Winter jacket - fashion trends 2019 for short and long nails

Everyone’s favorite French manicure has long become a kind of classic, but even the owners of the most conservative tastes want variety. An excellent New Year’s Eve nail design option is a winter jacket, which looks beautiful on both long nails and short ones.

Winter jacket 2019

In the winter season, women’s hands require no less attention than in summer, and the fact that we hide our fingers in gloves or pockets is no reason to deny ourselves a beautiful and stylish nail design. Winter manicure 2019 in French technique is a refined taste, tenderness, neat and varied decor. The peculiarity of the nail design of the coming year is mainly cold tones and a matte finish, the decor is still relevant with glitter — rhinestones or sparkles.

Winter jacket 2019

Winter French design for short nails

A feature of the French manicure is its versatility — it looks beautiful, regardless of the length of the nails. Even short nails in this technique will look stylish and neat. The most popular winter jacket for short nails is the classic version, with a pink base and a white edge. The decor should not be rich and bright, elements such as:

  • rhinestones;
  • snowflakes;
  • sequins.
  • Winter French design for short nails

Popular ideas for a winter jacket that can be used in the design of short nails are:

  1. The nail on one or two fingers is completely covered with golden or silver varnish, or a catchy shiny pattern.
  2. Winter French design for short nails shiny

  3. One or two nails are covered with a different color, the most popular option is plain white. The decor imitating a knitted texture looks beautiful.
  4. Winter french design for short nails white

  5. Ombre technique — the nail design looks interesting with a smooth transition from pink to white.
  6. Winter french design for short ombre nails

  7. A winter jacket with blue nail tips looks especially beautiful with white or silver snowflakes.
  8. Winter french design for short nails blue

Winter french design for long nails

It is much easier to choose a winter-themed nail design if the nails are of impressive length. Winter French manicure 2019 welcomes cool tones and decor in silver, the most popular ideas are:

  1. Classic jacket, in which one nail on the hand is decorated with an interesting pattern in the winter theme.
  2. Winter French design for long nails classic

  3. Luxurious shiny decor — glitter varnish, glitter, foil. Ideas can be used to decorate a nail on one finger, or on all.
  4. Winter French design for long nails shiny

  5. Miniature decorative elements — white neat snowflakes, rhinestones, small bouillon balls.
  6. Winter French design for long nails decor

  7. French in other colors with an abundance of decor — red, blue, golden, silver.
  8. Winter french design for long nails

Winter jacket ideas

At first glance, French manicure may seem strict, conservative and uncompromising, but, having understood the issue a little deeper, it is easy to see that this is far from the case. Winter French nail design is the widest variety of patterns, stylish and beautiful decorative elements, colors for every taste, suitable for any length and shape of nails.

Winter jacket ideas

One of the variations of the winter jacket is the moon manicure, which has been popular in recent years. Its peculiarity is that the base of the nail — the hole — stands out in a different color, in many design options it remains transparent. To create a New Year’s theme in such a nail design, all kinds of decorating ideas are used — rhinestones, sparkles, painting, stickers.

Winter moon jacket can be made in the following colors:

  • white;
  • Winter jacket ideas moon white

  • red;
  • Winter jacket ideas moon red

  • blue;
  • Winter jacket ideas moon blue

  • pastel.
  • Pastel winter jacket ideas

Winter jacket with a pattern

One of the most popular ways to create a mood in nail design is to embellish with a pattern. The simplest option is miniature themed stickers, more complex, but also beautiful, original — a sophisticated pattern. In the French manicure technique, this decor option can be applied both to one nail and to all. The most popular motives are:

  • deer;
  • Winter jacket with deer pattern

  • snowman;
  • Winter jacket with a snowman pattern

  • birds;
  • Winter jacket with a bird pattern

  • snowflakes.
  • Winter jacket with a snowflake pattern

A winter jacket manicure with a pattern is more suitable for a nail plate of impressive length, which allows you to create interesting compositions. But even for short nails, an experienced master will easily pick up a beautiful miniature drawing. A simpler option is winter and New Year stickers; such a decor does not require a high level of skill.

Winter jacket with a pattern

Winter jacket with rhinestones

The most win-win option for decorating a French manicure is rhinestones. Miniature shiny pebbles, various in color, size and shape, look beautiful on nails of any length, they are able to make even the simplest version of a nail design elegant and festive. There are several options for decorating a winter French manicure with rhinestones:

  1. Snowflakes are the most popular idea for French manicure with rhinestones in the New Year theme. On long nails, a snowflake made of miniature shiny pebbles will look beautiful; this decor looks very stylish and gentle. For short nails and for medium length, a more suitable idea is a painted snowflake or a sticker, in the center of which a shiny pebble is placed.
  2. Winter jacket with snowflake rhinestones

  3. Winter French manicure with rhinestones on one of the fingers. Stylish shiny compositions look very gentle and elegant.
  4. Winter jacket with rhinestones

  5. Rhinestone embellishment on each nail. This decor option cannot be called everyday — it looks luxurious and festive. There are many design ideas, ranging from concise with one shiny stone, to rich and bright decor.
  6. Winter jacket with rhinestones decor

Winter jacket with rubbing

One of the most popular options for a festive manicure is glitter or rubbing, which is also successfully used in French nail design. This technique is a special powder, which is rubbed into the nail plate with a special sponge, creating a dazzling shine with the effect of pearls, metal, mirrors, depending on the color. Rubbing looks beautiful on both long nails and short ones.

Winter jacket with rubbing

A winter jacket on nails with a rub is a classic color, a pink base and a white edge with a dazzling pearl coating. Even without additional decor, the manicure will look beautiful and gentle, while the use of additional decorations will enhance the effect. A winter jacket with a radiant finish can be decorated with:

  • rhinestones;
  • delicate pattern on one nail or on all;
  • snowflakes, drawn or pasted.

