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The fashion for sparkling details in nail art appeared many seasons ago, at present it continues to be relevant. White glitter manicure is considered an undeniable trend, it is especially popular on the eve of the New Year holidays.

White glitter nail design

Many stylists prefer to use a white manicure with sparkles to make festive bows:

  1. The snow-white color is considered basic, to embellish it, you can use shiny elements of different colors. Especially relevant is a white manicure with gold sparkles, with silver, black, bright color, holographic details.
  2. Transparent additions that have shimmering and iridescent effects look good on snow-white varnish.
  3. A sparkling effect can be presented using decorative elements of absolutely any size or shape. They can look like paint dust or be part of a transparent varnish and have some kind of geometric shape.
  4. The smallest sparkles that resemble powder are called shimmer. Larger ones, which have a geometric shape where the edges are visible, are called glitter.
  5. Glitters can be applied in different ways: dry ones can simply be poured on top of the nail, and wet ones are part of the varnish.
  6. There is a variety of nail designs that are built on the technique of execution, decoration. In a brilliant version, a classic jacket or moon nail art, wedding, gradient technique, aquarium design is performed.

white glitter nail design

White glitter nail design

white manicure with silver glittermanicure white glitter nails

White manicure for short nails with sparkles

An extremely gentle and romantic look is a white glitter manicure applied to short nails:

  1. To ensure that the coating does not have defects, you need to take a high-quality varnish, because on a snow-white background, any small flaws will be very noticeable. Small irregularities can be hidden with a shimmery finish.
  2. Short nails in a festive version are decorated with colored rhinestones or amazing applications.
  3. Nail art can have a gradient effect, complemented by shiny patterns, openwork weaves and interesting color combinations.
  4. Geometric elements can be present on short nails in a discreet unobtrusive design.
  5. In winter, you can turn to the knitted relief pattern, which is present on one finger.
  6. Volumetric weaves can be supplemented with shiny particles so that the nail art is not overloaded, they are performed on one finger.
  7. Nail design white jacket with sparkles is reasonably considered an ideal option for decorating nail plates.
  8. Ombre is considered one of the original ideas, it creates smooth transitions that can be highlighted with sparkles on individual fingers.

white manicure for short nails with glitter

White manicure for long nails with sparkles

Expensive, luxurious and spectacular looks white manicure with sparkles, applied to long nails:

  1. Elongated nail plates can vary in shape, they can be almond-shaped, sharp, square or ballerina nails.
  2. If an almond-shaped shape is chosen, then it is worth stopping at compositional drawings, complex patterns or monograms.
  3. You can add pastel or bright shades to snow-white nail art. Nails are perfectly complemented by geometry, these can be triangles, stripes that are applied in a different color.
  4. The sharp shape is ideal for applying decorative elements, these are sequins, rhinestones, gold and silver stripes or a monogram.
  5. In the nude style, the design looks elegant and sophisticated. If you want to make a bright bow, you can use a red and white manicure with sparkles.
  6. For square nails, snow-white varnish can be embellished with powder, such a component helps to create complex patterns. It can be branched patterns, monograms and geometric shapes.
  7. The nail plate «ballerina» has a square shape, slightly narrowed towards the tip. A blue addition will be a good combination, this is the most successful option.

white manicure for long nails with glitter

White Glitter Manicure Ideas

Creating a white glitter manicure, stylists use a variety of ideas:

  1. A noble shade of snow-white is often used for going out. It goes well with different styles of clothing.
  2. Brilliant nail art can be presented in several ways, so you need to choose a style based on your taste preferences.
  3. The easiest option would be to apply shiny elements in a chaotic manner, while they can be applied in an unlimited number. To fix the surface of the nail is covered with a top. A white nail design with gold glitter can be created in this way.
  4. A more discreet solution would be to apply glitter on selected nails. Often it is present on the ring finger. Decorating occurs with the help of glitter, but you can also turn to smaller particles.
  5. French has its own special way of decorating. To do this, a small amount of sparkles are distributed along the smile line, which are fixed with varnish.
  6. Shiny stripes on the nails look bright and refresh the look.

white glitter manicure ideas

White Glitter Manicure Ideas

white glitter nails manicure 2019New Year's white manicure with sparkles

White manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Sophisticated and at the same time luxurious white nail design with sparkles and rhinestones will help cheer you up for the whole day:

  • French nail art will be a classic option;
  • the design of snow-white color is combined with rhinestones of any shade;
  • monograms are often an organic addition;
  • French will look interesting if you make smiles on all nails except one. The only remaining finger is covered with snow-white varnish and decorated with colored stones;
  • you can experiment with round decorations — broths;
  • to create moon nail art, the nail is painted, and only a transparent hole remains. On several fingers, you can lay out a line with very small rhinestones. It will be interesting to look at one hole on the arm, which is completely covered with rhinestones;
  • to create a fascinating decor, you can create beautiful patterns, for example, a butterfly, dragonfly, crown, bow and others;
  • traced lace with rhinestones looks interesting.

white manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Black and white glitter manicure

A black and white glitter nail design can be a classic combination:

  • nail holes on some nails can be painted snow-white, which will help create an incomparable contrasting design;
  • if you add glitter, the design will look festive and solemn;
  • using black and snow-white, you can create a yin-yang version on your fingers, where shine will be present between them;
  • you can paint some fingers black, and others white;
  • shiny details may be present in only one part or be scattered throughout the nail;
  • as original ideas for combining, you can list the following: checkerboard, horizontal thin stripes, polka dots, zebra skin, footprints, zigzags, butterfly.

