Beautiful breasts, of course, are not a vital element, but how nice it is when they are. And what a shame when sad changes begin to happen to her.

MedAboutMe offers 10 tips for keeping your breasts beautiful and firm.

The quintessence of beauty and femininity

What do you think, what do men look at first when meeting a lady?

To a smile. Then — in the eyes of a woman. And then their eyes go down and stay there for a long time. Because the female breast is one of the most attractive parts of the body. And, as studies have shown, not only for men. Women also most often look at this part of the body, and the reasons for this are still not very clear. Either ladies compare their beauty with what they see in other women, or breasts attract the views of both sexes simply because it is aesthetically pleasing and unconditionally beautiful.

What is considered the most attractive in the female breast?

No, not large. Rather, proportionality to the body. Many men admit that they consider the ideal size to be quite moderate 2-3, less often — 4 size. Although there are lovers of both an extensive bust and a small, neat chest. A matter of taste.

But here is what everyone, without exception, agrees on, so it is elasticity and a beautiful shape. And the girls, whom nature has awarded with beautiful, elastic, high breasts, really want to keep this wealth. But not everyone knows how to do it.

And we will tell.

A good bra: beauty needs support

A good bra: beauty needs support

You can save on anything, except what is important for health. A good bra is one of those things. It should be made of high-quality, preferably natural materials: cotton or silk. At least on the inside, which hugs the chest. The bra should have comfortable straps, especially with large breasts. It is very important to choose the right size and volume. A bra that is too tight interferes with normal blood circulation, a bra that is too big does not support anything. You have to take off your bra at night.

Correct posture

This is really important, because a proudly straightened back makes the muscles stay in good shape, and the height and shape of the chest largely depends on the condition of the muscles. On a stooped figure, the chest always looks sadly sagging. The back should be kept straight, shoulders straightened, head higher. And the chest with this posture will look the best.

Complete nutrition

Folk traditions recommend that girls eat more cabbage so that their breasts are beautiful, firm and large. This is partly true: vegetables and fruits really should make up the majority of the diet. In addition, it is useful to include eggs and dairy products, legumes, olives and olive oil, and fish in your menu. Nutrition should be moderate and balanced.

No express diets

No express diets

In general, sudden fluctuations in weight should be avoided. The chest loses weight first, as a rule. Loses weight and sags. Sometimes it’s irreversible. Therefore, weight loss should be gradual, and during this period it is necessary to provide additional breast care.

Cold and hot shower

This simple and affordable procedure is very useful, and not only for the breast, but for the whole body. You need to take such a shower at least three times a week, and preferably every day. But it is better to avoid a large temperature contrast: it is enough to alternate warm and cold water for 10 minutes.


The jet should not be too strong. Adjust it so that no discomfort occurs.

Do not direct a strong jet at the nipple area.

You need to start with an average pressure of water, and with circular movements around the circumference of the chest. Then the pressure should be reduced, and the jet should be transferred to the chest itself, while maintaining circular movements.

The temperature should be changed after 2 minutes, ending with cold water.

But prolonged hot baths are best avoided.

Massage works wonders

Ideally, it should be done every day. It is useful to perform this procedure in the evening to help restore normal circulation after a full day of wearing a bra.

A nourishing cream is applied to the chest, specially designed for the chest or regular, for the whole body. The massage begins with stroking, light movements from the center of the chest to the sides. Then from the bottom of the roundness — to the shoulders. The session ends with a series of circular movements.

Less UV

Less UV

Sunburn is harmful, and for the chest — no less than for the eyes and face. Excess UV radiation ages the skin, making it dry, rough and not elastic. About sunbathing topless and thoughts should not be. At least until breast cancer remains one of the most common cancers.

chest exercises

There are no muscles in the chest itself, it is necessary to develop and strengthen the muscles lying below, under the mammary glands. There is nothing complicated in the exercises, but for greater efficiency it is better to purchase dumbbells (up to 2 kg).

Here are some exercises.

  • The position lying on the back. Take dumbbells and spread straight arms to the sides. While inhaling, slowly raise your arms up (perpendicular to the floor), while exhaling, lower them to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.
  • Standing position. Stretch your arms with dumbbells in front of you horizontally, without bending at the elbows. With sharp movements, cross them in front of you, changing the top. After 40 repetitions, try to do the same movements behind your back.
  • A very simple and good exercise for which even dumbbells are not needed. Keeping your elbows at chest level, place your palms together as depicted in Indian statues. Squeeze your palms together as hard as you can, counting to 10. Repeat 20 times.

Ice and oil

Both are good to use after a shower.

The application of cosmetic oils will help the skin maintain its elasticity. Choose the ones you like: peach, olive, rosehip oil or more exotic ones — argan, jojoba.

Ice cubes for rubbing the chest are best prepared not just from water, but from a decoction of herbs — chamomile, mint, sage, etc.

Breast masks and scrubs

Breast masks and scrubs

It is easy to prepare them, and the benefits are great. True, one cannot expect a result from a single application, the effect will be only from regular procedures.

Here are a few recipes that are easily available at home.

  • Hercules mask. Steam 2 tablespoons with boiling water, leave for 10-15 minutes. Apply steamed flakes on the chest in a circular motion. After 10 minutes, you can wash off, in exactly the same movements.
  • From 1 large spoonful of cottage cheese and warm milk, you get an excellent mask that nourishes the skin of the chest. Cottage cheese should be diluted to the density of sour cream with warm milk or cream and applied for 20 minutes on lovely roundness.
  • Mix half a glass of low-fat sour cream with a raw egg and a spoonful of cosmetic oil. Apply for 20 minutes, leaving the area of ​​​​the nipples free from the composition.
  • Pound in a mortar or grind in a blender the petals from two rose flowers, mix with warm cream. Apply the fragrant mixture on the chest and décolleté, rinse off after 15-20 minutes.

All 10 tips work. But subject to constant use. From rare episodes of care, the breast will not get better, and even preserving its beauty will be problematic. Breast care should become as much a habit as brushing your teeth. Then it will make sense. And the chest will only thank you, retaining elasticity, shape and attractive beauty.

Expert comment

Stephanie Valente, mammologist

To maintain the beauty and health of the breast, it is very important to maintain a stable body weight. All changes very quickly affect the condition of the breast: after each sharp weight loss, the risk of sagging becomes higher and higher.

  • Be sure to devote time to exercises for the muscles of the chest, at least 20-30 minutes a day.
  • Include broccoli and cauliflower, whole grains, fish, nuts, and pumpkin seeds on your menu.
  • Give up alcohol and smoking.
  • Control your vitamin D levels. If you can’t get enough sun exposure, consider taking a vitamin supplement.
  • Do not forget to visit a mammologist annually.



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