White glitter manicure - the most fashionable ideas for long and short nails

Thanks to the snow-white varnish, you can make an incredibly neat, beautiful and attractive nail art. Meanwhile, many young ladies consider the monochromatic coating of this shade to be boring and inexpressive, so fashionistas are trying in every possible way to diversify it. One option is a white glitter manicure that looks expensive and luxurious.

White manicure 2018 with sparkles

In 2018, a manicure with white lacquer and sparkles gained immense popularity among the fair sex of different ages. In the vast majority of cases, this design is used as an evening option, although if desired, it can be supplemented with a casual look. A white glitter manicure belongs to the category of universal ones — it goes well with both feminine dresses and skirts, as well as with strict trousers or simple and concise jeans.

white manicure 2018 with sparkles

White glitter manicure for long nails

A stylish white glitter manicure is suitable for nail plates of any length, however, it looks best on medium claws. For owners of too long nails, it is better to choose combined types of nail art, in which the snow-white coating is adjacent to various decorative elements and gel polishes of other colors, since the plain version will visually enlarge the claws even more, making them vulgar and defiant.

With a sufficient area of ​​​​nail plates, you can afford a wide variety of ways to create a design — use all kinds of drawings, rhinestones and bouillons, geometric shapes and elements, abstract motifs and much more. At the same time, you can highlight not only the accent fingers, but also all the claws, while trying not to overdo it with the decor. In 2018, many options are relevant, among which each young lady will be able to choose her own, for example:

  • classic white french manicure with sparkles;
  • French nail art, in which the main surface of the claws is covered with snow-white varnish, and the smile line is covered with glitter or other types of sparkles;
  • geometric variations using shiny elements;
  • patterned design on accent fingers;
  • options with holographic and pearl rubbing;
  • combined combinations of different color shades.

white glitter manicure for long nails

White glitter manicure for short nails

On short nails, a white manicure with sparkles looks very beautiful, neat and organic. However, a light coating can make any imperfections more noticeable, so you need to monitor the condition of your pens — the skin and the cuticle area should be perfect. As for design options, there are a few fewer for short claws than for long ones. A small area of ​​​​the nail plate does not imply the application of large drawings or intricate patterns — in 2018 it is much better to give preference to simple and concise types of nail art.

In addition, various color combinations look very good on short nails. So, for everyday wear, a red and white manicure with sparkles located on accent fingers is perfect. For a wedding or any other celebration this year, you can choose an exquisite combination of snow-white varnish and golden glitter, which will easily complement the evening dress.

white glitter manicure for short nails

Fashionable white manicure with sparkles

An interesting, stylish and bright manicure with white gel polish and sparkles will add shine to the image and make it unusually attractive. Meanwhile, when decorating such nail art, moderation must be observed — too many shiny elements look vulgar and defiant.

However, you can cover your fingers with glitter completely, but in this case, you should choose 2-3 accent nails. In addition, every master in the world of manicure art is sure to offer his client a lot of interesting ideas in which sparkles are combined with other decorative elements, and the snow-white coating is complemented by other color shades.

fashionable white manicure with sparkles

White manicure with rhinestones and sparkles

You can also add shine to the image with the help of rhinestones, which can be scattered over the entire surface of the nail plates or laid out only in certain areas. Often these shiny pebbles are combined in one nail art with sparkles — these two elements very harmoniously overlap with each other. When choosing such ways of decorating claws, it is important not to overload the design and use shiny elements as sparingly as possible.

Rhinestones and sparkles in one nail art will definitely make the image festive, elegant and solemn. So, this manicure will suit a young bride very well — it will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of marriage and emphasize the refined taste of a young bride. If desired, a young bride can refuse a completely snow-white coating and choose a delicate pink and white manicure with sparkles, which will look very organic with a luxurious dress.

white manicure with rhinestones and sparkles

Black and white glitter manicure

A beautiful white manicure with sparkles can be made unusually bright, stylish and original if you complement it with black elements. Such a design will definitely highlight its owner and make others pay attention to her hands. In addition, the combination of classic color shades always looks advantageous and remains relevant at all times. Using gold or silver glitter in this design will dilute the severity of the colors and make the design much more attractive.

black and white glitter manicure

White manicure with silver glitter

A stylish white manicure with silver sparkles is done in cold colors, so it looks somewhat strict and formal. It is ideal for business women who need to make a solid impression on others. Best of all, a gray-white manicure with sparkles looks with classic suits. In addition, they can complement a charming evening look based on a little black dress.