black and white glitter manicure

White manicure with silver glitter

In completely different combinations, a white nail design with silver sparkles can be created:

  • silver sequins may be present on only one finger or cover only the lower part of the finger;
  • the shape of the nails can be completely different, square, almond-shaped, oval or sharp;
  • from shiny elements you can create zigzags, stripes or the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

white manicure with silver glitter

White manicure with blue glitter

Such an option as a manicure of white nails with sparkles looks unsurpassed if the shiny details are made in blue. With their help, you can create a great combination that is more suitable for the New Year theme:

  • blue sparkles may be present on the edges of the fingers, while several large rounded details are selected for expressiveness;
  • shiny details can be complemented by snowflakes, this will more accurately emphasize the winter theme;
  • on the nails, you can draw a vertical arc with blue sparkles.

white manicure with blue glitter

White manicure with rubbing and glitter

A truly bewitching effect is possessed by white nails with sparkles manicure 2019, which contain a rub. This option is able to convey charming softness. It is not necessary to try too hard to embellish your fingers in such nail art. You can only add a little shine or shade a few fingers with metallic elements. Sequins can embellish the base, the silver version is most suitable. It would be appropriate to add a few rhinestones to such nail art, which will make it more colorful.

white manicure with rubbing and glitter

Manicure white jacket with sparkles

An extremely interesting classic variation is a white French manicure with sparkles:

  1. To create a jacket, traditional technology is used, then it is complemented by shiny elements in the form of a shimmer or glitter. This option is often chosen for a New Year’s jacket or wedding design.
  2. Glitter can only be placed on the tips of the nails, but it is worth considering that this way a clear smile boundary will not be visible.
  3. With the help of shiny details, a complex pattern can be created, with the help of a transparent varnish, an ornament is drawn, and shiny particles are poured onto it.
  4. For decoration, you can turn to the floral pattern, which may be present in one part of the nail or on the entire nail plate.
  5. A radical addition to the jacket will be geometric patterns, these are triangles, lines, rhombuses and original abstractions.

white french manicure with sparkles

White ombre glitter manicure

The white gradient manicure with sparkles looks extremely original:

  1. First, a color variant is applied, and then it is complemented by glitters of a similar shade.
  2. The snow-white color can be combined with completely different options for multi-colored shiny details.
  3. Ombre will look stylish if a horizontal shade difference is used.
  4. A combination of a gradient with French nail art will look chic. It uses a gentle and natural tone.
  5. A white glitter ombre manicure can be complemented with microbeads, rhinestones and pearls.

white glitter ombre manicurewhite manicure gradient with sparkles

White matte glitter manicure

White matte manicure with sparkles looks extremely impressive:

  1. Thanks to a different combination of brilliant filling, you can create a festive and discreet composition at the same time. This design is preferred by lovers of elegant bows.
  2. Often, dry small shining particles are selected for such nail art.
  3. The matte design can be complemented by shimmering colored confetti, glitter elements, large shiny particles and stardust.
  4. White manicure with green sparkles fits into the New Year theme as organically as possible.

white matte glitter manicure

White transparent manicure with sparkles

A transparent coating can give the image tenderness and sophistication:

  1. A transparent base helps create different decorations, for example, it can be a pastel version or a bright white nail design with red sparkles.
  2. Glitter is often used, shimmering particles look great on short nails.
  3. Confetti can emphasize individuality and add brightness to nail art.
  4. Rhinestones are often added, which are randomly scattered over the nail plate or laid out in a certain pattern.
  5. Pixies look original, they look like confetti, but they have a certain geometric shape.
  6. A white manicure with glitter stretch looks truly unsurpassed.

white transparent manicure with sparkleswhite glitter nail design

White manicure with holes and sparkles

Lunar nail art can be brightly embellished if you use transparent elements for this:

  • wells can be completely different shapes, for example, rectangular, triangular or round;
  • each of them is complemented by sparkles of different sizes, these can be large or small dust particles;
  • the shape of the shiny details can be different, these are circles, stars, small particles, hearts and triangles;
  • you can create a discreet design, for example, it is a gray-white manicure with sparkles, or a bright version, where there are red, yellow, bright blue tones.

white manicure with holes and sparkleswhite glitter manicure ideas

Manicure with white pattern and sparkles

On the eve of the New Year holidays, a white winter manicure with sparkles becomes especially relevant:

  • with the help of glitter, snowflakes, frosty winter patterns can be laid out;
  • glitter can be present on the branches of trees traced on the nails, with its help snow can be very effectively depicted;
  • Abstract themes, geometry, and floral ornaments continue to enjoy invariable popularity.

white glitter manicure

New Year’s white manicure with sparkles

A great design solution would be a white manicure for the New Year with sparkles:

  1. You can create a moon nail art that is complemented by shiny round sequins, a design with silver stripes, with rhinestones.
  2. To emphasize the winter style, snowflakes are added, made in different colors.
  3. As a New Year’s design, you can use a jacket, which is complemented by mittens or create a Christmas tree on your nails.

New Year's white manicure with sparkleswhite manicure for the new year with sparkles


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