Wheat hair color - who suits and how to choose the right trendy shade?

Women are invariably preoccupied with what shade they should color their curls. One of the popular options is wheat hair color. However, making a choice in his favor, it is necessary to take into account to whom he suits the most, and what his tones exist.

Who suits wheat hair color?

Many fashionistas are interested in knowing who suits wheat hair color:

  1. Many women dream of making such a coloring, since this color has a rich palette of shades, each girl will be able to choose what suits her specifically.
  2. Wheat looks best in combination with the “summer” color type. Mostly this shade is suitable for girls who have blond hair color, fair skin and eye color from birth.
  3. You need to look at the shade of the eyes with special care, choosing the appropriate tone from the palette. For example, ladies with wheaten hair and green eyes look very beautiful. Girls with brown eyes can also choose this coloring.
  4. Wheat hair color looks good in combination with the “spring” color type — the girl has a peach complexion, expressive eyes and dark thick eyebrows.
  5. It is worth noting that women with brown eyes and dark skin may notice that the selected shade corrects small imperfections in the skin of the face. For example, rashes, redness and inflammation will not be so conspicuous.

wheat hair color who suitswho suits wheat hair colorwheat hair girls

Light wheaten hair color

An excellent choice for girls with fair skin is wheat blond hair color:

  1. This shade looks very natural and attracts attention from others.
  2. It is desirable that the natural color of the hair be light, otherwise, when lightening, there is a risk of damaging their structure.
  3. To choose the best shade, it is best to go to an experienced master who will advise what will suit the girl. The hair itself must be healthy and elastic, otherwise the coloring will only “finish off” them, and the result will not impress.
  4. The coloring technique with the effect of burnout looks very beautiful with light wheaten.

light wheaten hair colorwheat blonde hair colorwheaten hair color

Dark wheaten hair color

If you want to use a dark color palette, you can also choose wheat hair color for short hair or elongated strands:

  1. With the right selection, coloring can suit any fashionista in general. At the same time, the appearance becomes brighter and more energetic.
  2. Dark wheaten hair color looks best on girls with the “summer” color type — these are the owners of dark skin and light eyes. His palette includes a very warm tint palette — red, brown and golden.

dark wheaten hair color

Shades of wheat hair color

A pleasant wheaten hair color is considered natural, and therefore it has remained fashionable for several years. The appearance of the girl becomes more elegant and softer. This color is ideal for those who want to look as natural as possible:

  1. The features of the shade are that it looks expensive, which makes it stand out from the entire blond palette.
  2. Coloring can be chosen by both young girls and adult women. In addition, shades of this color can easily hide gray hair.
  3. It is worth noting that it can be difficult to achieve very light variations on hair that is naturally dark.

Popular shades with which you can create wheat hair are as follows:

  • light wheat — looks great on girls with fair skin;
  • medium wheat — there is no characteristic golden tint, so the shade suits ladies with a cold skin tone;
  • dark wheat — has a golden, red or brownish tint, so it can be attributed to a warm range. Suitable for dark-haired ladies to refresh natural color;
  • golden wheat — makes the appearance delicate, sophisticated and elegant, looks good with both warm and cold skin;
  • wheat-honey — helps to create a bright and delicate look, emphasize the tan;
  • caramel-wheat is an excellent choice for girls with a spring and autumn appearance, while not looking too defiant.

shades of wheat hair colorwheat hairwheat hair color who suits

Wheat blond hair color

Recently, natural wheat-brown hair has been especially loved by fashionistas:

  1. This color is a mixture of warm and cold shades — bright silvery notes of light brown are combined with a rich golden color. The result of this mixture looks amazing.
  2. Wheat blond hair color looks best on girls with fair skin, blue or gray eyes.
  3. So that the hair does not suffer from staining, it is recommended to wash it in the future with exclusively warm water. Shampoo is also diluted with warm water. If possible, dry the curls naturally. In addition, it is advised to use masks to compensate for the negative effects on the hair.

wheaten blond hair color

Golden wheaten hair color

Wheat-honey hair color has been a favorite of girls for several seasons. It shimmers in the sun and creates an incredible effect. This shade is suitable for women with the following type of appearance:

  • girls with a natural blush and skin of such colors: peach, pale pink, beige, ivory;
  • as for the color type, creamy and beige variations of gold are suitable for cold, and chocolate and copper look better on warm;
  • brunettes are advised to refuse this color, since the curls will have to be lightened several times, and this will literally kill them;
  • The lightest tones of gold are ideal for blondes with fair skin and light eyes, but dark girls will also like this option.

golden wheat hair color

Wheat red hair color

The wheat shade of hair with reddish notes looks interesting and spectacular. Many girls dream of a wheat-red hair color, because the image turns out to be bright, but at the same time gentle. The red shade on the strands is ideal in such cases:

  • girls with light eyes and pale skin;
  • ladies with olive skin;
  • swarthy beauties (only shades should be caramel or honey).

