White jacket - 70 photos of fashion ideas for all occasions

White jacket is beauty and charm, splendor and style in one set. Whatever it is, this design is eye-catching. Your French and moon manicured hands will always be the center of attention, even if there is no additional decor.

White french on nails 2019

The white jacket of 2019 is not only the well-established leader of the classic nail art, it is also a lot of interesting new products with patterns, rhinestones, monograms, floral and floral motifs, with stylish geometry and voluminous modeling. He continues to amaze us with his aristocracy and elegance, a great option for business officialdom and wedding attire. These are far from all its advantages, because the classics have a huge potential.

white french nails 2019

If you want to get an impeccable design, feel free to choose a white French jacket with additional decor in the form of rhinestones, modeling, and elegant patterns. Although if you give preference to a strict classic version, then you will not lose, because the era of retro has come in fashion, and this is nothing but an eternal classic. In a modern version, it is diluted with beautiful patterns and trendy prints, even drawings under the color of predatory animals and reptiles are possible.

white french 2019

White jacket on short nails

The white jacket with the design of 2019 looks great on short nails with the addition of glitter and rhinestones, it lags behind and is in no way inferior to the option with an openwork selection of the moon on pink nails. Beautiful and original nail art with lace and mixing diverse techniques in one manicure is in fashion, so your fingers with monograms and pebbles along the oval with an asymmetrical arrangement and the smile itself will look tempting.

white french on short nails

Do you want to make a beautiful white jacket on the natural length of the nail? Then you should look at a chic solution with multi-colored large and small stones on one or a maximum of two fingers, so as not to cover the entire nail plate and visually reduce it. The laconicism of the options and the advantage of the dominant color is diluted and successfully complemented by the most fashionable types of manicure and various designs.

white jacket with design 2019

White french on long nails

An excellent idea is a white French manicure with a pattern, where the length of the nail plate allows you to make an exquisite and at the same time catchy pattern, both on the entire nail and in any of its zones. However, if you want a true classic version, then it will look chic on non-sharp squares, although a stylish asymmetrical French manicure with abstract transitions into the same bows is a wonderful solution for wedding design.

white french on long nails

Which white jacket with a pattern on long nails will be in demand in the new spring-summer 2019 season?

  1. Floral and floral motifs remain at the peak of popularity, stylish geometry and brilliance do not lag behind them.
  2. The effect of white and pink ombre, and the most fashionable novelty is presented in snow white, moon white, marble white, silver, pearl white and milky white shades.

white french manicure with a pattern

White french on sharp nails

The latest squeak of the new season is a white manicure french 2019 on sharp ovals, where the fashion trends of the season have made a lot of variety in the classic rigor of this design. The popularity of the frame, framing the entire nail with a thin jacket, guipure backing and a delicate pattern woven into the line of a smile, both traditional and triangular, is growing in popularity. Along with the timeless classic, a white jacket has hit the trends, in which the main pattern is applied to the ring finger or little finger, or to two of these fingers at once. Fashionable motifs include spring and summer flowers and the tropics.

white french on sharp nailswhite manicure french 2019

White jacket ideas

A unique classic manicure will successfully dilute a white jacket with sparkles on the nails, not only along the line of a French smile, but also along the moon. Another gloss can be sprinkled on all nails, or laconically woven in an accent version on one or two fingers. This design will suit any bow of urban chic, bring true charm, splendor to the overall appearance and add a touch of elegance even to strict business officialdom.

white jacket ideas

A win-win elegant option — a white jacket, traced in silver or gold on white lacquer, can be with the addition of rhinestones and diverse large and small pebbles, beautifully — in a single snow-white sheen. If you want to make a hit nail art, you should take a closer look at the manicure on “pointe shoes” with diluting a pure white jacket with sparkles, and leading masters also recommend using kamifubiki or holographic foil as a single accent in aquarium technology.

white french with glitter nails

Black and white French

An almost canonical combination in manicure is a black and white French manicure in any design. In fashion, light and bright, stylish and contrasting, repeating the whole play of spring colors, a gradient transition in which two eternal contrasts — white and black — have merged. Another great idea will turn out if you combine two colored jackets in one set, for example, arrange an alternation of white and black smiles on the fingers, or draw dark flowers and other interesting ornaments on white.

black and white french

A chic black and white jacket can be combined in one manicure on a trendy almond-shaped or oval nail shape, when the smile is drawn, as it were, twice, in two multi-colored lines. I would like to introduce a certain variety — then stylists advise paying attention to the original pattern in the form of collars and a tie, connecting two smiles, French and moonlight — an interesting idea, suitable even for business style.

black and white french manicure

White jacket with a pattern

If you want to make beautiful nails, then a white jacket with a pattern will be your choice for all occasions. After all, the classic fits any style, and the drawing will allow you to diversify it the way you want, from stylish geometry and abstraction up to space themes and floristry. In the new season, true fashionistas will be in high demand for nails with drawings of large and small flowers. If you pay tribute to a gentle manicure, then you can choose wild flowers and lavender, and roses, orchids and chrysanthemums are suitable for real chic.

white jacket with a pattern

When the choice falls on a white jacket with a pattern, nails with animalistic patterns, elements of plants and animals, for example, insects, will be a great solution. How do you like butterfly wings? Especially against the background of flying leaves or a blooming peony. This design will suit all women of fashion, regardless of age and status, will bring notes of refined romanticism and aristocracy to any conceived bow.

nails white jacket with a pattern

White jacket with rhinestones

Another truly aristocratic choice is a white jacket on nails of any length with rhinestone patches, both over the entire nail plate, and in a single design, one per finger. Or with rhinestones, beautifully laid out on a diverse smile, French and moonlight. The original solution is a white-gray or beige-white manicure with flowers and elements of floral ornaments, decorated with rhinestones and a thin white jacket, or a classic of the genre with a rhinestone accent on one or two fingers.

