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Getting to an event where the white tie dress code will be indicated in the invitation is quite problematic, since such events are a reception at the Queen, the Nobel Prize ceremony or the wedding celebration of a dignitary. However, every self-respecting fashionista should know the basic rules of this type of dress code, like all others.

What does white tie mean?

White tie in translation means «white tie» and is the strictest of all types of dress code. It was invented in the first half of the last century and the requirements and rules drawn up at that time have never been changed, canceled or adjusted.

Dress code white tie for women

The main requirement for the fair sex is a long dress. Its color should be classic and not flashy. In addition to the dress, a small handbag and long gloves to the elbows and above are expected.

As for shoes, the height of the heel does not play an important role here, the main thing is that the model is classic, with a closed toe.

The white tie dress code for women contains a clause that also determines what a woman should wear under a dress. Tights in this case are unacceptable and only stockings are needed.

If your dress has a deep neckline, then it must be covered with a neckerchief or cape.

The requirements for hair and makeup are that the face should be open, the hair neatly collected. Make-up should not contain bright colors and must match the color scheme of the outfit and the image as a whole.

Outrageous and any deviation from classical traditions in the white tie dress code is not welcome.

Also, you should not come to such a celebration without precious jewelry, and it is very important that they are real.


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