Winter jacket with rubbing decor

White winter jacket with snowflakes

There is one simple, and at the same time, an ideal way to turn an ordinary jacket into a winter one — decorate your nails with snowflakes. As a decor are used:

  • stickers;
  • drawn snowflakes;
  • rhinestone snowflake (this option is more suitable for long nails).

White winter jacket with snowflakes

There are several ideas on how to create a stylish and beautiful winter jacket design with snowflakes:

  1. Classic French manicure is decorated with miniature snowflakes. For short nails, it is better that these are neat stickers; for long or medium nails, you can also make a pattern with white or silver varnish.
  2. Classic white winter jacket with snowflakes

  3. On one of the fingers, the nail is painted completely white or in a different color, a snowflake is drawn on it. It will look beautiful if it is decorated with rhinestones.
  4. White winter jacket with snowflakes with a different color

  5. One nail is painted in silver, a white snowflake is drawn and glued on it.
  6. White winter jacket with snowflakes silver

Winter jacket with sequins

New Year is not only snow, a Christmas tree and holiday characters, but also a shiny rain, tinsel, and one of the simplest and most popular options for a winter French manicure is a design with sparkles, golden or silver. Design with gold looks more festive and dressed up, while silver looks cold and is associated with sparkling snow. There are several stylish ideas on how to wash a winter manicure jacket:

  • the ends of the nails are decorated in gold or silver;
  • Winter jacket with sequined ends

  • on a classic jacket, a pattern is applied with sparkles;
  • Winter jacket with sequins pattern

  • the nail on one of the fingers is decorated with a different color and decorated with sparkles.
  • Winter jacket with sequins decor

Winter jacket with acrylic powder

One of the latest trends in the fashionable nail industry is nail design using acrylic powder. Such a manicure looks very stylish and unusual — the nail plate is covered with a thin layer of spray, with which it is easy to create an interesting textured design. The most popular winter idea is to imitate the texture of a knitted fabric with braids or aran on one or two fingers. Such a beautiful winter jacket looks very cute, gentle, associated with warmth and comfort.

Winter frene with acrylic powder

Winter jacket with painting

An ideal option for a winter manicure that creates a special mood is artistic painting. For French design, you can apply any of the ideas:

  • painted drawing over a classic jacket;
  • winter jacket

  • beautiful winter French manicure with artistic painting on one of the nails.
  • Winter jacket with painting

This nail design option looks amazing on long nails — you can create large unique winter compositions. But even if the length is short, a skilled craftsman can easily implement such an idea, only the picture will be more concise. The most popular motives for winter French design:

  • abstract ornate drawings;
  • birds on branches;
  • New Year’s characters;
  • compositions with snowdrifts, Christmas trees.
  • Winter jacket with painted decor

Black winter jacket

Modern nail design ideas completely destroy the stereotype that a gentle winter jacket must certainly be white. The complete opposite is the black French manicure, which is very popular due to its elegant appearance. This variant of the nail design looks better on long nails, or on medium length.

Black winter jacket

A huge plus of black is its 100% compatibility with any shades and decor options. So, a winter jacket can be decorated in the following ways:

  1. Golden sequins. Black color is very harmoniously combined with gold, the combination is very bright and elegant. Successful golden decor ideas:
  • golden painting;
  • transparent coating with small gold sparkles.
  • Black winter jacket with gold

  1. Silver. Black color with silver forms an interesting cold combination, it looks very cute and gentle. It can be:
  • silver drawings;
  • silvery shiny rhinestones;
  • clear lacquer with silver glitters.
    Black winter jacket with silver

  1. Decor with snowflakes. Miniature white or silver snowflakes will add tenderness and lightness to the nail design.
  2. Black winter jacket with snowflakes

  3. Painting. One or two nails are painted completely black and decorated with a stylish themed pattern.
  4. black winter french painting

Red winter jacket

For many, red is associated with the New Year holidays, a Santa Claus costume, a bag of gifts, so a beautiful winter French manicure can be safely done in such colors, ranging from scarlet to burgundy. Popular winter red jacket ideas are:

  • decor with sparkles (gold or silver);
  • Red winter coat with sequins

  • decoration with snowflakes;
  • Red winter jacket snowflake

  • decoration with rhinestones;
  • Red winter french rhinestones

  • beautiful winter or New Year’s drawing on one or two nails.
  • red winter french painting

White winter jacket

Lovers of the classic style, even after reviewing all sorts of stylish and bright ideas of modern French manicure, will certainly stop at white. But do not think that the classics are necessarily monotonous and boring. Modern fashion offers many beautiful ideas, what can be a white jacket with a winter design:

  • ombre technique (smooth transition from pink to white);
  • matte finish;
  • powder acrylic coating;
  • artistic painting;
  • original winter-themed stickers;
  • brilliant decor — rhinestones, golden and silver sparkles.

White winter jacket

Blue winter jacket

Another good color for winter nail design using the French manicure technique is blue, associated with frosty twilight and cold. It also gained immense popularity due to the fact that it turned out to be an excellent background for beautiful artistic drawings in the winter theme — white and silver look bright and contrasting against a dark blue background.

Blue winter jacket

Winter manicure blue jacket looks especially beautiful on long nails and an ideal shape, round or square. The most successful blue French manicure decor ideas are:

  • neat and miniature snowflakes — drawings or stickers;
  • decorating with sparkles, silver colors are beautifully combined with dark blue;
  • decoration with rhinestones, from a laconic small pebble to interesting patterns;
  • art painting on a winter theme on one or two nails.
  • Blue winter french decor


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