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Red color, of course, refers to the colors that attract increased attention, so it is advisable to experiment with a hairstyle wisely. If you are going to transform with red for the first time, then it is better to entrust your hair to a professional, otherwise home dyeing may be unsuccessful. Don’t forget that shades of red hair color are quickly washed out and lose their brightness, so use good shampoos and balms for colored hair to care for and maintain color saturation.

red hair

There is a large selection of red hair colors: copper, red, plum, burgundy, ruby, red chestnut, mahogany, tangerine, raspberry. From a wide variety, you must clearly understand who suits this or that shade of red and what color you want to see on your head.

Shades of red are well suited for girls of autumn and winter color types. These are girls with fair skin, often with freckles, blue, green, brown, olive eyes. Girls with a warm skin tone will suit red with a golden hue. If you are the owner of a cold tone, then feel free to dye your hair in bright red, raspberry or burgundy.

Red hair color is in perfect harmony with the tan. Therefore, if you are not sure whether a fiery shade is right for you, then try painting with a balm in the summer — then the risk of failure is almost minimal.

Red hair does not go well with pinkish skin — in this case, you run the risk of turning into a pig.

For red coloring to be successful, make sure that the color of your eyebrows matches the new look. Your hair will look unnatural with too light or, conversely, black eyebrows.

There are many lovers of experimenting with hair color among movie stars and pop stars. The biggest lover of red is the singer Rihanna. If filming a movie causes a change in image and hair color, then actresses also often go for a partial reincarnation. Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, Kirsten Dunst, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and this is not a complete list of celebrities who have been in the red color scheme.

Girls with red hair can try various interesting haircuts and styling. Short and asymmetrical haircuts, large curls, as well as pigtails of various types of weaving look stylish.


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