinny), and loose trousers, and shirts for men, and turtlenecks, and shapeless jumpers. Such clothes do not wrinkle, do not lose their shape, do not unbutton. In general, it does not cause inconvenience to its owner. Discreet leather or wooden jewelry, voluminous scarves, fedora hats are often used as accessories. Both boys and girls prefer sneakers, slip-ons, sneakers, moccasins.


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