who wears red lipstick

To the question “Does everyone wear red lipstick?” we can unequivocally answer: yes, lipstick of this color will suit any woman. But it is necessary to correctly determine its tone, since it depends on this whether red lipstick will suit you well or not. In addition, no less important is the correct makeup with such a bright accent, and clothing. Let’s take a closer look at who suits which red lipstick, and how to beat it correctly in your image.

Who wears red lipstick?

Brunettes. If you have dark hair and dark or white skin, then the ideal choice is bright and juicy or dark shades of red. For example, classic bright red, bloody, burgundy, fuchsia, dark pink, plum, raspberry. With the help of such shades, you can create an image of a sexy vamp that never loses popularity.

Blondes. Many people are worried if red lipstick suits blondes? But there is no cause for concern, because this lipstick suits the owners of blond hair no less than brunettes. For blondes, bright red lipstick, as well as peach, red-pink, coral shades will also be good.

Fair-haired. Girls with blond hair are more fortunate than others, as all shades of red lipstick suit them without exception. Just, of course, every woman needs to choose the very lipstick that best suits her.

Brown hair. If you are a brown-haired woman and the owner of fair skin, then pay attention to lipstick in copper-red or coral tones. And if you have darker, swarthy skin, then crimson red is an excellent choice. In addition, brown-haired women are perfect caramel red or brownish red lipstick, which is less bright, but no less expressive.

Redheads. Red-haired girls, like fair-haired girls, are great with red lipstick of any tone. Only here it is necessary to select «your» color with great care. The best options for “kissed by fire” are coral, bright red, scarlet and burgundy lipsticks.

And finally, every girl should remember that you can’t brightly paint your eyes if you use red lipstick. Or just tint your eyelashes with mascara, or do a simple and discreet make-up.


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