Which swimsuit suits thin

Bathing season is in full swing. So you want to flaunt on the beach in a brand new swimsuit, showing off your perfect figure. This is a special thing that can highlight both your strengths and weaknesses. You should be very careful when choosing a swimsuit for thin people, taking into account the features of the figure.

It is generally accepted that thin girls have no problems with the selection of clothes and especially a swimsuit.

In fact this is not true. Too narrow hips, small breasts or prominent ribs — these shortcomings require correction. By correctly determining which swimsuit is suitable for thin people, you will solve this problem. What do stylists recommend when choosing swimwear for thin people?

How to hide flaws?

Girls with small breasts should pay attention to swimwear with a tight top. It can be a molded cup or an underwired bodice. A gathered bodice is also recommended.

Swimwear for very thin stylists recommend choosing with many decorative details. Particular emphasis should be placed on the chest area. It can be a bright brooch, embroidery or ruffles. In addition, a bikini is highly recommended. Tall girls should choose a bikini with horizontal lines. Low — with a vertical stripe and high cutouts on the hips. They visually lengthen the legs.

If your legs are too thin, focus on a bikini. Choose a bright model with ruffles, lace, embroidered with beads.

Is a one-piece swimsuit suitable for thin people?

You can also choose a one-piece swimsuit, but it should not be dark in color. In addition, it is desirable to have a belt or strap at the waist. Choose a bright swimsuit with transverse stripes. This option is able to embellish your figure, especially the bust.

In the latest designer collections, swimwear for thin girls is presented as separate and joint models. Colors: silver, gold, ultramarine, pale pink. Spectacular swimsuits in animal colors are presented. The prints combine stripes with polka dots, a nautical theme, as well as bright acid shades.

Designers offer intriguing decorative elements in the form of translucent inserts. Numerous ribbons and weaves are relevant. Knitted swimwear is more popular than ever. Many designers offer swimwear in retro style.


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