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Bright red hair color invariably attracts everyone’s attention. In general, red hair has been popular for several years, but, nevertheless, continues to amaze. There are many legends and superstitions associated with this color. For example, it was once believed that all red-haired girls are witches, but this has already become a thing of the past and now they are of the opinion that redheads are very positive, cheerful, have leadership qualities and love to be in the spotlight. Because, probably, red hair continues to attract this attention. This fiery color is primarily associated with character, and who is not attracted to positive and cheerful people? But let’s take a closer look at who suits the red hair color and how to choose the right shade for your type of appearance.

Who suits red hair?

Since the fiery palette includes many of the most diverse beautiful shades of red hair color, let’s take them apart, since for each color type there is, so to speak, “its own” red. This will help you decide how to choose a red hair color so that it looks like «native».

Light reddish shades. These colors are closer to blond, golden tones with a red or peach tint. Light red hair looks very gentle and soft, unlike brighter tones. Therefore, they are suitable for girls who really want to dye their strands in the color of fire, but at the same time they don’t really want increased attention from others. Also, it is the light shades of red that are ideal for blue-eyed and fair-skinned girls, to whose color type more saturated tones simply would not fit. It is also worth noting that the palette of light shades is quite diverse and you can choose the color that you like best. This is copper-golden, and ginger, and light copper, and peach … For every taste.

Bright red shades. If you are ready for general admiring glances, then choose bright red tones that attract attention and make your appearance more intense, unusual. The palette of bright red tones includes: red, copper-red, carrot and orange. Such flashy shades are not suitable for all girls. For example, they are absolutely not suitable for blue-eyed people, but they are very suitable for owners of green, brown or black eyes. In addition, pay attention to your skin, as a bright red color can highlight all its imperfections. Speaking of color types, bright red tones are best suited for girls representing the “autumn” and “spring” types.

Dark red shades. Also, one should not forget about the dark tones of the fiery palette: copper, copper-brown, burgundy, cherry, red-copper. All these colors are already more of a mixture of red and red, which adds luxury and even some charming mystery to this shade. These tones are most suitable for girls whose hair is naturally dark, like their eyes. That is, according to the color type, it is most often “winter”.

How to dye your hair red?

We figured out who the red hair color is suitable for and how to choose the right shade for your appearance in order to look stylish and interesting. And now let’s look at how to properly dye your hair in these tones.

Firstly, if your hair shade is not very different from the red that you want to dye, then you can safely do this. Do the same if your hair is lighter. But if your natural color is much darker, then lighten your hair first, because otherwise you will either not notice any changes after dyeing at all, or you will get a strange “dirty” shade that will hardly be called a beautiful red hair color.

It also looks very interesting red hair color with highlights. The shade of the hair looks richer and much more natural. But it is worth noting that only a professional should do highlighting on red hair, since this is a rather complicated process: if you do something wrong, you will get orange strands in your hair, and this is clearly not the effect you can strive for.


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