Cropped trousers are a trend for more than one season. Stylists present this piece of clothing in the most stylish looks for every day, business bows and even in outfits for going out. However, a cropped cut can seriously ruin your appearance and indicate bad taste if you choose the wrong shoes for such a model. After all, as you know, short trousers can lengthen or shorten the legs, as well as give them thinness or, on the contrary, increase in volume. In fact, the whole secret is in the combination of fashionable style with shoes. Let’s see what shoes go with cropped trousers?

Shoes for cropped trousers

Previously, stylists allowed only slim tall girls to wear cropped trousers. This was due to the fact that short styles visually reduce height, shorten the legs and emphasize the thick shape. Today, professionals offer models of cropped trousers for any type of appearance and correct flaws in the figure with a good choice of shoes. So, what shoes to choose for cropped trousers?

Classic stilettos. The most faithful and versatile choice of shoes for cropped trousers is classic models of shoes with heels or stilettos. For girls with thick ankles, shoes with a clasp around the leg will be relevant.

Flat models. Slender thin women of fashion can safely wear flat shoes with women’s cropped trousers. Neat ballet flats and sandals are a great combination with a short cut for every day. But this option is not suitable for owners of wide hips and short legs.

Laces, rivets, Velcro. An excellent choice for men’s styles of cropped trousers or a straight loose fit are shoes with elements of masculine style. Girls of short stature can pick up ankle boots with thick heels with lacing or studs in this case. Comfortable sneakers are also a good addition to such a casual look.


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