Wheat red hair color is contraindicated in such cases:

  • you should not carry out such staining for older women with gray hair. The shade will emphasize wrinkles, highlight age-related changes and age spots;
  • the shade is not recommended for girls who often have a blush on their face.

wheat red hair color

Wheat-ash hair color

The cold wheaten hair color with ashy notes looks extremely original:

  1. These two shades in tandem give a cold and sophisticated tone that adorns a fashionista with snow-white skin and bright eyes.
  2. Wheat-ash is incredibly popular and is often used by girls involved in the modeling business, as it requires an almost perfect appearance. Therefore, girls who have acne or age spots, it is better to refuse such staining.

wheat ash hair color

Wheat brown hair color

Brown-caramel-wheat hair color is very pleasing to the eye. Often it is obtained by mixing wheat, brown and a drop of red. This tone is best suited for brown-haired women, as the curls acquire amber overflows. The image becomes very fresh. Wheat-brown shade is considered as feminine and noble as possible, very elegant.

wheat brown hair color

natural wheat hair color

Girls with wheat hair of the most natural tone look truly unsurpassed. This is the perfect choice for girls who want to impress the environment with their naturalness. It is best to make such a coloring for young ladies who naturally have light-colored strands. Then their natural shade will sparkle with new colors and become even more attractive. Masters of hairdressing recommend taking a closer look at the wheat color in such cases:

  • girls with blond hair;
  • ladies with blond hair and light green or blue eyes;
  • beauties with peach skin and light curls;
  • the warmer the skin color, the softer the hair dye color should be. If the color type is cold, then the shade must be selected accordingly. Fashionable women with pale skin will suit a wheat blond with light brown notes;
  • if a girl has problem skin, then wheaten hair color is an excellent choice, as it perfectly masks various kinds of defects. Owners of natural wheat color should not use paints, it is better to take a tinted shampoo or balm.

natural wheat hair color

Hair coloring — wheat color

If you want to achieve a wheaten tone on your hair, you can dye it entirely or use partial tinting. Blonde girls, for example, resort to techniques such as ombre, balayage or majimesh. As for the paint company, it is better to take only proven products. If possible, coloring should be carried out in the salon so that the master selects the appropriate shade and gives some useful tips. Coloring tips are:

  1. The paint must be applied quickly, otherwise the color will turn out uneven.
  2. The tone is selected based on the original hair color.
  3. Staining work must be carried out with rubber gloves so as not to damage the skin.
  4. Before dyeing, you should not wash your hair, it is advisable to wait a couple of days after the last shampooing.
  5. For dark hair, the shade and technique must be selected carefully, since for light wheat hair they will have to be lightened, which negatively affects the hair structure. Girls with dark hair are advised to go to salons for coloring, since home procedures can lead to ugly yellowness.
  6. You can apply wheat highlighting on light brown hair, ombre on dark strands, balayage or shatush and other options.
  7. After dyeing, hair needs nutrition and good care, so it will be useful to periodically use masks once a week. Strands after washing are advised not to comb, so as not to damage their structure.

hair coloring wheat color

Wheat hair color with highlights

An excellent way to change something in your appearance and not damage the strands is to make highlights on wheat hair. The advantages of technology are:

  • regrown roots will be invisible;
  • this is a gentle coloring option;
  • correction can be done every couple of months;
  • this is a great option for disguising gray hair;
  • hair visually looks more voluminous.

The types of highlighting are as follows:

  1. Classic. Full coloring of the strands from roots to ends. You can use several tones at once — an ideal choice for sparse hair, or you can change the color of only the upper strands (used for damaged curls).
  2. French. A very beautiful option, which involves lightening the hair by only a few tones, while the result is amazing.
  3. California. This highlighting does not require regular correction, so it is suitable for those who do not like to visit salons often.
  4. Reverse highlighting. A very interesting option that helps to correct the consequences of unsuccessful experiments with hair.

wheat hair color with highlights

Wheat ombre for brown hair

An excellent option that allows you to visually add volume and splendor to the strands, preserve your native color and leave a natural effect, is to create an ombre on wheat hair:

  1. It is often performed in classical technique. It is used for light brown hair. Stretching color looks incredibly beautiful and spectacular, and the girl herself becomes even more feminine.
  2. With a wheat shade, you can make a triple ombre, when the roots and tips are painted in one tone, and the line between them in another.

wheat ombre for brown hair

Balayazh on wheat hair

Balayazh is a variant of gradient coloring, in which dark wheaten hair looks like it has been slightly burnt out in the sun. This technique looks very good on wheat strands due to its effect. Colors are selected based on the color type of the girl’s appearance. It is necessary to paint curls with a professional master, so that everything looks as natural as possible.

balayazh on wheat hair

Shatush wheaten hair color

The real trend of 2019 is wheat shatush for light brown hair:

  1. Hue in combination with this technique helps to emphasize the tenderness and naturalness of the appearance. A good image will turn out if this color is combined with pearl or golden.
  2. To highlight naturalness, it is recommended to take the following combination: wheat, walnut and beige.
  3. If you add amber, honey or caramel, your hair will sparkle with pleasant tints.

wheat hair color shatush


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