Tishades, as round sunglasses are also called, are in trend today. Having survived the peak of popularity in the 20s of the last century and in the era of the legendary Beatles, they again claim the title of the most popular and stylish. Sunglasses with round lenses can be made in a minimalist style, that is, without a frame, or produced in a thick frame, decorated with different elements. Women’s round sunglasses can also have different lens colors. The choice of models is so wide that almost every girl can get a stylish accessory that matches her data.

But tishades are not for everyone. From this article you will find out who goes with round glasses, and who should refrain from wearing them.

How to choose glasses?

First of all, you must understand that glasses of this shape are very attractive to their owner. Thanks to round glasses, you can look spectacular and stylish, standing out from the crowd. Who are round glasses suitable for? Of course, girls who have an oval or square face. The round shape of the accessory balances the proportions. But those who have a round face shape should choose tishady with caution. With such an accessory, chubby ones look comical, resembling Basilio the cat. Round glasses look great on girls who have a long nose and a slightly pointed chin. The massive lower jaw can also be skillfully “disguised” by wearing round glasses. Tishades are a bright accent, so they easily draw attention to themselves, making any appearance flaws less noticeable.

Be sure to examine your reflection in the mirror while trying on glasses from all sides. If you feel uncomfortable, ridiculous in tishades, then you should refrain from buying. The round shape of the glasses is rather whimsical.


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