Who is bangs for - what type of face and with what hairstyle?

Who goes bangs? Style trendsetters in hairdressing offer a huge variety of different models, and which one is right for you — here experienced craftsmen start from the shape of the face, the height of the forehead and, of course, the type of hair. Any woman can instantly transform into a beauty with the help of a skillfully made bang, if it suits her.

What type of face is bangs?

A thick straight bang from the top of the head will emphasize the natural beauty of thick hair, ideal for a classic bob, and owners of sparse hair should better refuse such bangs. This variety is also great for owners of an oval face, but with protruding cheekbones, a wide and convex forehead or a large nose, stylists advise making oblique or arched bangs, you can torn.

Who goes bangs? For experienced hairdressers, one glance is enough to determine the type of face, and start from it in choosing bangs. What bangs are at the peak of popularity?

  1. Thick and straight, as a tribute to retro. Used in a classic caret, look great on long and thick hair.
  2. Torn, short and milled are a great choice for medium hair density and not a perfect oval face shape.
  3. Oblique, triangular and elongated, both on one and on two sides. Used in many newfangled haircuts.

thick straight bangs from the crown

Bangs for a round face

A long bang for a round face is designed, first of all, to visually stretch it to a perfect oval. For this are used:

  • milled or thick bangs from the crown, straight or made semi-arched;
  • oblique, which can visually modify the face, giving it a slight elongation, shift the accents and decorate the chosen hairstyle;
  • bangs-curtain on both sides, both elongated and short;
  • torn, which will add splendor and additional volume not only to the haircut, but also visually slightly change the contours of the face.

bangs for round face

Who is creative bangs, and what is it? Owners of a round face come to the aid of modern interpretations of classic bangs. So, a model newfangled bangs can be of any kind, but combined in shape. For example, a clear geometric bang can be easily transformed into a stepped or torn one. Also combine two or three types of bangs in one hairstyle, adding waves and smooth transitions. Also a great solution for owners of a round face would be a multi-layered, both straight and oblique bangs.

long bangs for a round face

Bangs for a square face

Although the square shape is a difficult option, a torn bang for a square face can visually correct it in an instant to a hint of the desired and ideal oval. Shift accents from the cheekbones, correct the forehead and give the hairstyle a great look. Wavy and voluminous bangs will help make the face softer, and elongated, both straight and oblique, will draw attention to the expressive eyes and make the face a little shorter. Who suits asymmetrical bangs? Owners of a square face, especially if the choice of hairstyle is a bob.

bangs for square face

Do not forget about the graduated and long oblique bangs, which will also perfectly soften the shape. Allow your hairstyle to become soft, feminine and lighten it. You can stop at a torn elongated or asymmetric model with profiled tips. If you ask yourself who the bangs are for, then with a square face, it’s enough to play on color accents and soft colored or highlighted transitions, which will also modify the shape of the face and shift the focus on its dignity.

torn bangs for a square face

Bangs for an oval face

An oval is a generally accepted ideal shape, so any, including torn bangs for an oval face, will be an excellent choice. At the same time, it does not matter at all what length the hair and the chosen hairstyle will be, starting from the ultra-short pixie, garcon and bob, and ending with the Aurora haircut. This type is also suitable for straight, oblique, arcuate, both short and elongated variations. Who goes bangs? Guaranteed for those with the perfect face shape. The oval allows you to implement the most daring and avant-garde ideas, here the choice is limited to your preferences and wishes.

bangs for oval faceragged bangs for an oval face

Bangs for a rectangular face

What bangs are suitable for a rectangular face?

  1. Straight milled on the cascade, which is able to smooth out all the sharp corners, give the face a feminine outline.
  2. Asymmetrical models, preferably elongated. Short variations are not recommended by stylists.
  3. Options for bob-car, medium cascade, Aurora, light curls.

bangs for a rectangular face

Experienced hairdressers, answering the question of who suits bangs with a rectangular face shape, decide to experiment and rely on long and medium length hair. A variety of torn, lightweight and milled elongated or asymmetrical bangs. It is highly advised not to cut your hair on your own, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, not so much with the length, but with the transfer of accents to the protruding cheekbones and chin. In this case, the rectangle will only sharpen, not soften.

what bangs are suitable for a rectangular face

Bangs for a full face

What bangs for a full face is considered ideal? The choice depends on the shape, thickness of the hair and the height of the forehead. The volume is transferred to the crown, and the strands are designed to frame the face. With this type, an asymmetric torn or profiled bang becomes the best choice. Excellent options would be bob-car, bob, car with elongated sides and oblique bangs. Given that the fullness of the face can be skillfully hidden by covering the cheekbones with strands, then you can not wonder who suits a long bang. Definitely plump beauties.

bangs for a full facebangs for a full face

Bangs for a high forehead

Answering the question of who suits a deep bang, the masters of hairdressing come to a consensus that those women of fashion who have a high forehead. In this case, the bangs themselves can be of several types, depending on the chosen hairstyle. Optimal options:

  • oblique and thick;
  • short and long;
  • straight and profiled.

bangs for high forehead

If you focus on asymmetrical lines, for example, elongated options combed to one side, or add volume to the asymmetry, you will get an excellent beveled hairstyle that covers a significant part of the forehead. An elongated bang on two sides will also look beautiful, which will perfectly hide minor errors in appearance, shifting accents to its merits.

who suits deep bangs

How to understand whether bangs suit you or not?