white jacket with rhinestones

A super stylish idea is a yellow and white asymmetrical mixed moon jacket and a French smile with an abstract ornament, curlicues and monogram elements, which is highlighted with rhinestones. A white jacket with a geometric accent on one finger, where rhinestones are placed in the corners of certain figures on the full coverage of one nail, does not lag behind him and is in no way inferior to him in terms of interesting topics.

white french nails

White jacket with sequins

The fashion trends of the new season are a white jacket with a design that uses various sparkles to decorate. It can be:

  • kamifubiki, shiny varnish or sand;
  • diverse powder and rubbing;
  • silver and gold effect or ebb.

white jacket with sequins

A beautiful white jacket, suitable even for a wedding dress, can be obtained if you combine pearl powder and shiny sand on one finger in one manicure, and leading masters advise adding small shiny pebbles or small rhinestones to a single accent. Classical perfection will successfully dilute the pale pink powdery or sandy shine, or highlight the moon with “silver” or “gold”, as you like. Here the choice depends on personal preferences and the purpose of the created manicure.

white jacket with design

White jacket with silver

Style legislators advise in the new season to make a white jacket manicure successfully diluted with silver blotches, both in a smile and completely in an accent version, strew your nails with silver sand. The design with silver varnishes will look very beautiful, where stripes are drawn with them or one or two nails are completely covered in combination with French and moon manicure.

white jacket with silver

An excellent combination is a black and white jacket in one set with silver inserts, it plays in the sun not only with eternal contrast, but also with the exquisite lunar shine of the white night or the starry sky. If you want a stylish design, feel free to make geometric shiny inserts, or a completely white and silver shiny jacket that will sparkle not only during the day, but also in a smart evening under the spotlights.

white french manicure

White matte french

The black and white matte jacket, especially with graphic geometry, can also be attributed to interesting novelties. It is not far behind in beauty and white-beige or gray-white design with rhinestone placers on the nail plate in an oriental style. The original idea is a black and white french envelope in a matte finish, especially when matte and glossy bases alternate in one set, and the jacket itself is drawn with an envelope. A chic solution for any occasion in life is a white jacket with a dark rhinestone accent on the little finger.

white matte frenchblack and white matte french

Red with white french

A truly royal nail design is a white jacket combined with red lacquer, where the dominant bright color can become the base, and only a smile, both French and Hollywood, will be drawn in white. It would also be nice to add a rhinestone along the main lines of the pattern, to highlight a jacket or an asymmetric nail oval. A combination of a full red coating and a white jacket on two or three nails, if desired, with an interesting pattern, will also look beautiful.

red with white frenchwhite french nail design

White jacket with rubbing

A truly luxurious and beautiful white jacket is obtained if you combine it with a versatile rub. It is better to use pearl and other, a mirror rub is also allowed, but less often, in order to avoid deliberate brightness in a delicate French charm, with the addition of notes of femininity and romanticism to any conceived bow, from everyday to evening and even wedding.

white jacket with rubbing

If you want a white jacket with different rubbing to look amazing, feel free to dilute it with rhinestone splashes, everything will play with different colors on the glitter effect in the sun and in bright evening lighting. For solemn occasions, add a little floral pattern, a bit of monograms, droplets and even a gradient to the intended design on long and sharp nails, you will get a masterpiece that will be hard to miss.

beautiful white french

White jacket with gold

A luxurious and beautiful white jacket on the nails will turn out in combination with golden varnish or shiny sand. You can highlight several nails with gold, make the jacket itself mixed with gold and white, add interesting curls and monograms with gold paint or varnish, depending on the design and general idea of ​​​​the master who makes the manicure. As stylists advise, it is better not to overdo it with gold, but to make single accents so that fabulousness and mystery do not turn into a catchy and too bright play of contrasts that is not characteristic of French or Hollywood jacket.

white jacket with goldbeautiful white french nails

White jacket with stones

Another seasonal hit is a white jacket with patterns lined with beautifully large and small pebbles. It all depends on the skill of the one who makes the drawing, his skills and innate sense of taste. The main rule that stylists pay attention to is not to overdo it with decorations, so that the result will exceed all expectations, and you will get a true French or Hollywood gentle and charming design that captivates with its sophistication.

white jacket with stones

If you prefer patterns that are laid out with pebbles, then it is better to use a classic white jacket without additional paintings, floral and other motifs, except for stones, and place them on the nail plate so that the resulting pattern fits into the luxurious splendor of a gentle and romantic smile. In some options, it is worth adding not only stones, but also droplets, and even rhinestones, use airbrushing and gradient overflows to add a sparkle effect, but not so much as to outshine the jacket itself, everything should be in moderation.

white jacket with patterns

White jacket with monograms

If you want to play on eternal contrast, feel free to choose a white jacket with a black pattern on it of diverse curls and monograms. If you add rhinestone blotches and additional painting with gold or silver edging, you will get a great option in oriental style. There are several types of monograms, and it is better to apply them not on all fingers, but in single accents, on one, maximum three nails and not over the entire nail plate, but asymmetrically along an oval or smile. It is allowed to scatter fragments of the main pattern on several fingers.

white jacket with monogramswhite jacket with black pattern

Wedding white jacket

The classic white jacket has been a favorite choice of brides for all time since its introduction into modern fashion. Experienced craftsmen successfully complement it not only with delicate drawings on one or two fingers, but also lay out rhinestones, use the brilliance of metal, they can add a rub, but so that the classic remains the main component of the overall design that harmoniously resonates with the wedding dress.

wedding white jacketclassic white jacket


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