white manicure with silver glitter

White manicure with gold glitter

This design, on the contrary, combines shades of warm and cold colors, so it looks somewhat unusual and original. At the same time, a beautiful manicure, white nails with sparkles can be attributed to universal options, since it goes well with both everyday clothes and evening dresses. The high combinability of this nail art is explained by the calm and restrained background color and the feeling of luxury, chic and high cost, which gives a golden sheen.

white manicure with gold glitter

White manicure with rubbing and glitter

Using a rub is another way to add shine to your nails. By combining this decorative element with sequins of different colors, you can get incredibly bright, stylish and attractive designs for different situations. So, for example, a white manicure with blue sparkles, complemented by an iridescent iridescent rub, looks very interesting and original, which makes it suitable for girls who like to stand out from the crowd.

To create a more concise design, you should use a pearl powder and gold or silver glitter. These two elements harmonize very well with each other and make nail art feminine and charming. In this case, it is not at all necessary to use a rub on all nails — nail art looks much better, in which only accent fingers are highlighted.

white manicure with rubbing and glitter

Manicure white jacket with sparkles

Glitter white French manicure will always be on-trend, as it is perfect for complementing holiday outfits. This design can be done in many ways, for example:

  • white French manicure with sparkles is often a classic variation of French nail art, in which accent fingers are highlighted with decor;
  • sequins can be used to decorate the smile line on all fingers. In this case, the main surface of the plates can be coated with gel polish of any color, including transparent or snow-white;
  • often with a brilliant color, the border between the smile line and the main surface of the nail is distinguished.

white french manicure with sparkles

White moon glitter manicure

The classic moon nail art, being one of the variations of the always up-to-date jacket, has won a huge number of fans among the fair sex of different ages. It can use a huge variety of different color shades, but in a snow-white color scheme, this design looks especially concise, stylish and attractive.

This nail art does not contradict any of the well-known styles, so it can complement a casual, evening or official look. So, for example, a white manicure with blue sequins in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe holes will look great with simple blue jeans and a bright youth cocktail dress.

white moon glitter manicure

White glitter ombre manicure

The versatility of the snow-white color scheme allows you to use it to create a stylish gradient nail art with a variety of shades. This design usually uses soft transitions with blurry borders — they look very delicate and sophisticated, so they are suitable for any situation.

In addition, the horizontal gradient also looks interesting, when the hue changes in the other direction and becomes darker with each finger. Ombre can be complemented with various decorative elements. For example, such a manicure looks very interesting, stretching with white sparkles in which it is adjacent to rhinestones or broths.

white glitter ombre manicure

White transparent manicure with sparkles

Transparent gel polish is perfect for everyday wear — it emphasizes the natural beauty of the handles without drawing too much attention to them, and is easily combined with any wardrobe items, shoes and accessories. In addition, with this design, you can not worry about regrown nails — for a long time they remain almost invisible.

Laconic transparent nail art can be decorated in a huge number of ways. So, for example, a white manicure with green sparkles and a transparent base looks very stylish — it can decorate any fashionista with itself, but it will look especially good on the hands of a green-eyed beauty.

white transparent manicure with sparkles

White matte glitter manicure

A matte finish always looks advantageous, however, in a light version, it has two significant drawbacks. So, this type of design exposes any flaws in manicure — for this reason, it requires an ideal condition of the skin and cuticles, an absolutely even shape and length of the claws. In addition, it is completely impractical and loses its appearance very quickly, so wearing a matte white manicure with sparkles for a long time will not work.

Meanwhile, this type of nail art is extremely popular among young girls and older women. Especially often it is done on the eve of an important event, such as a wedding or anniversary. As a rule, for publication, such a design is supplemented with various decorative elements that give it brightness. So, for example, a matte white manicure with green sparkles is perfect for a holiday, which will not leave its owner unnoticed.

white matte glitter manicure

Wedding white manicure with sparkles

For the wedding celebration, the girls begin to prepare in advance, thinking through their image to the smallest detail. In particular, great attention is paid to the design of the nail plates, which should look amazing. Very often, young ladies choose a delicate white manicure with sparkles, which has long become the main wedding nail art. This design looks elegant and luxurious, and the snow-white coating is associated with youth and innocence. In addition, it goes well with different types of wedding dresses.

bridal white glitter manicure


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