How to understand if bangs suit you? Before choosing a new hairstyle, it is advisable to consult an experienced stylist or hairdresser to determine the type of face. There are no women who would not go for bangs, there is only the right choice of her model. If you are lucky and you have an oval face type, then in this case, diverse options are suitable. For those fashionistas who have certain problems with their appearance and type, there are also different modifications of hairstyles with bangs.

how to understand bangs suit you or not

Who goes bangs? Naturally, for those who have a high forehead, protruding cheekbones and a strong-willed chin, and in order to hide these minor errors, you need to choose certain types of bangs. For example, thick from the crown or torn, milled, oblique elongated. Short bangs are more suitable for those who have an oval face, and for other types, including full faces, it is better to opt for elongated asymmetrical models or curtains.

how to understand if bangs suit you

Who suits short bangs?

Who is short bangs for? First of all, women with an oval face. There are other options, especially when you want to make ultra-short pixie-type haircuts, and the face is not full, then you can leave a short bang. It will also look interesting on long hair, for example, even, straight and not even profiled, but thick from the crown, but short. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the overall harmony of the hairstyle. The hairdresser will select the best option suitable only for your type.

who suits short bangswho suits short bangs

Who suits the elongated bangs?

If you want to change your hairstyle and you have perfect features, then a long bang for an oval face is your choice. If the bangs are designed to hide minor flaws, then its long options are suitable for those who have a high forehead. Also, elongated models will appeal to those who have a full face or protruding cheekbones. Bangs are designed to change the shape of the face and hairstyle for the better, to refresh the overall appearance. And in this the best assistant to any woman will be an experienced master, makeup artist or stylist.

who suits the elongated bangslong bangs for oval face

Who suits the bangs with an arch?

Who suits semicircular bangs? Style trendsetters in hairdressing believe that this look is best for those fashionistas who have an oval and slightly elongated face. The high forehead and nose are hidden, the emphasis is transferred to the eyes, and the elongated strands along the face transfer the main accents from the cheekbones and chin. An excellent option would be bob hairstyles when the hair is straight and thick. Masters definitely do not advise making bangs with an arch for those who have a full, round or square face, or for owners of naturally curly hair.

who suits the bangs with an archwho suits semicircular bangs

Who goes straight bangs?

Who suits straight bangs? Hairdressers are advised to build on the shape of the face. A short and straight model is suitable for those who have a low forehead and clear eyebrow contours, and the total length of the hairstyle reaches a maximum of the shoulder line. An excellent choice is a square and a bob-car. Who suits long bangs? Owners of long, thick and naturally straight hair, women and girls with a high forehead, and those who can shift visual accents from their cheekbones, nose or chin.

who suits straight bangswho suits straight bangs

Who suits torn bangs?

Who is a rare bang, its types and benefits?

  1. Asymmetric torn bangs have not lost their positions for several years now and keep in trend, especially if your face is not ideally shaped and your hair is of medium thickness.
  2. If you have massive cheekbones and a protruding chin, then a torn bang laid on its side or on both sides is your choice. She will give the face a soft outline, making it feminine.

who suits torn bangs

  1. Hairdressers advise straight ragged options for those who cannot boast of naturally lush hair, especially if the choice falls on short and ultra-short haircuts.

who suits rare bangs

Who goes bangs on two sides?

Who is the bangs curtain? This is a favorite solution of mega Hollywood stars, when elongated strands, both torn, milled, and straight thick, are casually scattered on both sides of the forehead. This hairstyle perfectly hides all the minor errors of any face shape and transfers the main accents to its merits. Curtain bangs are also great for many styling, from ponytails to intricate «shells» and retro dudes.

who goes bangs on two sideswho suits the bangs curtain

Who suits oblique bangs

Answering the question of who the oblique bangs are suitable for, hairdressers are unanimous in their opinion that this solution is suitable for almost all women, regardless of age, hair structure, and even type. There are many modern interpretations and forms of oblique bangs, by choosing which you can change your appearance for the better. This option is suitable for those who have a full face, and for those who have minor problems, for example, a square or round face, and for those who have practically no flaws.

who suits oblique bangswho suits oblique bangs

Who suits triangular bangs?

Who suits triangular bangs? Stylists believe that it is ideal for those fashionistas who suit the classic bob and cascade, or Aurora. Even a round face, this decision can change for the better, if the hair is naturally even and does not need to be straightened all the time. An excellent choice is a mix when geometric patterns are combined with smooth oval or arched transitions. These creative bangs, especially if they are elongated, will look great on an oval, slightly elongated or rectangular face.

who suits triangular bangswho suits triangular bangs


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