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The most necessary thing in the summer wardrobe of any girl is, of course, a stylish swimsuit. A large number of fashionistas with rather imperfect shapes can face great difficulties in choosing such a wardrobe item for the summer, and often make various mistakes. What swimsuit is suitable for a full girl? To correctly answer this question, it is worth figuring out which swimsuit will suit a full figure, and making only the right choice to shine on a summer beach.

What kind of swimwear is suitable for a full woman?

A suitable swimsuit for a full body must be correctly selected. Any model of a bathing suit should not constrain movements, but it is necessary that it fits the body well. Do not buy a swimsuit smaller than your size, try to make it a little larger than your usual clothes. Swimsuits for a full figure should be made of very dense materials with sufficient Lycra content, absolutely no shine. Such a product must necessarily have a special supporting structure — a lot of slimming inserts on the buttocks, as well as on the waist, which will shape the figure like a slimming corset. Choose models with strong underwired cups, with modeling hard inserts.

Rules for choosing a swimsuit for a full figure

When figuring out which swimsuits are suitable for full girls, always remember a few simple rules:

  1. Use models from dense fabrics, without excess shine, with special supporting elements. Such corset slimming products can perfectly emphasize the silhouette of any girl, even with the most appetizing forms.
  2. The size of the swimsuit must be appropriate, choose it according to the size of your clothes or one size up.
  3. Your chubby feminine figure in any one-piece swimsuit will look much better, but you can also afford to purchase two different models of swimsuits — a separate one for enjoying sunbathing, and a one-piece for a pleasant pastime on the summer beach. When choosing a two-piece swimsuit, pay attention to bodices with frame support and tight cups. Swimming trunks must be with a slimming effect.
  4. With overly full hips, you should definitely avoid high cutouts on the hips, as this will look completely ugly. In case of emergency, at any time you can hide your problem areas and areas with a large pareo or a special swimsuit with a small skirt.
  5. Classic vertical lines and accents will help visually lengthen the figure and silhouette.

All plump girls, when choosing a swimsuit, must refuse:

  • shiny and defiant fabrics;
  • open bikini swimwear;
  • too revealing panties;
  • overly light bathing suit models;
  • enough narrow straps on the bra;
  • bodices without pits and with soft cups.

If your arms are too full and you are embarrassed, then choose a swimsuit model where there is an emphasis on the chest, and your wrists should be decorated with unusual bracelets. In this image, avoid accessories for the neck. In addition, a light beach tunic will help out your figure. Hiding the tummy will allow you to have diagonal stripes that come together on the stomach or sometimes on the hips. The waist will look more slender if you tie a pareo on it at an angle. With lush hips, it is necessary to focus on the chest, so choose a top with widely spaced ties and straps, with interesting patterns, complement everything with extraordinary and bright beach accessories.


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