what jeans suit women with wide hips

In fashion magazines and on the catwalks, we are increasingly seeing super-slender girls with fragile proportions. Of course, any thing looks great on them. But what about those who are naturally more feminine, have wide hips and are overweight? Not always clothes from fashion shows can fit them in time and fit their body type.

As for jeans, it is quite possible to choose the right model for wide hips. The main thing is to set a goal and carefully study the most successful combinations. Then you will not look ridiculous, and your proportions will only give you sex appeal.

What jeans to wear with wide hips?

For girls with wide hips, flared jeans are primarily suitable. This cut of the legs balances the upper and lower parts of the legs, and this is simply necessary for this type of figure.

If you don’t like flares and consider them irrelevant, you can, of course, take a closer look at tight-fitting models. Just don’t go for a smaller size jeans as they will cut into your belly line unsightly. The latter will hang ugly and spoil the whole picture.

Another mistake of those who are trying to choose women’s jeans for wide hips is too baggy clothes. This problem is the opposite of girls trying hard to convince themselves and others that they are a couple of sizes smaller than they really are and buy very tight models. Immediately, the opposite is true — buying jeans a few sizes larger, you make yourself voluminous and additionally expand not only the hips, but the whole figure.

What jeans are ideal for girls with wide hips? Rather, it can be models with trousers straight down the leg with a slightly oversized belt — they will visually lengthen the legs and outline the waist.

It is also important what you wear on top — be sure to choose blouses and T-shirts with a bottom that falls just below the hip line. As for the color of clothing, it is better if you give preference to black, navy turquoise, burgundy or navy blue. But it is better to refuse colorful ornaments, stripes, peas and cages.


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