winter bow

The word look (bow) came to us from the English language. It denotes the appearance, including all the details of clothing and shoes, as well as accessories, which together create a holistic image for a particular occasion. Fashionable winter bows for a girl are created, first of all, by a combination of a warm top (fur coats, sheepskin coats, coats, down jackets or jackets) and shoes.

What to wear with a fur coat?

To create fashionable winter looks with a fur coat, it is not at all necessary to purchase fur coats from the latest collections every season. It’s smart enough to play with the item in your wardrobe. In the winter season, a combination of a fur coat and cropped trousers, above the ankles, worn with men’s-style boots or stiletto heels, as well as boyfriend jeans with cropped boots, voluminous scarves and hats, will be relevant. Short models of fur coats can be entered into winter outfits with pencil skirts in combination with over the knee boots or, conversely, heavy biker boots. The a la russe style is also popular with its scarves, Cossack boots, fur hats and small clutch bags. Bulky bags go well with fur coats, just do not hang them on your shoulder, otherwise you can damage the fur. In general, designers have a slightly ironic attitude to fur coats this year, so models of bright colors, a combination of a long fur coat and short trousers, and the use of unusual hats with veils are popular.

What to wear with a sheepskin coat?

Winter looks for women with a sheepskin coat this season consist of skinny jeans, sweaters, heavy flat boots and voluminous knitted scarves and hats. Shorts and miniskirts worn with thick tights also look great with sheepskin models. The color scheme is dominated by gray tones. The idea of ​​a look with a sheepskin coat for every day: a knitted hat-sock with a pompom in brown and beige stripes, a gray sweater made of thin knitwear, a gray short sheepskin coat with a contrasting light edge and a small collar, trousers with a normal fit in a classic straight cut deep wine color with arrows, black mid-heeled boots with lacing at the front, black gloves, and a small burgundy shoulder bag. With sheepskin coats, all tight-fitting knitted and knitted dresses, as well as straight skirts and pencil skirts, look great.

What to wear with a coat?

The coat is a very feminine model of the wardrobe, it goes well with shoes with heels of any configuration. With a coat, you can also wear such unusual winter accessories as scarves and silk shawls. Felt hats go well with this outerwear model. Oversized coats can be fearlessly combined with large bags, high boots, even over the knee boots, dresses and tight-fitting trousers. If you decide to wear a fluffy skirt under such a coat, make sure that it is not visible from the coat or is knocked out in careless waves by no more than 5 cm. A fitted coat model, on the contrary, can be made friends with even longer skirts — maxi and midi.

What to wear with a down jacket and a jacket?

Warm winter down jackets and jackets will perfectly fit into sports bows with jeans and such popular footwear as voluminous moon rovers. Also look great with down jackets will be various knitted hats of the most bizarre shape, as well as scarves and snoods. Non-classical trousers, skirts and dresses will go well with winter sets with a down jacket. Turtlenecks, short voluminous sweaters and jumpers are the best option for underwear under a down jacket. They are comfortable and warm and will not interfere with the overall look of the kit. As shoes with a down jacket, you can also combine heavy boots, high boots, thick-heeled models, and even modern warm and unusual boots or uggs.


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